Eaze MD Medical Marijuana Card | (Review + Coupon)
January 10, 2017

Eaze MD Medical Marijuana Card | (Review + Coupon)

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on January 10, 2017

About Eaze MD

Eaze MD isn’t your traditional medical marijuana ID card provider. These guys have actually taken it to the next level. EazeMD help you get your medical marijuana card and once approved, you can even purchase from them some quality 420 through their advanced technological platform and have it delivered through their “Eaze Weed” delivery service.
Eaze MD is the easiest, fastest, and most professional way to get medical marijuana delivered. This company was a super star throughout 2016, as they raised $13M in Series B funding from Fresh VC, DCM Ventures and Tusk Ventures. It is one of the first tech companies to receive large scale institutional investment in the cannabis industry. The wonderful thing about Eaze MD is their technology. Self developed, it has the power to immediately connect patients with doctors to help them get a medical marijuana recommendation in less than 20 minutes.


Eaze MD Highlights and Coupon

  • First and foremost, the price is a bargain. You can get a medical marijuana recommendation or renewal for only $19. This includes your consultation and physical version of your recommendation letter. In addition, you have the option to purchase a plastic EazeMD ID card for $15 that is mailed with your recommendation letter. But wait… that’s not all!
    Eaze MD is also an Online Weed Dispensary. Their shop is amazing and they have a wide selection of flowers, edibles and concentrates. So once you get your card, you can easily purchase your buds.
    Just remember, you are not obligated to purchase weed through Eaze. Even if you don’t want to purchase weed through the Eaze Weed application you can just use their medical card service and then purchase weed elsewhere. It would be a shame though, as you can use their $20 Off coupon code: 20OFFEAZE1
  • Eaze Medical Card has its own technology, so the process is really easy and they are always changing it to make it user friendly. Our renewal was up and we used their system to get it. It was a breeze. The whole process took 15 minutes and we were finished.
  • Like we mentioned throughout this Eaze MD review, once you’ve got your recommendation, you can actually order your meds through their website or App. It works like a charm. Their delivery service is top-notch and you can have weed at your doorstep in less than 1 hour.

How Does the Eaze Medical Card Process Work?

  1. When you arrive on their website, you’ll have to sign up and create an account. The page looks like this:
    This is a standard process for every Eaze customer. It’s really easy and by signing up you will also get a $20 discount off your first weed purchase. After you sign up you will also automatically get an email asking you if you require a medical card. Now comes the tricky part. You’ll be asked to download the Eaze application, complete a few medical forms, answer a few questions, and enter your credit card information. Don’t worry, you are only charged if you get the approval. Remember its an application so you will have to do it from your mobile phone.
  2. Once finished you’ll then be automatically connected to an independent Eaze Californian based licensed doctor through video chat, who will discuss your application and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Once the doctor approves you for medical marijuana usage, you will have immediate access to a downloadable version of your Eaze MMJ recommendation letter, and an official physical recommendation letter will arrive in the mail 5-7 days after your consultation. You can also get with them a neat Medical ID card so you don’t have to carry around the any papers.
  4. After you’ve received your recommendation, you can login to their online store and purchase weed immediately with your Coupon: 20OFFEAZE1

One of the major advantages of Eaze is their price. You can pick up an MMJ Card for only $19 and also get a $20 FREE coupon. This means that you are getting your card for FREE!

The process of getting a medical marijuana card with Eaze is very easy. Simply go directly to their Official Website and Get Started in seconds.

Eaze MD Gives You Much More Than Just a MMJ Card

The one thing most people don’t know about Eaze MD is that they deliver a complete service. Apart from helping you obtain a medical marijuana card and having a huge online store where you can purchase some top-quality bud. Eaze simply care! They are there for you throughout the whole process and from our experience they understand what patients need. Even after you’ve got your medical card they are there to answer any questions you may have.

Once you’ve tried Eaze, you’ll understand why the process is so Ea(z)y and why customer return time and time again.

