How to Make a Homemade Banana Pipe [Our Informative Video Guide]

The Complete DIY Process

Who doesn’t love a nice fresh banana? The majority of people would probably agree that bananas are not only a quick, healthy snack, but are simultaneously quite tasty.

As it turns out, bananas are even more useful than initially thought to be, serving as an outstanding way to create a do-it-yourself (DIY) cannabis pipe.

Nothing sucks more than really wanting to smoke a bowl but not actually having any device or paper to smoke ganja from. Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures, and when you are scrambling to make a pipe from a banana, that is normally the case.

Although there are lots of ways to make DIY pipes, a banana seems to be a fairly quick method and considering that you can pick up a banana from most quick stops or gas stations, it makes for a wonderful on-the-go alternative to glass that can then be composted and is fully biodegradable.

Apart from benefiting from this fruit’s nutritional value (bananas are a very good source of vitamin B6 and a good source of manganese, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, potassium, biotin, and copper), you’ll also have a blast at rigging this fruit into a pipe will leave you blazin’.

VICE has put together this brilliant video on how to make your very own banana pipe, but if you also want to see the instructions written out step-by-step, we’ve included them below:

Making a Banana Pipe: The Easy Way

Ingredients/Materials You’ll Need

You’ll want to gather the following household materials in order to make your own banana pipe:

  • A pen or plastic straw
  • Scissors or a knife
  • 1 fresh hard banana

Once you’ve rounded up these aforementioned materials, let’s get crackin’ and make our banana pipe.
Banana Pipe

Make a Banana Pipe: Step 1

Cut off the tip of the banana in one clean, even stroke. Don’t destroy the piece that you just cut off, rather set it aside for later. You’ll need it for the next step.

Make a Banana Pipe: Step 2

Taking the banana tip that you cut off in step 1, cut the very end of the tip off with a knife or scissors so that this piece has now been separated into two pieces.

The larger of the two pieces will serve as your bowl piece. You can dispose of the smaller, very tip piece.

Using a pen or plastic straw, push the banana flesh out of the larger of the two pieces that is meant to serve as your bowl piece. Set the hollowed out piece aside for later.

Make a Banana Pipe: Step 3

At the open end of the banana where the flesh has been cut, put a hole through the banana using your pen or a plastic straw and insert the tool into the soft banana meat until you’ve reached about the halfway mark of the fruit. Pull the pen or staw out and make sure that the chamber you just created has a clear passageway through the banana. You’re going to end up pulling smoke through this chamber so you won’t want there to be any blockages.

Make a Banana Pipe: Step 4

At the top of the banana where the chamber you just created ends, insert the pen or straw once again through the banana skin to make a connecting hole. This is where your bowl piece will end up being placed so that you can smoke your marijuana effortlessly. Blow through the chambers to see if the two are truly connected. If there’s a fluid passage of air from one chamber to the next, you have successfully connected the two together. You might have to suck out any access banana that is lingering in the hollow pipe chamber if there happens to be some sort of block. Make sure that your top chamber does not go through the entirety of the banana. Rather, it should stop approximately half-way through the width of the banana in order to accurately meet the other chamber.

Make a Banana Pipe: Step 5

Using your scissors or a knife at the top hole you just created, carve out a little more space in order to ensure that your bowl piece fits properly and sits tight along the bigger part of the banana pipe. Fit your little banana bowl piece into the hole you just further carved out.

The bowl piece should not easily fall out but should not get stuck either. Continue carving and adjusting until you get the proper fit and feel like that pipe is comfortably constructed.

Be gentle with your movements and incisions. You don’t want to over-carve and end up with a ruined pipe. It is a bit of a delicate process.

Make a Banana Pipe: Step 6

Pick your favorite cannabis strain (or honestly just whatever you have on hand) and just like with a normal bowl, prep your reefer using a grinding method of your choosing and place the bud into the banana pipe’s bowl piece. Place your mouth at the tip of the banana where you made the opening of your chamber and suck the smoke as you light up the ganja inside of the bowl. Enjoy taking delicious, banana-sweet rips that are also discreet, in the sense that you’ll be able to easily get rid of your banana pipe once you’re finished with it.

Final Thoughts on How to Make a Banana Pipe

There’s a number of reasons why making a banana pipe might be on your to-do list. Especially those who are traveling often and don’t want to carry around potentially incriminating paraphilia, a banana pipe or other disposable alternative are the way to go.

Additionally, if you are on a budget and don’t have the money to spend on glass or another more official option for smoking marijuana, a banana pipe can be an extremely cost-efficient choice, for it quite literally will cost you only around $1.00, depending on where you buy the pen and the banana from.

Best of all, you can pick up a banana from almost any gas station or corner shop, so no matter where you’re located in the world, there’s a fair chance you’ll have access to the materials you will need in order to produce your very own banana pipe.

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