18 Mind-Boggling Questions to Ask Yourself While You’re High as Hell

#15 will leave your mind wandering in circles…
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Mind Boggling quesitons to ask yourself

We’ve all been there; you just smoked an intensely introspective cannabis strain, and now your mind is pondering a million things. Why not have a little fun with it and ask yourself some philosophical and mind-turning questions?

Keep reading to discover 18 mind-boggling questions to ask yourself while you’re high as hell…

1. Who was the first person that picked up an egg and decided they would fry it up and eat it? What made them think they could consume the egg in the first place?

Did some guy just witness a bird laying an egg and then suddenly think, “wow, I sound crack it and throw it on a hot pan!”, or did something more organic occur like a stranger stepping on an egg, only to realize it had liquid contents inside? Of course, the world can never truly know, but it sure is fun to think about how the egg became the delicious breakfast scramble it is known for today.

2. How about the first person that saw cannabis plants growing wild and thought to smoke it? What was their first experience like high?

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One thing is for certain, to whomever discovered cannabis first and thought to light it on fire: bless your soul! Without this curious man or woman, we probably would still have weed now, but who knows how much longer it may have taken for people to benefit from cannabis and all its healing powers. Also, it probably would have been hilarious to see this first individual high as hell, who knows how they would end up reacting or what would be going through their mind.

3. What if every possible outcome that did not happen in this universe, happened in some parallel dimension? What would all those outcomes look like?

That job you did or didn’t take, what would it be like to have made the opposite decision in some parallel universe? What about that person you chose or didn’t choose to marry? How about all the other big life decisions you have ever made? Imagine if each one of them did happen, but it just isn’t to your knowledge.

4. Why is it that a fine is a tax for doing something bad, while a tax is a fine for doing something good?

What about taxes and fines in the first place? Who made these and why do they happen to govern our world as strongly as they do? What would a world look like with no fines and no taxes? What about a world with no financial motivation?

5. I wonder what dogs or cats are thinking, and how much of the world they really understand? What is their level of comprehension and understanding like? What if they are secretly more intelligent than humans, but we just have no way of measuring this?

Even if you don’t come to the conclusion that dogs and cats are more intelligent than humans, you definitely won’t be able to look at your beloved household pet the same way again. And when it comes to emotional intelligence, this is definitely where it feels like animals shine much brighter than humans, offering those who are vulnerable comfort during times of hardship.

6. How does everyone else around me see color? Is the way they perceive red or blue exactly the same shade of how the color looks to me?

Do you think that the way the shade navy blue looks to you is exactly the same for your best friend, or do they perceive the color a bit lighter/darker? Because we cannot see the world from the direct perspective of another individual’s eyes, it can be difficult to say if all of those around us are viewing things the same way we are. This uncertainty is, without a doubt, mind-boggling.

7. What if this life is all just one big reality TV show that the aliens or higher-ups are controlling and directing just to examine certain outcomes? What if they sometimes set our allowance on “free will”, just to observe what might take place?

It may seem strange to think that every move we make is being observed by some outside force, but considering that reality TV is popular, this may not be all that crazy of a concept. On some level, it is kind of cool to ponder that humans are being analyzed and interpreted, considering that we are ridiculously complex and sometimes make strange choices too, but nevertheless feeling like we don’t have control over our actions and decisions- that could be freaky.

8. If a doctor suddenly collapsed while performing a surgery, would the other doctors assist the patient being operated on, or the dying doctor?

Hopefully, there’d be a big enough team to handle both the patient and the fallen doctor simultaneously, but still, these ‘what if?’ type scenarios are plenty of fun to consider.

9. If a person is born both deaf and blind, what language do they see and hear in their mind?

Most of all, how does someone born deaf and blind learn a form of communication that works for them and is understandable by themselves and the parties they interact with? Some of those who are deaf and blind go on to live happy, structured lives, proving just how incredible the human brain is at adapting and learning.

10. How many times have I seen the same wild bird?

How is it possible to even tell that the same wild bird is in front of you once again without using some type of tracking device? What does it mean if the same wild bird shows up to where you are time and time again?

11. Who decides how much money is available for funding of certain projects? If money is just paper, stamped metal or numbers on a screen, who determines how much money is going to be printed, so that some individuals can become rich, while others stay poor?

Understanding the concept of rich versus poor is perplexing, especially when we consider that when a company or business of some sort generates profit, this money usually originates from another individual, sometimes a consumer that does not have tons of money. Additionally, people are paid these pieces of paper and numbers on a screen for their time, like when working a job, but the company that hires them also has to somehow come up with the money to pay that employee and others. Where does the initial flow of money come from? And what does it take to turn someone from rich to poor? Not much and so much, all at the same time.

12. How many people have stepped on the sidewalk I walk on everyday?

Just imagine all the feet that have stepped in the exact same places you have been. You never know, maybe someone that truly inspires you stepped exactly where you did.

13. What if cannabis actually cures everything, and officials know this, but are profiting from keeping us hooked on pharmaceuticals so they’re hiding the information from the general public?

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This question is no secret to those that understanding just how life changing cannabis can be for some. For all we know, those with money and power are trying to continue profiting, leaving the general public blind to the truth of important matters. There are numerous secrets that the government will never share with us.

14. What would it be like to smoke a fat joint with Snoop Dogg himself?

What type of weed would he offer you? What shape would he roll the joint up in? Where would you guys toke together? What would you talk about? One thing is likely, the experience would probably be pretty damn fun.

15. What would the world be like if every country legalized cannabis?

Would there be world peace and an end to all wars? Would people develop less prejudice towards others that aren’t as traditional? Would cannabis suddenly just become available in all groceries and gas stations like cigarettes are? Would there be a global age restriction placed upon marijuana consumption?

Would legalization improve or hurt the global economy?

16. What if when I dream I am really awake, and when I am awake I am really dreaming?

Why is it then that some people remember their dreams, while others do not? What do the terms awake and dreaming mean anyways? How does the possibility of this change the way we think about sleeping and living?

17. What if many revolutionary inventors, philosophers and researchers were high on weed when they made their world-changing discoveries?

Imagine if Einstein was high when he drafted his theories of relativity, or if Benjamin Franklin was enjoying some weed when he discovered electricity. What if Nicholas Copernicus was baked when he realized our solar system revolved around the Sun, or if Isaac Newton was stoned when he unearthed gravity? This useful plant may have helped deep thinkers and creatives alike more than we may ever understand. The possibilities are endless.

18. What was I just thinking about?

Congratulations, if this thought happens to enter your head, then there’s no doubt that you are utterly and completely high as hell!

Well, there you have it. 18 questions that are bound to boggle your mind when you’re high as hell. We hope that if you made it this far down the list, you enjoyed pondering some of the answerless answers to these philosophical and imaginative questions. If you have not enjoyed some marijuana yet and read through these questions, be sure to do so soon, and maybe even ask what your 420-loving friends think about them too. We hope that you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.

  1. Christopher Nawrocki
    Just for the sake of it

    Oh, I have never smoked my entire life, but was planning to try it once now. I was therefore just going through different articles related to weed, and am really amazed to read this above. Do people really do so when they are high? it seems to be foolish when I am reading this in a normal state of mind. But will definitely experience getting high at least once before I die.

  2. Bri Laton

    WOW my mind is blown, and im not even high hahaha! Great post guys, very thought provoking.

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