15 Epic Marijuana-Related Tweets That Politicians Sent Out in 2018

2018 was an extraordinary year for marijuana in North America. It began with the rollout of recreational marijuana in California and ended with Missouri and Utah voting ‘Yes’ to medical marijuana, and Michigan becoming the first state in the Midwest to legalize recreational pot.

Oklahoma voted for medicinal cannabis during the year, and Canada finally followed through on its promise to legalize recreational weed throughout the country, becoming only the second nation in the world (behind Uruguay) to do so. With politicians finally realizing that public attitudes toward the herb were changing, it was no surprise to see so many of them campaigning for office on a pro-marijuana platform.

As you know by now, Twitter is a fast and easy way to communicate, and politicians (famously including President Trump) regularly use it to stay in touch with constituents. If you were hoping to see some marijuana-related ‘zingers,’ you’re in luck because we outline 10 of the best in this article.

1 – Dear Tucker Carlson

According to everyone’s favorite contrarian, and a man who looks like his mom cuts his hair using a bowl, Tucker Carlson, the mid-class were ‘fleeing’ California. He claimed that wages were too low and housing prices were excessively high. He then ludicrously claimed it would become like Venezuela.

10 Epic Marijuana-Related Tweets That Politicians Sent Out in 2018

Republican Ted Lieu sprang to his state’s defense while extolling the virtues of marijuana. He even invited the uptight Carlson to sample some of California’s finest!

2 – Dear Jeff Sessions

Lieu had previously ‘won’ Twitter back in January 2018 when he learned about Sessions’ decision to end the Obama-era policy that helped the growth of the marijuana industry by calling off the federal attack dogs.

10 Epic Marijuana-Related Tweets That Politicians Sent Out in 2018

Just in case you think Lieu is all talk; he sponsored a successful House floor amendment back in 2015 which cut the Drug Enforcement Agency’s budget for eradicating weed and moved the cash towards a fund for child abuse victims.

3 – Oh Look, It’s Sessions Again!

Sessions’ decision was met with the expected level of disapproval. It came a few days after California had fully legalized marijuana. An entire selection of Senate Democrats from Colorado took to Twitter and delivered a glorious tweet:

10 Epic Marijuana-Related Tweets That Politicians Sent Out in 2018

Sure, potent weed can make our minds wander, but you better believe you have our full attention when you try to take our precious herb away!

4 – It’s Time to Legalize Marijuana

Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, has changed his opinions on marijuana over the years. So much so in fact that he has now become an ally. He used Twitter to voice his opinion on decriminalizing weed:

10 Epic Marijuana-Related Tweets That Politicians Sent Out in 2018

He is right of course. Too many good people are spending time in prison, and having their lives ruined over a minor crime that shouldn’t even be a crime in the first place.

5 – Cannabis State of the Union Address

One of the striking things about recent times is the willingness of politicians to throw their weight behind the marijuana cause. Even a positive mention of weed a decade ago could have been enough to torpedo your chances of being elected to Congress or the Senate. Today, we have Congressmen such as Earl Blumenauer creating pro-cannabis videos!

10 Epic Marijuana-Related Tweets That Politicians Sent Out in 2018

God Bless America!

6 – Warren Speaks Out

As we mentioned above, it is ludicrous that in certain states, you can spend time behind bars for smoking a joint. Senator Elizabeth Warren highlighted this issue and wasn’t afraid to mention the disparity between whites and African-Americans when it comes to arrests.

10 Epic Marijuana-Related Tweets That Politicians Sent Out in 2018

In states such as Iowa, an African-American male is over nine times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than his Caucasian counterpart. Bear in mind that Caucasians and African-Americans use cannabis at approximately the same rate, and it is clear that the problem is real, and is not being tackled.

7 – Racial Bias II

Warren was not the only senator to point out the stark contrast in how white and black Americans are treated with regards to marijuana. Senator Brian Schatz became embroiled in a Twitter storm with a prohibitionist named Kevin Sabet. Schatz provided us with some inconvenient truths.

10 Epic Marijuana-Related Tweets That Politicians Sent Out in 2018

It isn’t enough that black Americans are at greater risk of prison time for marijuana possession, but they also receive harsher sentences for the same crimes as their white counterparts.

8 – Medical Cannabis in Public Housing

Imagine a situation where you could be rendered homeless because you use medical marijuana to treat a condition. That was the reality for countless individuals, and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton had enough.

10 Epic Marijuana-Related Tweets That Politicians Sent Out in 2018

Her legislation is designed to end this scandalous state of affairs. The following day, she tweeted about her visit to a marijuana festival in D.C.!

9 – Buy American, Hire American

As you know, President Trump constantly talked about the need for more goods to be manufactured in the United States, all while his various companies use items imported from China. It seems as if the DEA is following the president’s lead by importing cannabis compounds from our outside of the country, even though dozens of American manufacturers are eager to take the contract.

10 Epic Marijuana-Related Tweets That Politicians Sent Out in 2018

Matt Gaetz was not happy, and he let his Twitter followers know all about it. If nothing else, it is proof that continued marijuana prohibition is costing America a fortune.

10 – Big Pharma

No list of tweets would be complete without a well-aimed jab at Big Pharma. As Kirsten Gillibrand pointed out, pharmaceutical companies are anti-marijuana because it would hurt sales of opioids.

10 Epic Marijuana-Related Tweets That Politicians Sent Out in 2018

Number of fatal cannabis overdoses per day = 0. Number of fatal opioid overdoses per day = 100. It takes a brave politician to call out Big Pharma, but Gillibrand is not afraid of their cartel.

Final Thoughts

It is easy, and understandable, to be suspicious of any politician that suddenly jumps on the pro-marijuana bandwagon. Now that a majority of the public wants medical marijuana, a few politicians are looking for a popularity boost. However, plenty genuinely want weed to succeed, and several that have changed their minds now they know its benefits. To these men and women, we owe a debt of gratitude because it is only through their hard work that cannabis will be fully legalized in the United States.