Does the Bible Talk About Weed?

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Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on March 7, 2019

Is Marijuana Mentioned in the Bible? [Full Answer]

“Every Moving Thing That Lives Shall Be Food For You. And As I Give You the Green Plants, I give You Everything” – Genesis 9:3

If you were to ask ten people about their opinion on marijuana, you would likely get ten different answers. With Cannabis constantly in the limelight, and gaining more traction as it becomes more widely accepted, it seems that more diverse groups are starting to discuss the plant.

With the history of the marijuana plant dating back many thousands of years, it seems that people are now debating the plant’s role in the Bible. But did Jesus smoke weed? Opinions amongst religious groups are pretty split on this one, and to be clear, there’s no real way to know for sure!

While there are a growing number of religions that openly embrace cannabis – the Rastafarian religion being perhaps the best known of the lot – it is interesting to know what the Bible says about our favorite plant. In this article, we are going to take a look at what the most famous book in the world has to say about the most controversial plant in history, and if in fact, marijuana was ever mentioned explicitly in the bible.

Cannabis and Other Religions

Before we jump right into the scriptures of Christianity, it seems only right first to take a look at how cannabis is received amongst other religious groups as a whole.

Along with many well-known religions such as the aforementioned Rastafarian religion (who make a point of incorporating cannabis into most of their religious rituals), there are now a number of religions that center massively on marijuana. These modern faith groups have come together to celebrate religion and cannabis!

Groups such as; THC Ministries, Cantheism, The Cannabis Assembly, The Church of the Universe, The Free Marijuana Church of Honolulu, and The First Church of Cannabis concentrate on cannabis, just to name a few!

Among these are also other well-known religions that date back centuries who benefit from cannabis as part of their spiritual healing. Taoism, which originates back to 4th century China, uses cannabis incense as a cleansing tool while in Norse mythology the cannabis plant relates to beauty, fertility, and love.

These are merely a few examples of cannabis being implemented into the holy and ancient rituals of religion. But where does it fall with Christianity and the Bible?

Cannabis and Christianity

When it comes to Christianity, cannabis has caused a rift over the years between Christians who believe marijuana use is a sin, and those who believe God created marijuana for us to benefit from. Of course, opinions differ across the different Christian sects that are around, with many finding evidence from the Bible to argue their case.

It is interesting to note from the Bible does not clearly reference the word ‘cannabis’ at any point, and that the only openly referenced substance is in fact alcohol. However messages about intoxication can be at times conflicting in the various readings, the overall message being that any kind of intoxicating substance is sinful.

This confusion amongst the interpretation of the Bible has seen many split opinions over the years and with more and more acceptance of cannabis emerging, it is becoming a greater focus as much of the U.S. population is Christian.

While marijuana may not be openly referenced in the Bible, ‘hemp’ is frequently mentioned! What is even more interesting is that the well -known Kaneh-bosm, which was a key ingredient in the anointing oil that Jesus used to heal the masses, was supposedly the first known term for cannabis; The word ‘kan’ meaning reed or hemp, and ‘bosm’ meaning aromatic.

But what is the likelihood of cannabis being used in biblical times? Well realistically, very likely indeed! When we consider that weed has been around and utilized for thousands of years, it makes sense that those who wrote the Bible would be well aware of the plant and its effects. So when we see the frequency of the word hemp across the Bible, it makes perfect sense why so many would come to the conclusion that marijuana was condoned and created by God himself. Also, plants and their cultivation for human use is specifically referenced in all of the following passages: Genesis (1:12, 29-31), Ezekiel (34:29) and Revelation (22:1-2).

Alongside these convincing arguments in favor of marijuana as a holy flower, there are equally some strong arguments against it! Many Christians are of the opinion that just like cannabis, the harmful drugs of the world where also made by God. But that does not mean they are the wish of God for us to consume them. Throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament, it is made clear that drunkenness and intoxication are simply not acceptable, reaffirming the idea that marijuana also would be highly frowned upon.