Final Thoughts About Eaze Md

The process is easy and the design of the site and App is extremely welcoming. If you have any problems you can always jump on their chat with one of their reps. Backed by so much money, you can’t go wrong with Eaze MD. If you’re up for a renewal or need a medical marijuana ID card, then Eaze MD is the place to go. Plus they’ve got a great weed delivery service.

To get a Medical Marijuana Card with Eaze or a Renewal Continue the Eaze Official Site Here

It’s hassle free and instant!

60 reviews
  1. Kevin S

    Good bud and speedy service. Shame they don’t deliver all over! I used them when I was in California

  2. George

    Used Eaze a few times. Good service

  3. Dawn Wells

    Been buying from Eaze for the past 2 years. Got a medical card through them and get my bud delivered through them. Works well

  4. Laurel Adams

    Got an amazing discount by using the coupon code

  5. Cassie Jones

    Good service. Professional and fast. Bit annoying that you have to do it through their app.

  6. Patricia Hoyt

    This one is my favorite or I can say my go-to dispensary

  7. Joyce Epling

    I am quite impressed with Eaze. The service is great

  8. Dawn Palmer

    Eaze md is an awesome service. Their weed is the dank

  9. Glenda Smith
    Love their service and strains

    Their strains are absolutely dank!

  10. Katherine Abrams
    Im having a hard time signing up

    Im having trouble signing up….do you have a number

  11. Wayne Paz

    Eaze has got some of the best bud. Great service and the fact that you can order everything from your phone is a major plus.

  12. Joe Mercer

    Good service but you have to use it from your phone which is a bit annoying.

  13. Charles Benson

    Good service and extremely professional. Would use again

  14. Joseph G.

    Awesome products and service

  15. Karen Hawley

    Tried Eaze. They run a legit and good service. It is a bit hard to complete if you are not computer savvy, but it does save a trip out. Also their weed is the dope

  16. jessie sul

    not recommended , very bad service, rip off

  17. Wilma Enlow

    Eaze was much easier than expected. Got my medical card instantly.

  18. Mason Lee

    Great bud these guys have got and the service is good. Shame they only work in certain areas of Cali

  19. Cynthia Kelly
    Quick service

    Eaze is superb! It provides medical cards to its users. I got my card very quickly from them. Great clinic!

  20. Nancy R

    Eaze is a good service. The app is a bit complicated but the buds are awesome

  21. Christina Hartmann

    Super fast bud delivery! I got my mmj card in no time and also the store offered the welcome discount. The quality is premium, thank you

  22. Jamie Harvey

    I found it a bit hard to get the medical card. One thing I can say is that their delivery service is amazing.

  23. Laurie Deluca

    Excellent bud and oils. Thanks for the coupon!

  24. Sam

    Good service and the weed is the dope

  25. Martha Tomasini

    I love their bud and its delivered in 30 minutes

  26. James S

    Would use this service again. Love their online store! Only thing that bothered me is that you have to do it from your phone.

  27. Jose Todd

    Great service and high-quality strains

  28. Mattie Patterson
    Would use again

    The process was ok. Save me driving 40 minutes. Would use again. Plus they’ve got a very cool store

  29. Tonya
    Not bad!

    The process was ok. You have to do it through their app. But the price is worth it. If it is your first time, they give you some cash to spend on weed. So basically you are getting the card for free. Would use again

  30. B
    Got a rec in-person. Eaze MD's app doesn't work after it takes payment.

    The payment processing works, but the rest of the app does not… No support either. Get your rec in-person. Less time, costs about the same, you’ll have everything you need immediately.

  31. Micheal Kasper
    Perfect solution

    Perfect solution for those who can’t get to an MMJ doctor. I got my card in less than 40 mins.

  32. James hunt
    Cheap and cheerful

    Smooth process and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Will use them again

  33. Robert Court
    A happy customer

    Overall I am happy. Here are the pros and cons of going through Eaze


    * Super efficient and excellent customer support
    * High quality weed
    * Great doctors
    * Relatively cheap


    * The process is a bit annoying, as the medical card you have to get through their App.

