Medical Marijuana Miracles: These 3 Stories Will Change Your World

Some of the most amazing stories so far

In 2018, cannabis has become widely appreciated for its medicinal benefits. Across the U.S. there is no denying that the flower has been in the spotlight of controversy for years, but as more states change their laws to allow for the plant’s use, we see an overall greater understanding beginning to emerge.

It is fair to say that we wouldn’t have come so far were it not for the hundreds of scientific studies backing the benefits of bud, but before states started investing into research, we only had anecdotes to go by.

Millions of anecdotal reports are always circulating the internet, some making big news while others are banded around cannabis forums. However, each anecdotal report about cannabis has helped to shape the place we are at today.

In celebration of the journey cannabis has come on and the marvel that is medical marijuana, we are going to be taking a look at three of the most mind-blowing medical marijuana miracles out there!

#1 Charlotte Figi – Charlotte’s Web

Arguably one of the most well known and groundbreaking cases of medical marijuana success is the story of Charlotte Figi. There aren’t many stories quite as incredible as this one, so much so that there is now a best-selling worldwide-recognized cannabis strain in her name: Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte Figi was born as a twin, and along with her brother had a healthy and happy birth. However, despite her promising start in life, Charlotte suffered her first seizure at just three months old, thus marking the beginning of a long and painful journey.

Following her first seizure that lasted approximately 30 minutes, Charlotte began suffering from regular seizures lasting anywhere from two to four hours at a time, multiple times a week.

Despite regular hospital visits, rigorous tests and many medication trials, doctors were at a loss as to the issue behind the symptoms, and by five years old Charlotte had lost the ability to eat, walk or talk, and was suffering more severe seizures than ever before.

By 2000, their hometown of Colorado had approved Amendment 20, enforcing a medical marijuana program to be put in place. Believing this was the end of the road for their daughter, Charlotte’s parents tried cannabis oil as a last ditch attempt. Despite reservations, they applied for marijuana through the programme, and Charlotte became the youngest patient in the state to apply at just five years old.

After just one small dose of cannabis oil, Charlotte’s seizures disappeared for seven whole days! Astounded, and desperate to continue this treatment, Charlotte’s parents got in touch with the Stanley brothers, who had been working on a high CBD, low THC cannabis product but had no idea where to go with it.

Charlotte began having oil every day in her food and started thriving. With her ability to walk, talk and eat returning, and her seizures were dramatically reduced to just a couple of times a month, she is now a happy and much healthier little girl!

#2 Rick Simpson – RSO

Rick Simpson is pretty widely known throughout the marijuana industry, and if you haven’t heard of him we bet you will have heard of his product – Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO!

Simpson is a Canadian medical marijuana activist who apparently cured his skin cancer with topical cannabis and has since gone on to help thousands of other patients and fight for the legalization of medical cannabis.

Working in a hospital in 1997, Rick was exposed to toxic fumes from asbestos which caused him to collapse and bang his head. With years of dizziness and tinnitus following his fall, Rick reached for cannabis to try and relieve the symptoms and found that he was able to reduce all of his problems significantly.

Fast forwards a few years, and Simpson was sadly diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. Reluctant to let cancer win, Rick turned to cannabis again, knowing it had served him well in the past and having seen a study that showed marijuana could kill cancer cells in mice.

Unusually, Rick opted to treat his cancer topically and did so by soaking a bandage in cannabis concentrate and leaving it over the site of his skin cancer, which had formed in lumps. Simpson left these bandages for days at a time, and after a four-day stint, he removed the bandage to reveal the cancerous lumps had disappeared entirely!

Taken aback by the dramatic change, Rick was blown away by the power of cannabis and went on to advocate for the plant. Despite arrests, raids, and persecution he went on to cultivate and harvest his unique cannabis oil, known fondly now as Rick Simpson Oil.

A real miracle, and a cannabis hero!

#3 Kristen Courtney – Raw Cannabis Diet

Kristen Courtney was diagnosed at the age of sixteen with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which quickly developed into an autoimmune disorder leaving her bedridden for four years.

As a result of multiple health conditions ranging from lupus, interstitial cystitis, and cervical dysplasia as well as her rheumatoid arthritis, and with various allergies to pharmaceuticals, Kristen underwent fourteen operations and four years of bed rest with no glimpse of hope for a healthy future.

In a bid to get some independence and health back, Kristen began juicing raw cannabis, and after just one month was able to feel the benefits with dramatically reduced pain!

She is now a co-founder of Cannabis International along with doctor William Courtney. Working on the statistics and research of the part diet plays in our health, Kristen and Dr. Courtney are working on reversing the United Nation’s Convention One Treaty, to allow for people around the world to access cannabis.

Final Thoughts: Is Marijuana a Miracle Worker?

These three stories of recovery are incredible, and it’s stories just like these that have propelled cannabis into a positive light and led us to where we are today.

However, can cannabis be perceived to be a miracle cure? We are not medically trained here, so we would never advise anyone to try marijuana without consulting a doctor first.

That being said, anecdotes like these are so forthcoming and show promise for the future of medical marijuana. We would love to know your thoughts on this subject down below in the comments!