There are claims that spiritual texts show that Jesus did, in fact, use cannabis and was even seen to be the first ever marijuana activist spreading knowledge of the herb with his healing oil. However, at the end of the day, these will never be more than just that — claims without clear, hard evidence.

Final Thoughts on Marijuana and the Bible

When it comes to cannabis and the Bible, there really is no right answer; the ancient scriptures are completely open to interpretation. However, there does seem to be a strong argument for cannabis and its use in biblical times.

Just like the apostle Mark wrote in Mark 6:13, to be rubbed with the Holy Plant was to “receive divine knowledge.” We couldn’t agree more!

  • We would just like to point out that while we did our research we don’t claim to be people of the lord and therefore if you have additional knowledge that you would like to add to this article, please feel free to reach out to us at
  1. Anna Brumis

    My thoughts are yes, god’s creation man kind, plants, and animals.
    Before big pharma came to be plants were used for every medical ailment.
    I don’t believe god meant it to be used for recreational purposes. To smoke it, put a flame to it.

  2. Chenise
    Illegal marijuana isn't right

    Can someone explain why on earth is poppy seeds legal if they can make you fail a drug test but marijuana isnt legal? Im pretty sure if you ate enough poppy seeds, you could get high off it. But they let kids ingest them too. Marijuana being legal can help cure a lot of things including but not limited to cancer, insomnia, anxiety, etc. Oh thats right, bc we wouldnt need all the man made crap that will kill you.

  3. Roie
    Thanks for all the great comments!

    I think people’s responses to this article are more interesting than the article. The article was a very balanced approach though to the subject which I appreciated. I don’t use marijuana personally but am thinking of trying to take it up to help me spiritually. I guess I’m a little Rasta inspired. It is illegal where I live but basically decriminalized. It’s a bummer because if you want some it’s always super high THC which I found a bit overwhelming 20 years ago when I used to smoke.

  4. Marcos
    Second guessing ourselves

    I consumed marijuana for a very long time but then paused for a while personal reasons. I began to follow Jesus Christ as a Christian and now have a hard time accepting that consuming marijuana is wrong in the eyes of God. I haven’t even smoked any more cause of the fear, but when I smoked I always felt peace. Now lately I been hearing a lot of people passing away of cancer, I wonder if all of that could of been avoided by this plant. Yet the fear of God not condoning is what stops a lot of people. But yet marijuana has cured so many.

  5. Margaret Johnson
    Decide yourself

    I don’t think we must restrain ourselves with such factors, as whether or not it is mentioned in the Bible or not. Of course it is, for that matter, but should that be affecting how we decide to go for weed or not? It can definitely affect our health negatively and so we must be judicious in our decisions. And we must also consider the pretext as to why it is mentioned in the Bible.

  6. Aj

    I have been so torn lately with wether or not it is okay in the eyes of God to smoke cannabis. I’m very health conscious. I use a vaporizer so very little carcinogens are present when I inhale. But I also use cbd. Which helps me a lot. But the thing that keeps me so torn is that we have a whole system in our brain dedicated to cannabinoids. Some of the same cannabinoids that are found in plant are found in mothers breast milk as well. So when God created us, he certainly doesn’t make any mistakes. But I understand the whole intoxification thing. I don’t drink I totally despise it. When I take cbd i am able to have some pain relief and be more calm but alert at the same time. Same thing when I have smoked. I have a strain very high in Cbd and low in Thc so I’m not high at all when I smoke. I honestly don’t really like to feel high when I smoke it’s not my goal. I was diagnosed with lymes diesease at like 12 years old so all of my joints ache and I have back pain. Plus some a lot of pain medications make me feel off. Even allergy medication like Claritin gave me heart palpitations. But this plant made all of that go away. I live in a state where it is legal both medically and recreationally. I’ve seen what it looks like how it grows. This plant has so many uses beyond what society has proclaimed. As far as I’m concerned society has given Cannabis a worse name than alcohol. But I’m still very much torn.