    To conclude, I would use eaze again

  34. Alberto RAMIREZ
    Horrible Customer service. 20 days!! Still waiting on an answer and refund.

    Good service to get a rec and to shop. Horrible when something goes wrong, still waiting on a refund after 20 days. They will try to give you a credit to spend more in their shop but if you opt out, good luck getting any help. Have gotten 2 defective batteries and still waiting on the refund to my card like they had said in an email.

  35. Cody J
    Hell Yeah!

    Top notch weed and a great service to get your card

  36. Bruce C
    Better than expected

    I live in California and had never heard of Ease until a week ago. Today I got my card through their service and also got $20 off my first purchase. The stash was delivered to me 2 hours later. Nice!

  37. Laura K
    Very Fast Service

    This is the best service I’ve used so far. If you live in Cali, then try Eaze. My card was delivered the same day, and orders are delivered within a few hours.

  38. Gillian P
    Eaze know their stuff

    Been using ease delivery for already 2 months. Great service. I also got my card through their service. Wouldn’t use anyone else

  39. Katerine

    When you find the best you’ll never search for anything else. I cannot recommend it less.
    The collections is amazing, good quality and what i like the most is delivery.
    You can really rely on Eaze.

  40. Julie
    Would recommend

    Great service and collection of bud. They deliver like Pizza

  41. Josh
    This really works!

    So I signed up and followed the instructions. Within minutes I was chatting to a doctor who asked me a bunch of questions. After the evaluation, my medical card was sent to my email address and I ordered some bud online. Great service

  42. Sue
    A loyal customer

    Been using Eaze for years. Great service and quality bud. They’ve also give special $20 discounts for first timers if you’ve got a card. I signed up with them

  43. Julio S
    Got my order delivered in 30 minutes

    Very simple and great variety of strains

  44. Harry S
    Worth the effort

    At first I was a bit nervous about getting my card online. It was a breeze. The team at Eaze are as legit as it comes and even when I got stuck that were extremely pleasant. Plus I got a $20 coupon, so its like getting the card for free.

  45. Jeffery Summers
    Wow they are fast!

    I couldn’t believe that i could do it all from my phone. I signed up, had the evaluation and then ordered the weed. It arrived 1 hour later.

  46. Jackson

    I was very impressed by the doctors at Eaze. The doctor I saw relayed information that my general physician did not know. The process was quick and simple and i got my recommendation the same day.

  47. Jackson S
    Just got my renewal

    This is the second year in a row I’ve used Eaze and they haven’t let me down yet. Their service is quick and easy.

  48. Jackson S
    Fast and efficient

    This was extremely fast. I love living in Cali

  49. Andrew Bennett
    Excellent service on this site

    I didn’t not expect the process to be this quick. I suffer from chronic pain. I signed up here and was referred immediately to get my card. The whole thing took 30 mins.

  50. Ian

    I got to Eaze MD through their deliver service and their APP. After signing up I understood what all the fuss was about. They have a great team on board and they helped me throughout the whole process. Ease MD kept me informed all along the way and answered all my questions. What I love most about Eaze is that you get a special cash discount off your first purchase.

  51. Emma
    Highly recommend Eaze MD

    I did it from my phone! Great app and service

  52. Sam
    Not suffering anymore!

    Amazing support and the quality of the conversation was great. They really helped with my Chronic pain

  53. Rye
    Welcome to the future - It's called Eaze MD

    I got a card INSTANTLY and it was super easy! Thanks Eaze

  54. Rick
    Thanks Eaze!

    Fast, easy and efficient!

  55. Jamie

    Outstanding service. Eaze is really a serious company. They know their stuff!

  56. Steven
    Highly recommend

    Fast and easy to use!

  57. Hannah
    Fast and efficient

    I recently renewed with Dr. Brown and had a fast, excellent experience. Straight away after I ordered a few strains.

  58. Sally
    Was very easy to use

    Eaze is great. I have used their services a few times in the past. Plus you actually get cash back when ordering. Each time they have a different promotion.

  59. Adam
    Great service, very efficient

    Amazing service, would definitely recommend Eaze to any friend

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