How to Know Which CBD Oil Strength is Best For You [BEGINNERS GUIDE]
March 5, 2019

How to Know Which CBD Oil Strength is Best For You [BEGINNERS GUIDE]

Understanding what you need.
Jeff Yauck Jeff Yauck / Updated on March 5, 2019

how to choose cbd oil

Deciding to use CBD oil as a natural therapy is one thing – figuring out which brand to use, what strength/concentration to use, and how much CBD to actually take is another thing altogether. Plus, with all of the products out there to choose from and their confusing mL/mg labels, it can be a nightmare trying to determine which one is best for you, or which one you should be taking for your specific condition.

| Trying to figure out what strength or potency CBD oil to use? This simple how-to guide is for you…

In this article, we will go over how to choose the right strength CBD oil depending on the condition that you’re trying to find relief from. Thousands upon thousands of people everyday use CBD as a therapy for a range of medical conditions, but it is important to have an idea of the right concentration oil to use, in order to get the best results.


That said, it is important to point out that CBD is not yet an approved substance by the FDA. In other words, it is not legally recognized as a drug or medicine (except in the case of Epidiolex, which is a prescription CBD drug used to treat epilepsy).

Thus, none of the information we provide here should be interpreted as clinical recommendation or medical advice – we’re not health professionals, and we certainly don’t claim to be. If at all possible, arrange an appointment to speak with a clinical professional about the proper use and dosing of CBD oil.

Different Strengths/Potencies of CBD Oil

Even though there are dozens of different CBD manufacturers out there to choose from, most of them will offer oils in at least two or three different potencies or concentrations. Which concentration you choose should depend on what you’re looking to get out of the product, as well as what condition you’re aiming to find relief from.

For the purposes of this article, we will be using PureKana’s line of Premium CBD Oil Drops as a reference. PureKana has been a reliable manufacturer and one of the leaders in the CBD industry for a couple of years now, and their products typically receive excellent customer feedback.

cbd types

As of right now, they offer oil tinctures in three different strengths: 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1,000 mg. Their 300 mg bottle is of course their lowest-potency option, and this is the oil that most people recommend to start out on – regardless of the condition that they’re trying to treat.

Generally speaking what ends up happening is people who use CBD oil daily as a relief from chronic conditions (i.e. pain, inflammation, insomnia, depression, etc) will end up switching to the higher-potency 1,000 mg bottle (or more).

However, even if you do suffer from one of the above-mentioned chronic conditions, it’s still recommended you start out with the low potency oil first, at least until you gauge how your body reacts to the CBD. It’s important to understand that because everybody’s biochemistry is different, not everyone will react the same or get the same therapeutic effects from CBD oil.

DID YOU KNOW: Since everyone’s biochemical makeup is different, no two people react exactly the same to CBD oil.

Also, starting off with the lowest potency oil lets you adequately gauge how much CBD it takes to relieve your specific condition. If you’re treating severe pain for example, and you jump right into the high-strength 1,000 mg bottle, you’ll have no idea how much oil it actually took to provide relief, even if it ends up working well for you.

If you start with a lower-strength option on the other hand, you’ll be able to start off with a 1-2 mg dose, then if that doesn’t work you can increase to a 3, 4, or 5 mg dose and see what that does. If you jump straight into a heavy 15+ mg dose and receive adequate therapy, you’ll never know if a smaller dose would’ve worked just as well.

This is important on two levels: A) it will save you money from not taking more CBD oil than you need, and B) it will reduce the likelihood and/or severity of developing a tolerance.

CBD Oil Dosage: 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg Options

Like we said, once you start using CBD oil more frequently and are able to gauge how much you need to find relief or therapy, then you can jump up to the more high-potency products as needed. For reference, doses will typically range anywhere from 5 mg to 100+ mg in a single day. And for epilepsy patients, they may take anywhere between 300 mg to an entire gram (1,000 mg) per dose — or more!

Generally speaking, here is a quick rundown of each of PureKana’s three different CBD oil concentrations, and what the majority of people use them for.

Low-potency CBD oil (300 mg)

cbd oil strength

This relatively low-potency oil is a good option for individuals who may be sensitive to CBD (and/or cannabis in general). Some people have a more active endocannabinoid system than do others, so they will naturally not require as strong of an oil.

| In terms of effects, a lot of people use a 300 mg oil for things like mild to moderate anxiety, and minor body aches and pains.

A low-strength 300 mg bottle is also a good option to take as a daily supplement; many people take a single daily dose of it for increased immune health, increased homeostatic balance, and general disease prevention.

A single serving of the 300 mg (30 mL) bottle is equivalent to 15 drops of oil, which translates to a 7.5 mg dose of CBD. A lot of people won’t even use a full dose though, as they’re able to find relief with as little as 5-7 drops of oil, which translates to about a 3.5 mg dose.

Mid-potency CBD oil (600 mg)

cbd oil potency

The 600 mg oil is a good “step-up” option for people who find that they’re having to take large (and/or multiple) doses of the 300 mg in order to get effective results. In general, a lot of people use this strenght for more moderate cases of anxiety, pain, inflammation, and digestive issues. A single dose is still the same 15 drops of oil, but instead of containing 7.5 mg of CBD, a 600 mg bottle will contain 15 mg per dose.

High-potency CBD oil (1,000 mg)

are all cbd oils the same

Of course, the 1,000 mg CBD oil is the highest-strength option. People have used it successfully in the past to treat cases of insomnia, depression, anxiety/panic attacks, chronic pain, and/or as a buffer while weaning off drug or alcohol addiction. It’s not recommended that first-time users start out with this tincture.

