Growing Sweet Sensimilla Bud [The Ultimate Guide]

Sensimilla is a term widely known, featured in a number of songs and is used popularly to describe marijuana in general.

However, Sensimilla refers to a rather specific kind of marijuana, one without any seeds and with good potency that is desirable for all growers thanks to its strong THC content and the fact that it grows so easily.

However, marijuana growing can be extremely daunting for the uninitiated – it seems riddled with hidden knowledge, secret know-how and clandestine information that feels near impossible to get from a simple Google search.

This knowledge is only compounded when trying to figure out how to grow the much coveted Sensimilla marijuana. There are a number of rules to growing Sensimilla that growers hold secret, like a master craftsman protecting his secret recipe.

Well, it is secret no longer. Here is the complete guide you need to grow your own Sensimilla bud.

First of all, what exactly is Sensimilla?

What is Sensimilla?

Sensimilla is an extremely highly concentrated form of cannabis. One of the most significant features of Sensimilla is its total lack of seeds.

This is achieved through careful cultivation and plant selection; every male plant that grows is culled in a careful precise manner so as to encourage only the growth of female plants.

Due to the fact that the female cannabis plants are not able to be fertilised by any male plants, they are not able to produce any seeds, thus producing only pure, 100% THC concentrated bud.

When the cannabis plant is unfertilized, the plant produces a higher concentration of THC, the sought after component of cannabis that gets you high.

So, Sensimilla simply refers to any cannabis that has gone through this careful selection and culling process. However, like all good bud, it requires excellent and continuous care, with rather precise instructions to ensure you get the best finished product possible.

To help you grow the very best Sensimilla weed possible, here are all the steps you need to get the largest yield of the highest THC cannabis ever.

Setup – What You Need

To start with, you’re going to need your marijuana seeds. You can buy seeds at a number of retail stores; even in some countries where marijuana is illegal, it is oddly okay to purchase the seeds. This is generally because marijuana seeds have a use as animal feed due to their quality of being rich in amino acids and some proteins.

Alongside that, you’re going to need the general supplies you’d need if you were growing any other plants: gardening tools like soil, fertilizer and pots, as well as a few extra handy tools like pruning shears for important tasks later on.

What are the Growing Steps?

When growing your marijuana seeds, you first need to germinate them. Germination is the process of waking up the seeds through introduction to water. This encourages them to begin sprouting much sooner, making them much more likely to survive than if you just pot them straight in the soil.

Simply add some water to your seeds while enclosed in two paper towel lined plates, so as to keep them away from the air, but still keep them moist. After a few days of being on the damp paper towels, the small seeds will begin to lose their hard outer coating and send out small, dainty green and brown sprouts.

After that comes the planting. Planting Sensimilla marijuana is the same as when planting any other type of cannabis – transfer your germinated seeds into a small soil pot, being careful not to overcrowd them.

Encourage their growth with a high nitrogen and potassium fertilizer blend; most usually a liquid fertilizer is used so as to not smother the plant with the richer, more potent soil fertilizers.

With the initial steps of planting your cannabis done, all that remains is to wait until your seeds begin to sprout. Once they do, you just need to transfer them to a larger plant vessel (make sure you remember to bring all the roots and soil with it!) to encourage healthier growth and ensure the roots don’t crowd themselves.

Once your cannabis is growing nicely, you begin the careful process that separates Sensimilla from other types of cannabis.

Sensimilla Separation

Now comes the time when you start making the changes that lead to Sensimilla, instead of normal, seed-heavy marijuana.

Once the plants have begun to grow and sprout, you can figure out which plants are male and which are female.

This can be determined by looking at the stalks – male plants have much thicker, sturdier stalks, as well as much fewer leaves than their female counterparts.

You can generally find the males quite easily, as they show their sex about a week or so before females.

Once you’ve located the males… You have to destroy them.

That’s right: Use the pruning shears you prepared earlier and cut them off about six inches from the ground.

The reason you do this is to ensure that the male plants don’t pollinate the females, reducing your overall harvest and getting less THC in your crop.

The reason you don’t just pull them up entirely is because if you do, you’ll disturb the root structure of the female plants next to them.

This simple process is primarily what separates normal marijuana from fine Sensimilla. By culling the male plants in a careful process, you can ensure the females make the maximum yield possible.

After your harvest, you should be left with excellent, high quality and high THC buds with no seeds.

How to Hide Your Weed?

For those that live in less than weed friendly localities, it might be necessary to somehow hide your crop. This also applies if you simply want to keep your valuable harvest a secret from passersby.

Though marijuana is frequently grown indoors using a climate-controlled room and UV lights, it is actually very easy to hide the plants out in the open.

One very common method is to grow your marijuana alongside a patch of wild hemp in the wild. This obviously comes with the significant risk that your female plants will become pollinated from the wild plants, so this is only good if you plan on utterly ignoring your plants and just value secrecy.

However, a far more inventive method is planting sunflowers around your marijuana plants.

Sunflowers grow taller than marijuana, as well as growing thick leaves and stalks, that act to hide the familiar star shaped leaves of the marijuana plant. To any passersby, it’ll just look like a pleasant crop of sunflowers.

Additionally, sunflowers are actually very good for the soil around marijuana, not clogging it up with convoluted root systems; they even slowly release helpful enzymes into the soil that marijuana hugely benefits from.

Now that you’ve successfully hidden your plants and separated out the males, all that remains is to prepare for the next crop!

How Do I Make More Plants if They’re All Female?

One question often asked by those hoping to grow Sensimilla marijuana plants is how are you supposed to grow more plants from your crop if your plants don’t produce any seeds?

Well, you can propagate further plants in two ways:

Firstly, you can either simply allow one of your female plants to germinate. This can be risky however, as you risk allowing all of your plants to become pollinated in the same way, thus reducing your overall THC yield.

You can avoid this by separating your plants into different groups – a primary group that produces the majority of your harvest, kept separated from any possible male plants through pruning. In the other group, you allow any males to grow, thus propagating the female plants adjacent to them.

This method is far from perfect as well, because then you have to deal with a reduced yield due to the fact that you’re allocating resources to low-yield plants that only produce seeds and very little actual bud.

The other method is far more reliable, if a bit more work. The extremely scientific-sound cloning! Cloning, despite its immediate association, it’s actually just the process of taking a cutting from healthy plant and replanting it in a new pot, allowing it to grow anew.

The main benefit of growing through cuttings is the fact that the new plants will be genetically the same as the mother plant, thus ensuring that there is no risk of it developing into a male plant.

However, it’s important to remember a useful adage – never clone the same plant more than four times. The plant will eventually begin to suffer from an effect called “genetic drift”, which is the gradual degradation of the plant’s DNA.

This can cause unwanted malformations in the plant, as well as carrying the risk of potentially becoming a hermaphrodite, thus allowing it to self-pollinate.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ll now not think that Sensimilla is some impossible to achieve pipe dream for growing marijuana. Sensimilla simply means extremely potent bud with no seeds whatsoever, developed through a little bit of careful pruning and paying extra attention.

Marijuana is a pretty resilient plant, so it can be tempting to just ignore your marijuana plants and let them grow on their own, but when growing Sensimilla, it is more important than ever to keep a watchful eye on your crop and check on them every day. Whether you’ve hidden them away somewhere, or have them in a protected marijuana growing shed, keep a watchful eye on your plants and make sure no males rear their pollinating heads.

Other than that, it’s extremely easy to start getting THC-rich Sensimilla, now that you know what to do.