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MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on July 2, 2019

Jack herer marijuana strain

Having won no less than nine Cannabis Cup awards for Best In-Class Flower, it seems fitting that the Jack Herer weed strain was specifically created to honor one of the most iconic cannabis activists in history.

As a person, Jack Herer was an individual who fought immensely for hemp and marijuana legalization – which is something to behold considering that his efforts were exerted long before the legality of ganja in the U.S. was even considered a possibility.

Like the man himself, the Jack Herer weed strain is a quintessential blend that amalgamates a variety of worlds: it possesses a unique yet delicate flavor, an outstanding, mind-boggling high, an efficient medicinal potential, and a host of uplifting, energizing effects.

In fact, most would agree that Jack Herer (the weed) has revolutionized the world of cannabis consumption – in a very similar way to how Jack Herer (the man) influenced and revolutionized the war against cannabis.

| Bred as an appreciation to weed mogul Jack Herer (author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes), this beloved cannabis strain has truly become a global favorite.

The genius Dutch breeders over at Sensi Seeds did a spot-on job of recreating Herer’s personality and historical importance, turning his positive attitude and eternal energy into a reefer strain that offers the same sort of universal appeal.

Flash forward to 2019, for instance, and you can see just what level of impact the Jack Herer strain has had on the world of cannabis; it’s become a parent plant for numerous popularized cannabis strains, including Jack Skellington, Jack the Ripper, Critical Jack, and Jack’s Cleaner — all strains that have been developed from the OG Jack Herer.

If Jack Herer himself was here today, he no doubt would be so proud of what the cannabis community has achieved over the course of the last decade or so. And indeed, creating a namesake strain for one of the pioneers of marijuana activism is the most fitting way possible to honor such a timeless icon.

To find out more about this ultra popular, hard-hitting sativa hybrid, keep on reading our complete Jack Herer marijuana strain review.

Who is Jack Herer… And What Is Jack Herer Weed?


Classified by some as a sativa and by others as a full-blown hybrid, the Jack Herer cannabis strain was developed by Sensi Seeds in the Netherlands circa the 1990s. Dutch pharmacies and medical practitioners actually took on this strain not long after its development, witnessing the potent medicinal potential it possessed.

Said to be a well-generated blend between its parent strains Shiva Skunk (indica), Northern Lights #5 (indica), and Haze (sativa), this 55% sativa 45% indica flower is a well thought-out hybrid that offers perks on both sides of the spectrum.

| Due to its hearty blend of sativa and indica genetics, Jack Herer weed offers brilliant therapeutic potential for a wide range of individuals.

Although the origins of this strain are not 100% confirmed, it is generally agreed upon that Jack Herer weed features a THC content of around 18-24%, making it especially likely to produce the effects you desire.

Stunning sensations aside, Jack Herer cannabis is actually pretty simple to cultivate, and offers a medium sized yield that takes less than average for the flowering period to arrive. (Keep reading below to find out more about cultivating Jack Herer).

Jack Herer Strain Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Jack Herer Macro Marijuana

Jack Herer weed features a distinct but delectable aroma, most reminiscent of the damp, skunky earth that one might find in an ancient, old-growth forest. This is one of those strains where you can honestly sense the connection with nature, and after the initial aroma hits you, you can expect Jack Herer to deliver piney, woodsy hints that peak with the inevitable dank scent of Skunk genetics.

| The initial notes of Jack Herer weed present a sort of citrusy-spice, with lemon and orange bursts exposing themselves through the strain’s complex blend of aromas.

Flavor-wise you can expect similar notes to the flower’s aroma, with an added underlying sweetness that leaves your tastebuds happy and pleased.

Additionally, you might be able to sense some moments on your tongue that offer an herbal flavor, maybe similar to one of your favorite leafy green teas. The Jack Herer strain is truly one-of-a-kind, as although it produces the traditional ‘sativa reaction’ in both body and mind, the hybrid effects are more than noticeable after you take your first few tokes of the crop.

