How Long Do Disposable Vape Pens Last? [The TRUTH Revealed]

The answer is not that simple, and here's why...
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on May 8, 2019

How Long Do Disposable Vape Pens Last?

In states where marijuana is legal for recreational or medicinal use, it is becoming common to witness someone emit a cloud of vapor from a device that’s shaped like a cigarette but most certainly does NOT contain tobacco. Vaping is now one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis, and refers to the process of heating marijuana flower or concentrates. Vaporizers reach a temperature hot enough to cause the substance to turn into vapor, but as there is no combustion, the material does not get burned.

Although smoking marijuana is nowhere near as harmful as consuming tobacco in the same way, it still emits plenty of toxins. Vaping, on the other hand, eliminates quite a few of these problems, so you get all the goodness of weed without having to worry about carcinogens for the most part.

What Are Disposable Vape Pens?

Vaporizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Vape pens are preferred by many users because they are designed to look like e-cigarettes. As a result, they are small, light, thin, and discreet. A vape pen typically consists of the following:

  • Mouthpiece: You inhale the vapor via this component.
  • Tank or chamber: This is where you place the marijuana.
  • Atomizer: The heating element that generates enough heat to cause vaporization.
  • Battery: Usually a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides the atomizer with power.
  • Power button: Press it to switch the device on and off. More advanced vape pens allow you to control the temperature settings.

High-end pens can cost up to $200, so an increasing number of users are flocking towards cheap and cheerful disposable vape pens. You can purchase them from dispensaries or online from a huge array of reputable brands such as Evoxe Labs, CBDistillery or Koi Naturals. The main difference between these products and standard pens is the length of time a disposable pen lasts.

They don’t have rechargeable batteries, so once your extract is gone, you can throw away the pen and purchase a new one. Typically, a well-made disposable vape pen’s battery will last far longer than any e-liquid cartridge that contains the marijuana extract. There is often no power button on disposable vape pens. In this instance, all you have to do is start inhaling, and the pen’s heating element will vaporize your weed.

How Long Does a Disposable Vape Pen Last?

Although disposables are inexpensive by nature, if they don’t last you more than a few hits, they can become expensive in a hurry. For example, let’s say you need to consume 50mg of CBD a day for medicinal purposes. The disposable vape pen you purchase costs $15 and contains a grand total of 150 mg of CBD. The pen will last you three days at the cost of $5 a day. Cheaper than opioids for sure, but at almost $2,000 a year, the cost adds up.

The value for money provided by a disposable vape pen depends on how long it lasts; there is no single answer to the title question. A disposable vape pen’s longevity depends on factors such as your rate of use, the level of cannabinoids in each pen, and the amount of cannabinoids you are allowed consume with each puff.

It is helpful when a company’s CEO clarifies the issue. This was the case when Michael Katz, CEO of Evoxe Labs, appeared on HelloMD to offer an answer to the question: ‘How long does the Evoxe Vape Pen last?’. Here’s what Katz had to say:

“Each pen has an average of 150 seconds of inhalation. The longer the pull, the less total pulls there will be. Each THC pen contains 1/2 gram of oil with 350mg of THC. On our new V2 hardware, there’s a proprietary oil filtration system that ensures that all of the oil in the pen can be vaporized, and the battery will always outlast the oil.”

Katz said that an Evoxe vape pen lasted 150 x one second puffs which typically equates to three days of constant usage. He also claimed that some sporadic users enjoyed three months of use from a single disposable; outstanding value for sure!

Evoxe has a number of new products that are almost ready to hit the shelves. The Evoxe ‘Deep’ model contains 245 mg of THC per pen and offers 2.7mg of THC per one-second inhalation. A user that consumes an average of 35mg of THC a day will get a week’s worth of use from the ‘Deep.’

Longevity of Disposable Vape Pens by Brand

We took the liberty of analyzing four well-known brands to offer you a more detailed look at what to expect from this market; and also, to compare disposables to standard vape pens.

Koi Naturals CBD Cartridge

This personal CBD cartridge contains 250mg of CBD and is available for $49.99. Each cartridge holds 0.5ml of liquid.

Diamond CBD Full Spectrum

Each Diamond cartridge holds 1ml of liquid for a total of 250mg of CBD. All you have to do is screw it into a vape battery pack, and you are ready to use. It costs $49.99. Meanwhile, the brand’s Liquid Gold disposable vape pen contains 100mg of CBD and costs $34.99. Each puff contains 0.5mg, which means you receive 200 puffs in total.

