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This Winter Permafrost might sound chilly, but this marijuana strain will keep you warm and calm…

Named after its brilliantly glistening and potent buds, the Permafrost marijuana strain gleams gorgeously underneath the light, appearing as if it is a snowball during Winter with a beautiful crystalline structure, and therefore hefty quantities of THC that work effectively and powerfully on the body, mind and soul. Its origins began at Rogue Buds, when two incredible cannabis strains were combined genetically, giving birth to Permafrost, which has begun making headwaves throughout the medical cannabis community, becoming recognized as a cure-all marijuana strain that works especially well to combat the negative symptoms of mental illnesses and mood disorders.

What Is Permafrost?:

After the genetic crossing of two legendary marijuana strains White Widow hybrid and Trainwreck hybrid, Permafrost was born, but unlike its chilly and cold seasoned name, this marijuana strain brings warmth and relaxation to the mind and body, while still keeping the brain focused and attentive. Classified as a hybrid, Permafrost does sway more towards the effects of a typical sativa, which makes sense with its 70% sativa and 30% indica genetic ratio.

As its name implies, Permafrost has an immense amount of trichomes built up on its buds’ surfaces, which is why on average its THC content results in at 20-23% in conducted lab tests. This marijuana strain is especially reliable and seems to never disappoint all those who have tried it, because it has a bit to offer to just about every personality type and medical condition.

Permafrost Aroma, Flavor and Appearance:

The overall aroma of Permafrost is a complete earthy and grounding experience. These buds radiate all-natural scents that brings its consumers back to memories of time spent in the woods, delving back into the roots of all humans and their beginnings. Laden with a smell of pine that is herbal, spicy and pungent, Permafrost really has a way of waking up the senses and engulfing them in not only a pleasant occurrence, but a stimulating one as well, providing the best of both worlds to its consumer.

The flavor is similar to the aroma, with a slightly more woody flair, a taste that might not appeal to everyone, but is mild while still being tasty and multi-dimensional. These buds contain a lot of flavor packed down into a small space. The exhale reeks of a sweet and woody aftertaste, lingering on the tongue for even an hour after the initial smoke.

Appearance wise, Permafrost is, of course, covered in crystals that are packed full of THC and high bringing good times. Aside from this, the flower is a healthy and hearty green in color, with some sugar leaves taking on a pale green shade due to the covering of the white frost muting down the darker green shade. In between the frosty sugar leaves are pale brassy orange pistils, which are those tiny hairs that curl and bend throughout the buds. The actual plant is medium in height, making it suitable for most growing locations, even places that are a bit smaller with lower ceilings.

Permafrost Grow Info:

Naturally resistant to common molds and mildews, as well as some diseases and pests that affect marijuana regularly, Permafrost is a dream for growers worldwide because it not only is low maintenance, but also ends with high yielding results if taken care of properly and treated in a way that it can thrive successfully. This cannabis strain flourishes best in a warm and temperate climate, which is what it requires if cultivated outdoors. As an alternative, Permafrost can also be grown indoors, in a climate that similarly mimics its proper outdoor environment.

Outdoors, harvest time falls around early to mid October, and the cannabis strain has a flowering period of around 10-11 weeks. Those with successful grows can expect to be rewarded with around 14 ounces per meter squared of useable bud indoors, and around 16 ounces of bud per plant outdoors. The buds are potent and strong, as well as appearing in high yields, so for many Permafrost is a living cannabis miracle come harvest season.

Permafrost Effects:

Depending upon the dose consumed, Permafrost has something wonderful to offer to everyone. In smaller amounts, it acts as a mild creative and focus inducing stimulant, serving as a perfect balance between mind and body effects, relaxing and loosening up the muscles and joints, so that the body begins to melt, all while the mind remains energized and clear. In higher doses, Permafrost can produce intense psychoactive effects, promoting a mystical journey into self-realization for those who are searching for it.

Regardless of the dose, this marijuana strain won’t make you sleepy or lower your energy levels, instead always elevating and uplifting the spirit, syncing its consumer into the divine energy and cosmic flow of the universe and acting as a powerful medicine for some. This cannabis melts away all anxieties, paranoias and worries, providing a euphoric and mesmerizing experience, helping its users to think out of the box and untraditionally, an ideal headspace for some divine producing and creation.

