How to Grow Rainbow Colorful Weed [REVEALED]
February 19, 2017

How to Grow Rainbow Colorful Weed [REVEALED]

The comprehensive colorful guide.
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on February 19, 2017

How to grow rainbow colorful weed

It’s not just that pungent skunky smell, nor the floating way it makes you feel, but the amazing and potent colors that protrude off of bud seem to attract its consumers just as much, if not more, than any other characteristic.

How many times have you purchased a strain just because of its visual beauty? You know what we are talking about- those neon pinks and oranges, vibrant yellows, blues, purples and golds- these all play a role in the attractiveness of a strain, but do you know what causes these awe-inspiring shades?

Believe it or not, there is a reason as to why bud seemingly grows in all of the magical colors of the rainbow, and we are about to teach just what factors have a play in this phenomena, so you can become an expert at growing rainbow weed or any shade of weed you want!

How to Grow Rainbow Weed

Ah, the crispness of Fall. If you live in a region with standard seasons, you’re all too familiar with the switch from scorching Summer to slightly chilly Autumn. Just as the leaves on deciduous trees turn into the shades of blooming red, burnt orange and yellow, marijuana buds follow a similar process.

The flowers all start out mostly green, but once temperatures drop and daylight becomes more limited, the plant is told that it’s time to start its annual metamorphosis. Not all bud, however, drastically changes color, it’s all dependent on the strain. Certain strains are prone to shifting into specific shades, one way in which many strains get assigned their names (ever heard of Fruity Pebbles, Pink Flower Shaman or Black Tuna?).

Many individuals who cultivate cannabis do not live in a region where the seasons are ideal for growing outdoors (unless of course you happen to be one of the lucky ones in Humboldt County or Southern Oregon). Due to this geographic complexity, indoor growing has become a popular option, but when all of your factors are regulated indoors, your plants don’t follow the typical signals from the seasons- unless of course you recreate them. If you choose to go the indoor growing route, or are forced to due to climate, it is important to become familiar with how to get your bud to perfectly ripen within the appropriate timing. If you’re looking to cultivate specific marijuana shades (for whatever reason you may have in mind), we’ve broken down the categories for you to get a better grasp of the concept.

Remember, no matter what shades you want to accomplish, you will most likely need to drop your grow house temperatures and shorten your light cycles as the plants reach greater maturity. This will mimic the “Fall Effect” for your lovely ladies. You may also notice, certain strains are so potent to growing in a certain color, it won’t even require cooler temperatures and shorter daylight to get their shades to bloom.

Sunny and Bright Yellows and Oranges:

Lemon Kush

Ideal Strains:

Alien OG, Wicked OG, Grapefruit, Kandy Skunk and Lemon Kush.

Best Growing Conditions:

These shades are released because of the natural carotenoids present in certain orange/yellow prone strains. Carotenoids are best supported by alkaline conditions, so by increasing the alkalinity of your plants at the end of the flowering phase, the green of your buds should dissipate and out will come these sunny and bright colors. You won’t see these shades as much on the leaves, but more so on the hairs and buds of the plants.

How to Achieve These Conditions:

Some tips for raising the alkalinity of your growing conditions is to really focus in on the quality of your soil. Produce nutrient-rich growing dirt by adding organic matter, such as homemade composts. Compost teas are a wonderful and popular option, and some growers even go as far as to add in fish guts and manure (but be warned, the smell sure is stinky). You may want to test the pH of your compost before adding it to the soil, but organic matter typically does benefit the marijuana plant during its growing process.

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Vibrant and Fun Red and Pink Hues:
Pink KushIdeal Strains:

Pink Flower Shaman, Pink Lady Kush, Pink Lemonade and Alaskan Thunder Bolt.

Best Growing Conditions:

Cannabis strains with bright red buds aren’t insanely common and may require some hunting, but it is quite easy to discover strains with pink and red hairs or leaves. The red color is expressed due to specific phenotypes that genetically code for this shade to appear during the flowering stage, the time when you cool your temps and lower your daylight.

How to Achieve These Conditions:

The way to achieve this color isn’t really about the condition, but more so about genetics. However, by depriving your plants of phosphorus, you can produce slight hues of these shades (which are much more faint than the real thing).

Exotic and Cerebral Black Shades:

Ideal Strains:

Weed Rainbow

Those with genetic lineages from Vietnamese landraces; Vietnamese Black, Black Tuna, Black Willy, Black Mamba, Black Diesel and Black Widow.

Best Growing Conditions:

The colder you are able to keep the growing conditions (we are talking about 50 degrees fahrenheit here), the more likely your strain will produce darker colored leaves. This can only happen if the strain carries a genetic predisposition to turn dark, like the types listed above. If your strain doesn’t possess any of these phenotypes, it’s extremely unlikely that ebony shades will present themselves during the flowering stage. If you keep the conditions a bit warmer than recommended, your bud is likely to turn into more of a reddish-orange or even gold hue.

How to Achieve These Conditions:

The proper genetics and temperature are really the only way to achieve this deep shade.

Final Thoughts:

We are sorry to inform you, but just because you achieve these shades doesn’t mean you will have an increased THC or CBD/CBN potency. The color of your weed has very little to do with potency. Although rainbow weed won’t get you extra high, it sure is pretty to look at as you’re packing your bowl or rolling up that blunt.

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It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.


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