  7. Stephanie
    Gateway drug or the hellaway drug😒

    Why is it that this green plant is to cure so many things like anxiety, cancer, pain, etc why is it that this plant is here? Did man or god make it? So many questions but only god knows the truth is it a devilish prank put out by satin or could this plant really make us see truth clearly through gods eyes? Is this plant here to save us or is it her to destroy are selfs.. they say it’s natraul but is it.. no one really knows for sure

  8. Riley White
    Did God really say???

    Well God created the earth and everything on and in it…He said it was good…The marijuana plant,,the poppy plant,,the grains,fruits,and all organic plants that can be distilled into alcohol along organic plants that flavor them,hops,barley,or the fruits that garnish them were all created by God.Given for our use..The Bible instructs us to use things in moderation and Paul says do not be filled with wine WHERE IN IS EXCESS,but be filled with the Holy Spirit..These things were given for our use.In moderation or under a Physician’s supervision.The problem is sin,,where we decide to use these things as we see fit,,not as the Physician said or as God said but as Adam did,,ignoring the warning of God….

    1. Promise
      Decide for yourself

      Agree, I think we all react to what we read and perceive, which is awesome , I believe that’s how the Lord intended I am spiritual, just learning how to hear ,listen to my Father,we have to realize He wants us different not the same I refuse cult like religions and Christianity seem that way sometimes ,I love God This is the life My Lord gave meAnd He also gave me free will to make decisions ,I believe a sin is a sin is a sin, so no one is better than the next or sin less. I have responsibly took a toke or two with in the last hour, and I think about and Love my God,as God grew plants to make booze man messed it up and made it bad , the same will happen with weed when government an the wrong men take over our peace.

    2. Annette
      Same page I'm on

      Amen young man I’m assuming here! Well written.. Next time you could lay out the specific things medically it can be used for that we know today; especially with taking out the ‘high’ effect, or not. For the greedy they should know it’s a financial bonanza, sad huh. For those on the religiosity edge of it make clear the positives and it’s pricing plus availability versus what big pharma is doing to them now. Their flesh will override their tiny spiritual meltdown. It is of big God and was given to us. Why do we think it’s so hard to be made legal for all to use..satan doesn’t want it. He wants pain, chaos, hatred over cash and healthcare. Imagine if everyone could grow a plant or two like in CA…wouldn’t need any Dr. until the end of life scenario comes. Mental…mind already calm.. Drunk who wants to drive anywhere…Road rage…lol, please go, it’s your turn….depression who cares… Point is, just as prescribing medically scheduled pills or shots, the mind is altered in one form or another. But, you can now as well go to jail for it it your blood? Yet another road to prison trap; pot already, pills as well. How you supposed to live, hold a job at all? Ride a bus if you have to take any meds or be liable to jail time if whatever befalls you and a cop gets involved. It’s just getting more than silly. Point to my diatribe is we need to stick with God’s natural remedies and leave man’s chemical cocktails alone. Please keep on your mission to spread the best we were given…NATURAL CURES!

  9. Michael Kowalske
    Come to know Christ

    I’ve been a cannabis user for 15 years I’ve been a Christian longer at the very end yeah say that you aren’t followers of the Lord.. I’m more interested in converting you in that than trying to sway you into the use of cannabis I would love to talk to you about the Lord for we were all created equal and we have all sinned and if your not saved when Jesus returns your gonna be in trouble… Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved that means more than what it says Jesus is the son of God (God in human form) God is not a human but some sort of spiritual being unlike another that has the power to create or destroy from the power of his words who do you know that can do that?

  10. Carolyn Boice

    I think God created this, but for the final day when all mankind has to come to an end! I don’t use CBD or weed, and do not dare to try this.

  11. Bri
    Accuracy of article

    The one bible verse referenced -mark 6:13 is not accurate, not saying anything about “receiving divine knowledge”. I’m not sure about the accuracy of the rest of the article. But people often twist the words of the Bible or add to them for their own benefit.

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