Certo Drug Test (Full Review)
April 28, 2018

Certo Drug Test (Full Review)

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on April 28, 2018

Certo Drug Test

For individuals who enjoy a smoke, even in states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, employment drug testing is a pain in the ass. According to Statistics Brain, 56% of American employers make pre-employment drug tests mandatory. The annual cost of these tests is $3.7 billion. If this seems like a lot, bear in mind that employers lose an estimated $85 billion a year because of employee drug use.

Urine tests are by far the most popular and marijuana is the most commonly found drug. Therefore, if you’re close to the job of your dreams, use weed, and are called in for a drug test, your only hope of passing it is by using one of the myriads of detox methods online. The Certo Drug Test detox has been championed as one of the best ways to get clean in a hurry; but is it all hype or the real deal? Read our full review to find out.

What is Certo?

‘Certo’ is a generic name for Fruit Pectin with the trademark held by Kraft. The company also has another brand called ‘Sure Jell’ which is the same thing as Certo but with different packaging. It has been available in the United States for over 100 years but has only recently become associated with detox.

Fruit pectin is a naturally occurring polysaccharide in fruits and is extracted from sweet fruits such as peaches, pears, apples, and berries. All polysaccharides consist of long-chain monosaccharides and they are a digestible fiber. You will typically find fruit pectin in jellies and jams because of its ability to gel things together. As it is a highly soluble fiber, it does a good job of detoxifying your system. It is excreted through the system via your feces.

How Certo or Fruit Pectin Can Help Detox Your System

One of the main misconceptions about Certo is that it traps toxins by coating your stomach. In reality, it works as a typical fiber by enabling your body to absorb and expel the toxins via your fecal matter. As it forms into a gel, it absorbs more liquids than ‘normal’ fibers. As toxins that normally leave your system via urine end up in your stools, Certo is theoretically a great way to pass a urine drug test.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of how Certo detoxes your system. Fruit pectin ensures the toxins are trapped and broken down into smaller metabolites that are easier to remove. The process typically takes 60 minutes and can last for 3-5 hours in total. Eventually, the toxins are released and leave the body via your urine.

Certo is high in fiber and carbohydrates; the latter results in an insulin boost in healthy adults which causes the body to store calories for energy rather than using them. The body also burns or metabolizes fat for energy. When fat-soluble toxins are released from the fat cells, they end up back in the bloodstream, saliva, urine and other fluids. The fast-acting carbs in Certo cause an insulin spike which prevents fat burning for a short period and shuffles the herbal detoxing minerals and nutrients in the concoction.

Finally, Certo absorbs the toxins that are naturally released from the body via stools, urine, and other body fluids. Toxins find it easier to leave the body via fluids but Certo’s fiber absorbs the fluids in your intestines and stomach and this action results in toxin release via solids. Unlike other ‘quick fix’ detoxes, you have to begin the Certo plan 24 hours before the test.

Here’s how the other components of the Certo Drug Test work:

  • Water: There is no better natural detox method because when you remain hydrated, the body knows there is no need to retain fluids and begins the process of removing toxins from the body. However, you have to be careful not to drink too much water. Overhydration depletes the minerals found in body fluids so when you consume too much water, you flush out the toxins and nutrients. If a drug test shows a lack of minerals in your urine, questions will be asked.
  • Vitamins: Healthy urine contains B vitamins and since the detox process can wash out some nutrients, you need to replenish them to avoid suspicion.
  • Creatine: Popularized by bodybuilders, creatine is a mineral found in the body naturally and you normally get enough through fish and red meat. It is present in your urine and once again, detoxing can deplete it so you need to consume some to make your urine look genuine.


Certo Drug Test Instructions

The Certo Drug Test detox is pretty easy to follow. You’ll see a variety of different instructions online; ignore them! This is the method and ingredients most likely to work.

You Will Need

  • Two packets of Certo (Sure Jell or Fruit Pectin will do).
  • Two x 32oz sports drinks (909 ml x 2). Gatorade is popular.
  • Creatine Monohydrate.
  • Multivitamin.
  • Vitamin B2 (not strictly necessary).

Once you have the above, the steps are pretty simple.

  1. Drink as much water as you can in the two days or so leading up to the drug test. Water will help flush out your toxins and send what remains to your intestines.
  2. Mix one packet of Certo with one of the sports drinks. Give the mixture a shake and drink it before going to bed on the night before the drug test.
  3. On test day, drink as much water as you can about three hours beforehand.
  4. 1-2 hours before the test, mix the second packet of Certo with the other sports drink.
  5. Consume it along with the multivitamin and B2.

In theory, the Certo method should keep you toxin free for at least three hours.

If you’re in a hurry, consume a packet of Certo, the 32oz bottle of Gatorade, and a similar amount of water an hour before the test. It won’t work as well as the 24-hour window but it could help you scrape by.

Does Certo Detox Drug Metabolites?

Yes! That’s why it is such a popular detox method for marijuana users trying to pass a urinalysis. As you know, THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that’s famed for getting you high. It is one of over 100 identified compounds in weed. THC-COOH is the name of its metabolite so when you consume marijuana or any THC product, your body breaks it down into THC-COOH.

These metabolites begin flowing through your body and bloodstream and while a small amount is expelled, most get absorbed by lipids and it ultimately gets stored as body fat. It remains there until it is gradually re-released into your bloodstream when you metabolize fat for energy. After its re-release, it becomes expelled via your urine, sweat, saliva, and feces. While your body naturally detoxes, the process takes weeks which is bad news for weed users facing a drug test.