One small aspect of Permafrost’s effects that is typically reflective of an indica strain, is its ability to cause the munchies, sometimes producing hunger that makes its consumer search for everything it can in the fridge and quickly devour it all. Overall, this marijuana strain is an especially pleasant balance between the positive and appealing aspects of a sativa strain, while still being mellowed out with a few indica qualities, causing it to become a versatile and intriguing sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain.

Medical Benefits of Permafrost:

Medically, Permafrost has honestly been making waves throughout the medical cannabis community, because people have begun recognizing its profound abilities to heal and act fast against a huge variety of uncomfortable and frustrating conditions, symptoms and ailments. It is a massively recommended daytime strain that not only helps the patient to unwind, but also helps them to keep a focused and creative mindset, perfect for those who work jobs that require artistic or thinking-out-of-the-box skills.

Permafrost is especially effective at shedding away stress and worries, even at a chronic level. It rewires the brain to think in a more positive way, providing an optimistic outlook throughout the day and taking away some of the heavy weight or burden from its patients’ shoulders. Aside from stress, many more serious mental conditions and mood disorders can benefit from Permafrost. This cannabis assists with lessening the negative impacts on the mind and body from depression, anxiety, bipolar and ADHD/ADD.

Out of all these conditions, depression truly seems to be the one that benefits the most, because of Permafrost’s amazing ability to bring positivity and a clear mind into the lives of those who need a little assistance due to an imbalance in brain chemicals. Permafrost helps to regulate these chemicals a little better, which is incredible for those who have gone through numerous medications and conventional treatment methods, discovering little success.

Aside from the mind, this marijuana strain also can provide for the body. For example, chronic pain becomes a thing of the past, as Permafrost relaxes and numbs the pain, making day to day activities a little more bearable. Additionally, muscle tension, joint pain, arthritis, nausea, lack of appetite and migraines can all be lessened with the help of this marijuana. For cancer patients specifically, Permafrost can remove the lack of appetite and nausea that arises as a result of the chemotherapy and radiation treatments, serving as a massive blessing and a source of relief for those who have to undergo these sometimes uncomfortable and unpleasant therapies.

For mental conditions or symptoms affecting the mind, smaller doses of this cannabis should be consumed to begin with, and built up after the full extent of the effects are realized on an individual to individual basis, because large quantities of THC can impact every person differently. For physical conditions and stress, larger quantities may be in order, much of which can be easier obtained with alternatives to smoking. Edibles, concentrates, extracts, tinctures, gummies and candies are all brilliant at providing the body with high doses of THC and CBD, while requiring little to no smoking and a long-lasting, stronger impact.

Possible Negative Side Effects of Permafrost:

Regardless of its high THC content and potent buds, Permafrost arrives with minimal negative side effects, which is another reason that it is so adored by the cannabis community. As with most marijuana strains, this one can produce dry mouth (cotton mouth), itchy eyes and mild dehydration. On extremely rare occasions, headaches or dizziness can arise, but this is especially uncommon so it should not be a cause for concern. The cotton mouth and dehydration are easily manageable, just with a little extra preparation and planning.

Be sure to drink plenty of hydrating fluids before, during and after your consumption of Permafrost, keeping a bottle of water nearby at all times so that you will keep reminding yourself to drink, drink, drink! Drinking water not only decreases cotton mouth and dehydration, but also helps to prevent headaches and any potential grogginess the next day.

By purchasing a bottle of moisturizing eye drops from your local drugstore before your consumption, you can avoid any potential dry, itchy or red eyes, bringing about a whole lot of relief and removing the opportunity for some discomfort to arise. Overall, Permafrost is a relatively low risk hybrid cannabis strain, suitable for just about anyone who consumes marijuana on an occasional or frequent basis.

Final Thoughts:

If you are an individual searching for an all-natural and herbal alternative to conventional treatments for depression, anxiety, stress, migraines, bipolar, ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, muscle tension, arthritis, joint pain, nausea or lack of appetite, then the Permafrost cannabis strain might be the right place for you to start your search. We hope you found this article to be not only entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.