Furthermore, Jack Herer has a profound ability to produce intense amounts of resin, making it a crystalline and sparkling strain whose buds glisten like diamonds in the light – causing ‘cannasseurs’ who want a piece of the frost to drool with child-like delight.

The strain’s sugar leaves tend to be sagey green primarily, with coiled orange hairs (pistils) peeking out from in between a garden of green, creating a sharp contrast in overall hue. Jack Herer’s water leaves are a brilliant forest green, perhaps paying homage to the old-forest scent of pine and earth that it provides.

Jack Herer Grow Info

Jack Herer Marijuana

Jack Herer weed is seen as a relatively easy strain to cultivate, even proving to be suitable for complete beginners. Regardless of how or where you are planting these seeds, however, make sure to have ample space ready as this strain can grow above two meters tall.

Jack Herer also offers a decent resistance to disease, powdery mildew, molds, pests, bugs and more, making the strain rather low-maintenance overall – or at least as close to “low-maintenance” as cannabis can possibly be.

| It is possible to grow Jack Herer both indoors and outdoors, but outdoor cultivation requires the perfect climate – in other words, a constant dose of dry, balmy, sunny, warm weather.

Indoors, both hydroponics or soil methods are suitable for growing Jack Herer, and can result in a yield of around 18 ounces per meter squared. Outdoor crops also typically yield around 18 ounces per plant, with harvest generally taking place in late September to early October.

Whether grown indoors or outdoors, Jack Herer weed is ultimately known for its surprisingly speedy flowering period, which is about 7-10 weeks, depending on the crops. Due to so many factors being in the favor of the grower, Jack Herer cannabis is actually considered a dream to cultivate, which is probably why it has become a staple crop for medical dispensaries, recreational shops, and professional growing facilities worldwide.

Jack Herer Review: Mind + Body Effects

If you are someone that desires energy and a pick-me-up from your go-to weed strains, Jack Herer is definitely a suitable choice. You can expect to feel ready to go after you smoke a little of this stuff, with the effects kicking in almost immediately (meaning you won’t have to waste much time with those all important wake-n’-bakes).

The Jack Herer strain also can be an incredible facilitator for deep, meaningful conversations, as well as for fun, hysterical, light-hearted chats. And don’t worry about losing any awareness either, as these nugs will keep you alert and on your toes at all times (but not typically in a way that brings about anxiety or nervousness).

You might end up feeling like you are flying through the clouds later on during your high, as when Jack Herer begins to wear down, it brings about an overwhelming wave of euphoria that isn’t necessarily relaxing, but certainly offers extreme pleasure and often a rapid flow of creative or artistic energy.

Considered an ideal daytime or after work strain, Jack Herer weed is best saved for a moment long before bedtime – otherwise, you might find yourself tossing and turning all night, trying to fall asleep.

Medical Benefits of Jack Herer

Jack Herer Cannabis Strain

Jack Herer weed has a fairly sizeable range of potential medical benefits, with the majority sitting in the psychological disorders spectrum. The strain has been known for being particularly effective in assisting individuals who struggle with depression and anxiety, as well as those handling chronic stress, PTSD, or ADHD.

Jack Herer generally helps to bring back focus and awareness while calming the stomach, increasing appetite (but not making you munchie hard), and numbing any underlying pain that you may be experiencing.

If you are planning on consuming Jack Herer marijuana to help with things like chronic pain, nausea, loss of appetite, or migraines, though, it is best to take a large dose of the strain straight from the get go. Alternative cannabis forms such as edibles, concentrates, live resin, and candies are typically the best way to go if you want to consume the biggest dose possible, with the least effort.

For those handling other psychological conditions (such as stress), it is important to remember not to consume quantities of any marijuana strain that will cause your to exceed your comfort limits, because as overconsumption of THC can lead to an increase in paranoia or anxiety.

Possible Side Effects of Jack Herer

As you might suspect, the most common adverse reactions reported after consuming Jack Herer are dry mouth and dry eyes. Both of these instances are easily solvable by staying hydrated before, during and after your high, as well as having moisturizing eyedrops on hand anytime there’s a plan to consume ganja.

