Cannabis 101: What Is the Difference Between a Spliff and a Blunt?

The answer might surprise you…

For those who are not a part of the world of marijuana, or who are not familiar with some of the commonly used terminologies, then the terms spliff and blunt might not seem so different or may just completely feel like gibberish. For cannabis purists, they would never set hands on a spliff, while blunts would be considered a bit more acceptable.

Both spliffs and blunts are equally as enjoyed by those who are regular consumers of weed, but geographically, spliffs and blunts seem to be located in their own global regions of consumption with some crossing over in between (the world is diverse, after all!). This article is here to serve as a clarification regarding the differences between spliffs and blunts, especially for those who simply have not been exposed to much of the marijuana lingo used in the 21st century.

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What Is a Blunt?

If you’re familiar with the appearance of a cigar, then you certainly know what a blunt looks like. Blunts are essentially just ground up cannabis buds wrapped in thick tobacco paper, the same kind that is used for rolling up a cigar. It is common practice for blunt smokers to buy cheap cigars from the gas station, such as White Owls, Backwoods or Swisher Sweets, and then empty out the low quality tobacco from within them, only keeping the wrapper. They then take their ground weed, fill the outer shell of the cigar up, rewrap it, give it a twist and light that baby up. Certain brands of cheap cigars have actually become so common for making blunts out of, that if you are seen purchasing them at the store, the cashier normally knows what the intended use is going to be.

This exchange can sometimes be an awkward one, but also funny, because this is somewhat of a silent understanding that stoners have with shopkeepers. Blunts are packed with 100% cannabis normally, and don’t usually contain any tobacco mixed in. That is part of what makes them suited for weed purists who do not want to taint the taste of their fresh herb too much. Additionally, some people prefer blunts over joints because you can normally purchase the cheap cigars in various flavors, some of which are known to be rather delicious and make a sweet addition to the already present flavor of the cannabis.

Where Are Blunts Common?

As mentioned above, both spliffs and blunts are more often smoked by people from certain regions of the world. Of course this is not always the case, but it seems that the trend for favoring one over the other has a bit of a pattern, backed with rational explanations.

Throughout the United States and Canada, for example, blunts seem to be a common part of marijuana vocabulary. Gas stations are regularly stocked with Backwoods, Swishers and White Owls, ready to be purchased by the next stoner who really just wants to roll up a fatty. Making a blunt requires a lot of weed, as blunts are thick and packed full of 100% ganja, but this is also part of what makes them so amazing for sharing in the presence of others. For this reason it seems that blunts can often be found in locations where marijuana is easily accessible, and for a normal or reasonable price. Cannabis tends to be more affordable in states that have a greater tolerance for pot, which of course means places that either recognize weed as recreationally legal or medically beneficial.

It is common to see a group of Californians, for example, hanging out in a small social kick-back enjoying some puffs off a big blunt. Their herb is usually fresh, and they may not have even had to buy it off the black market. In states where cannabis is a bit more pricey, such as New York, it is common for groups of friends to all pitch in a little so that they can get enough weed to fill up a Swisher paper. Blunts seem to be less common in places like Europe, which could be due to the expensive cost of marijuana, or maybe the fact that in some European countries access to weed is not always easy and breezy.

What Is a Spliff?

A spliff is quite similar to a joint, for its size and shape is normally that of a hand-rolled cigarette (meaning that it is quite small and thin, especially when compared to a blunt). The major thing that sets apart a spliff from a joint, though, is that spliffs contain some portion of tobacco mixed in. The contents of a spliff are much of a hybrid, typically not going above a 50/50 tobacco and weed mix. Some individuals enjoy spliffs more because of the additional nicotine buzz that it provides, but certain cannabis purists stay far, far away from these green and brown concoctions.

Where Are Spliffs Common?

It seems that spliffs are more prevalent in parts of the world where good quality, inexpensive cannabis is hard to come by. Additionally, in cities or countries where cigarette culture is common, discovering a spliff is not out of the ordinary. The United Kingdom is a splendid example of this. Smoking cigarettes is common practice throughout the U.K., and because marijuana is still illegal, those that grow herb have to keep the operation very much on the down-low, which implies that access to ganja may not always be an effortless one. At times, there is simply a shortage of quality marijuana, which is where rolling a spliff comes in handy. If you want your pot to last longer, essentially meaning fewer bucks spent, then mixing it with a pinch or two of tobacco is an ideal solution.

Furthermore, if the only choice you have is to buy larfy or bad quality weed, then adding in some tobacco helps to mask the poor flavor – especially if you are fond of the taste of tobacco. Also, if you are hoping to feel more energized after smoking, then adding in some tobacco means that the nicotine could act as a bit of an extra stimulant, maybe providing a little more usable vitality. Aside from the United Kingdom, other countries throughout Europe also smoke spliffs frequently, and for similar reasons. At the end of the day, a spliff is an efficient way to consume cannabis and squeeze every last half a gram out of your stash – there’s no doubting this fact.

What’s Better- A Spliff or a Blunt?

What’s Better- A Spliff or a Blunt?


This question definitely gets asked a lot by individuals who have not tried either and are curious which to taste first. There’s no real answer to this question, though, because the choice to smoke a spliff or a blunt is purely a personal one. Although both options do contain ground cannabis, they vary from one another in certain ways, some of which may not be suitable for everyone.

For example, if you are trying to stay away from consuming tobacco or have given up smoking cigarettes, then it may be best to stick to a blunt. Blunts do contain miniscule amounts of tobacco, because of the tobacco-based wrapping, but at least the content inside is purely weed. On the other hand, spliffs do contain some amount of tobacco, which is typically not added-in anymore than a 50/50 blend with ground weed and tobacco. Just know that if you choose a spliff, you will also be getting a bit of the buzz from the nicotine, which may or may not be desired especially if your purpose in smoking weed is to relax, unwind, and maybe even feel a bit sedated.

Spliffs are an adequate way to prolong your herb, as each spliff rolled means less cannabis used (at least when compared to a joint). This could be beneficial if you live in a location where marijuana is especially expensive or difficult to come by. Also, the tobacco flavor in the spliff helps to mask the taste of bad quality ganja. Not all regions of the world are blessed with fresh and dank weed, so sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

If you still want to get high, but don’t want to taste some larfy crap, then maybe a pinch or two of added tobacco is the only way to stomach that flavor. Regardless of your choice (and the reasoning behind it), both spliffs and blunts are a pleasant and enjoyable way to smoke cannabis!

Final Thoughts:

If you’ve ever been curious about the difference between a spliff and a blunt, or wondered why exactly one is consumed over the other, than we hope this Cannabis 101 article helped to clear up any misconceptions or confusions about these two methods of marijuana consumption. At the end of the day, the choice whether to smoke a blunt or a spliff is a completely personal one, and both options are brilliant ways to have your daily dose of weed.

We hope that you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.