Just like the 300 and 600 mg products, it comes in a 30 mL bottle, but a single 15 drop serving equates to a heavy 24 mg dose of CBD; unless your condition is fairly severe, you likely won’t have use for this high-strength tincture. Here’s a basic table summarizing which CBD oil strength may be best for you:


300 mg 30 mL 7.5 mg Mild to moderate anxiety, minor body aches and pains
600 mg 30 mL 15 mg Moderate anxiety, pain, inflammation, digestive issues
1,000 mg 30 mL 24 mg Insomnia, depression, anxiety/panic attacks, chronic pain, addiction recovery

Final Thoughts on Understanding Which Potency CBD Oil to Take

The main thing to consider when figuring out how to find the right strength CBD oil is to realize that everyone’s internal biochemistry is different – while your friend may be able to relieve her anxiety with just a single 3 mg dose, you may require several times that much in order to obtain the same results. Or, you may not find any relief at all. This is why it’s important to start off with the smallest possible dose, and work up from there.

Also, make sure you understand that CBD oil is not a recognized medicine, at least as of yet. Because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA, even the best CBD oils on the market have to put a label on their products saying something like “this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

And lastly, don’t hesitate to speak with a marijuana doctor or health professional about using CBD oil. And please note,  it is not our goal for any of the information on here to come across as clinical advice or medical recommendations. If you live in a state with legalized medical marijuana, make sure you take full advantage of the resources that are available to you – getting a licensed MMJ card is easier than it has ever been before, and it could very well be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for yourself.

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  1. Will Foye
    I'd only been getting the strongest!

    I’ve only been getting the strongest, so good to know I don’t need to!

  2. Ron Hunter

    Cool read. I just woke pot instead haha! Easier, don’t have to worry about doses then… BLUE CHEEEESE

  3. Ron Hunter

    Cool read. I just woke pot instead haha! Easier, don’t have to worry about doses then… BLUE CHEEEESE

  4. Anny R
    Start low and build up

    Remember people that this is CBD. While CBD from hemp has some type of regulation and the plant can be grown under the Farm Bill of 2018, it is still far from a regulated industry. Best to start on a low dosage and climb

  5. Brendan
    Quick dosing tip...

    There’s a really quick tip to finding out how much CBD is in a single drop of ANY bottle of CBD oil. Simply take the number of milliliters that’s in the bottle and multiply by 20 (there are 20 drops in ONE milliliter). Then, divide the total number of mg of CBD that’s in the bottle by this number, and you’ve got exactly how many mg of CBD in one single drop. Then, you can dose accordingly

    1. Karon J

      Makes sense

  6. Jennifer D
    I ordered 10ml with 200mg .Is it or is 300mg best to start with?

    I have ordered 10ml at 200mg strength. Will that help anxiety? And is it best to opt for the 300mg?

    1. Linzy Kaye
      300mg or higher

      That is what my doc told me

  7. Gregg James

    This is cool, but for me in the UK they sell CBD at many stores and I actually spoke to the staff in my local Holland and Barret natural health store and they advised re dosage!

    1. Howard S
      Also live in the UK

      I also live in the UK, I get mine from Provacan. Highly recommend! Arrives on time and is extremely effective

      1. Jennifer D
        What strength?

        Can you tell me what strength you started with and/or still taking or have moved up to please?

  8. Jerry
    Product strength or purity

    How can you know that you are getting what you pay for. Since there is no FDA CERTIFICATION, shysters will be everywhere, perhaps giving you a lesser strength %age product, to encourage,by ineffective dosage, to jump you up to a higher%age dosage at a higher price. Can the strength of the product be tested at home?

    1. Chuey Bluey
      Buy From Reputable Sources...

      Reading the list of trusted products listed here makes me feel confident they are legit. As the article states, many have been in the business for a long time, and undoubtedly bank on a good reputation. I don’t think I would buy a random guy’s homemade cbd oil at the flea market or something, but if the manufacturer of a brand I’m familiar with sets up an info booth with procuct for sale, that will get my attention.

  9. D. ramirez
    Don't really get it

    Pro tip if you just take the pills you don’t have to worry about how many drops to drop under your tongue. Really don’t understand the point of dropper oils anyway it’s not as if we see NyQuil or something coming in dropper bottles under the tongue.

    1. frank keefe
      Instant relief

      When taken under your tongue it gets into the blood stream pretty instantly with a pill it takes longer as it ends up breaking down in the stomach..

    2. Chuey Bluey
      Drops Are Best!

      Flexibility of dosage comes to mind…
      As the article notes, each patient is different, and being able to titrate the dose is a huge plus in my book. I may need 1/2 dropperful for help sleeping, whereas you may only use a third as much to help your achy tennis elbow (aka “purse elbow” LOL). More importantly, being able to inch up my dose to the recommended 1/2 dropperful is a very good thing. What would I do if it only came in one-size-fits-all half dropperful, and that was too high a dose for me?
      The cbd oil I bought says to put the entire amount you’re taking in the mouth and “swallow all at once”— Other brands say to hold under the tongue for awhile, where the good stuff goes directly into the bloodstream.
      A pill must wade through the entire conents of the stomach (an acidic environment) until it reaches the small intestine for absorption. It then enters the bloodstream, where the gall bladder puts *his* 2 cents in, adding bile (i think?) to tend to the small amount of fat we’ve just consumed in the cbd oil. I think it best to do the sub-lingual method for best absorption.

  10. Jules
    Yes, the site was exactly what I was looking for, thank you.

    Do you put on weight taking CBD oil?

    1. Adam
      You shouldn't

      We’ve never heard of someone putting on weight

  11. JD
    Talk to a doctor, get a real opinion

    Do yourself a favor and actually talk to a cannabis doctor. You would be surprised (or maybe not) at the knowledge that these docs have in some of these clinics, as far as being able to tell you how much to take, what kind of stuff will be most effective for you (THC vs CBD), etc

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