Also, although rather rare Jack Herer can potentially produce onset anxiety in those who are prone to THC-induced paranoia. If you are beginning to feel yourself tumbling down dark or irrational tunnels while you’re stoned, it is best to simply close your eyes for a moment and take deep breaths – keep telling yourself that the high will pass, and that no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose!

Hopefully, this will help to ground you and bring you back down to reality. (Or, you could just take a dose or two of CBD oil to help counter the psychoactive effects of the THC).

Final Thoughts: Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Review

Jack Herer Weed

All in all, Jack Herer marijuana is a strain that every self-respecting pothead (or medical marijuana patient) has got to try at least once in their lives – if only as a means to pay tribute to one of the greatest cannabis activists of all time.

The strain not only produces all of the cerebral effects that one might experience form a potent sativa, but also contains enough indica genetics to offer a host of well-rounded, medicinal therapeutic benefits. Jack Herer is frequently used by those suffering from pain, migraines, and lack of appetite, and may just be the cultivar that’s capable of helping you and your specific ailment.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this Jack Herer strain review, and that you not only found the article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. Thanks for tuning in, and stay high — and healthy!

  1. Bette Thomas
    Smells too harsh

    I think I would never be able to develop a liking for Jack Herer because of its peculiar earthly taste. Although all weed seem to posses it, but this one is very very strong for my taste buds. I liked the after effect, but could not stand the taste. Would recommend you try once, and check for yourself, because it is a good strain otherwise.

  2. Ruby Fletcher
    How to enter

    Jack Herer is a strain that is mostly available everywhere, so that means it has great growth prospects. Keeping this mind, I tried growing this strain, hoping that I would be able to sell it and make some business, but at the end, I had to preserve it for personal consumption. The local sellers I took the weed to wanted to buy at rates I did not want to sell. Not sure how to enter this business.

  3. Braw

    It doesnt leave you lagged! You can function at anything, and dialect stays intact after 4gram.

  4. Mel
    One hit is all I need. Serious!

    As a women, this bud gives me energy, freedom, and relaxation. One hit before sex. Jack Hera kicks ass!

  5. Patty
    Needed serious pain relief

    Has anybody tried Jack Herer 19 to 1? I’m in need of serious pain relief.

  6. BadWookie
    Thank you Jack Herer

    As a recent AKA recipient due to MRSA, I’ve spent the past 12 months shaking loose the opioids and other anxiety meds. This medicine is the only thing which had allowed me peaceful/restful sleep. Free from the devastating depression of losing a leg and career as well as the best medicine for phantom pains, this 2018 Jack Herer is the best I’ve had since Amsterdam. Thank you to everyone pushing the legislation for the legalization or marijuana

    1. Bob Currie

      It is an excellent edgebuster with virtualy no Jointlag.

  7. Rita
    Awesome strain

    I just bought this strain yesterday in Arizona all I got to say is wow. Very uplifting and kind of reminds me of many years gone past pleasant surprise this will be my go to from now on .

  8. William Cloud

    Anybody out there growing their own Jack Herer?

    1. pat

      yes I have grown it once before and I am doing it a second time. The 1st time I was a beginner and was very nice grow big beautiful buds,

    2. David Jones

      I’m growing this strain in hydro right now and the buds are nice and fat.
      i cannot wait until they’re finished.

    3. John F

      Yes just starting to produce buds I read about feeding plant molasses have given it two doses it seems to like molasses I’m trying to get bigger buds etc

  9. Alice Christie

    Jack Herer is a commendable strain and it has a soothing effect on the mind.

  10. Chip Dufrat

    This is the best strain ever for me. Relieves my back pain and sciatica. Hard to get at most government run stores.

    1. Jill
      Would love to try

      Sounds like a Godsend. I have rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety and depression and fatigue. Ugh! but in Louisiana I don’t think it’s legal yet. From what I’ve read in order to buy any type, you have to pay a fortune to a special doctor, be on a waiting list for months and have to meet certain requirements. This strain sounds like something that would help me tremendously. You all are so lucky! ❤️

  11. Gertrude Abbott

    Jack herer is an amazing strain. This helps relieve chronic pain.

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