To check out Diamond CBD’s Full Spectrum Cartridges, visit them at

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Tank Cartridges

This brand offers three pre-filled cartridges with the following levels of CBD:

  • 125mg: $29.99
  • 300mg: $49.99
  • 1000mg: $99.99

To see HempBombs’ full range of Cartridges, visit them at

CBDistillery Strawberry Lemonade Cartridge

Each cartridge contains 200mg of CBD for $25. CBDistillery also sells disposable vape pens with 200mg of CBD for $28.

Are Disposable Vape Pens Worth It?

You will notice that of the four brands we looked at above, only two sold disposable vape pens, but they all offered cartridges that you attach to long-lasting vape pens. Diamond CBD’s disposable is more than twice as expensive as what is sold by CBDistillery. With the latter, using 20 mg of CBD a day will last you ten days at the cost of $2.80 a day. If you purchase Diamond CBD’s disposable vape pen, on the other hand, you would only receive five days of usage at the cost of $7 a day.

To determine if a disposable is worth the cost, you have to figure out your daily usage and calculate how long the vape pen will last. Next, analyze the cost of longer lasting vape pens and their cartridges. In most cases, once you have taken the initial cost of a starter kit into consideration, a sturdier vape pen works out cheaper in the long run. However, disposable vape pens are a great option if you need a CBD or THC infusion while you travel; they are affordable and easy to use.

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  1. Donna Armstrong
    Blueberry disposable by bbtank

    I am looking for botany blueberry disposable pen

  2. valeria


  3. Joe Toner
    Evoxe Labs I like

    I like the disposable ones from Evoxe Labs…..these give me about 160 seconds of total inhalation, I hope I am calculating it right! these are definitely better than the normal ones and I don’t puff much, so they last long for me….

  4. Val-Dal
    Cure Dispensary not looking good.

    Is it Cure Dispensary or mismatched cartridge or bad charger (output is only 4.2… and input is only 5V, love to find something to plug into, doesn’t fit phone charger and doesn’t work on any wires I have). I had an awful day and this was my reward. I am going out of my mind and have been working on this for 9 hours now, thinking I did something stupid. I just bought it today. I won’t ever buy another one. I am buying weed and inhaling it however I see fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is ridiculous. Cresco CO2 is cartridge/pen name while I go out of my mind. I have conceded defeat and will take it back tomorrow and get what I wanted in the first place, advertised buds, and inhale them in whatever way I see fit.

    I hope Cure makes me whole in this defeat as they came close to putting me in a mental hospital. Great way to treat patients.

  5. Johnnie Rager
    Depends how clumsy you are haha

    I have a big vaporizer, and i have had to replace the chamber about 5 times, but I have to say this has almost always been my own fault for being clumsy and dropping it!!! The smaller less technical ones are definitely more robust though!

  6. Linda R
    My experience

    As it was pointed out in the other comments, I agree that treating a vape pen well definitely helps it last longer. I’m such a clumsy girl and my last vape pen didn’t last long, but it was my fault entirely 🙁
    That said, nice article, very informative and clear! Keep up the good work.

  7. Simon Green
    Bigger the better

    When it comes to everyday use, my disposable vape pen lasted really well, however, I had more issues with how much i dropped it and how many broke because of my clumsyness! The more expensive they are the more robust they seem to be.

  8. Hippie Chick of a Certain Age
    So I'm a newb to vape pens...

    I have a desktop vaporizer for dry material, but I’ve never used oils. I received a disposable vape pen as a gift; it’s so cute and compact 😉 There are no buttons and there’s no obvious way to turn it on. Off to the google I go! Yours was the first page that interested me. I found my answer within 30 seconds, but I kept reading. Very nice comparisons of various amounts (in mgs) and how long each is expected to last. Helpful dosage info, too. I’ve bookmarked your page so I can come back later to pick your brains 😉


  9. Randy Jones

    I think a lot of it comes down to how well it is treated, my first ever vape pen I got 4 years ago and it still works now. Although I dont often reach for it these days as I have upgraded, it still works amazingly well if needed. However I know plenty of people whose pen has died after a few months! Look after it and it will look after you.

    1. Dylan

      Very wise words Randy, thanks for sharing!!

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