This is where Certo comes in handy. Fruit pectin can speed up the detox process and it is effective for users of marijuana, cocaine, and opiates in particular. It is important to note that Certo’s detoxing capabilities are not scientifically proven.

Things to Watch Out for When Purchasing Certo

Don’t waste your money on fancy branding, fruit pectin is all you need and it is widely available in most large grocery stores. The entire method is inexpensive so don’t be fooled into spending cash you don’t need to. There is NO guarantee that the Certo Drug Test detox will work but you will definitely fail if you make one of these mistakes:

  • Leaving it too late: Certo takes at least an hour to work and you are best advised to use two doses; one the night before and one around two hours before the test.
  • Overhydration: As well as flushing out nutrients, drinking too much water will make you feel ill and you could throw up the Certo mixture.
  • Skipping the Sports Drink: The electrolytes in sports drinks are a crucial part of the Certo method.
  • Not Using Creatine: Creatine should be found in urine so if you flush it out without replacing it, your test will be flagged.

Final Thoughts on Certo Drug Test Detox

The Certo Detox Method seems so simple that it’s hard to believe it could work. However, tens of thousands of marijuana users claim they have never failed a drug test when they follow the instructions to the letter. However, there are a number of factors that dictate the effectiveness of the method including your size and fitness, body type, age, metabolism, and marijuana usage.

There is no scientific evidence to back up the claims and cynics believe it is the large volumes of water involved that help people get through drug tests. While it is possible that the fiber in pectin helps temporarily keep toxins from leaving your system via urine, there is also a chance that simply drinking large quantities of liquid dilutes your urine to the point where you can pass a drug test. In any case, use the Certo Drug Test detox method at your peril, and make sure to test it out first!

Let us know how it worked for you.

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13 reviews
  1. Nick

    What if u throw up after using Certo before drug test?

  2. Lilsquaw
    Need advice fast

    Can anybody tell me if the test will cover meth! Please

  3. Lilsquaw

    Does certo cover meth as well! I just told I test tomorrow! I found this because a friend told me it would work. They also said that if I use a dollar store Marijuana drug test and it’s negative then I should be ok!

  4. CuriousFemale

    Does anyone know why on a drug test there is 2 negatives signs? Obviously, I know one is stronger than other. But, can a job turn you away if it’s not the strongest line for negative result?

  5. Anon
    Certo saved my life

    I received a tip this morning at 7am about a random drug test being given to me today. I ran to Walmart and purchased the single box (includes two packets of Certo) for about $3.75. I bought a blue Powerade and squeezed both gel packs into it (it was pretty thick and not fun to drink) but I drank it all. At around 11am my mom “surprised” me with a drug test. Low and behold… I PASSED. Certo saved my life today, and for $3.75 it can save yours too.

  6. Jo

    When do I take the Creatine Monohydrate and how much?

  7. Mike

    When is the creatine supposed to be taken

  8. Tim
    Follow the instructions

    Tracy you would still have creatine in your urine, your body produces it from amino acids arginine and glycine. Vegetarians should suppliment aminos found in red meat.

  9. Tracy
    Creatine in pee of vegans?

    I’m a vegetarian so creatine wouldn’t be in my urine? If I’m right that’s found in people’s pee because of red meat. Just asking before I spend money on something that wouldn’t apply to me. Hope someone might have the answer

  10. Stonerella

    It works! Was so paranoid i was going to fail my ua with probation but the shit really works! Just follow simple instructions and quit smoking for a few days leading up to test and you’ll be straight!

  11. NotGonnaSay
    Certo method + qcarbo32 detox drink PASSED TEST

    5 ft. 8, 150 lb female who rarely excercises and probably has slowish metabolism. Chronic daily smoker for ~5+ yrs (w a range of smoking 1-5x daily across this period). Stopped cold turkey for the most part may 15, w the exception of an occasional joint maybe 2-3 times between May 15 and July 8. Resumed smoking 1x daily July 8th thru 19th. On Friday July 20th, was informed that I would need to do a pre employment drug urine analysis screening on the following Wednesday (July 25th). Immediately stopped using that Friday. Worked out 2x between Friday 20th and Wednesday 25th. After scouring the internet decided to combine two last minute dilution techniques—QCarbo32 same day detox drink ($49 from GNC, $27 amazon) and the Sure Gell/Gatorade approach. Was sure I would fail but I passed and this was for a hospital job.

    My technique:
    1. Ate lots of vegetables and fibrous Foods Friday and Saturday prior to test. Worked out Friday and Saturday. Switched to lots of red meat Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday including high fat content brisket Tuesday night as suggested online. Drank 1 gallon of water each on Monday and Tuesday before test thru the day.

    2. At 10pm night before the test (11 hours prior to scheduled appointment), I mixed 1 packet of sure gel w 32 oz lemon lime Gatorade. I chugged it and actually ended up throwing up from drinking it too quickly. Forced myself to down another sure gel + Gatorade but drank it more slowly this time. Followed it up with a glass of water. Went to bed.

    2. Drank 48 oz water between 5 and 6 am. Peed 2x before moving to detox drink. At 6 am (3 hours prior to appt) I followed instructions for QCarbo32 drink. Followed detox drink up w another 32oz of water. Drank both of these over the course of 6am-7am hour. Peed 2x during this time after detox drink.

    3. Between 7am-8am I fixed myself up another sure gel + 32 oz Gatorade. Proceeded to sip on more Gatorade between 8am-830am. Btw didn’t eat any food at all prior to test on test day. Peed another 2x prior to heading out to test.

    4. 830am-9am I sipped on a small coffee which I continued to sip on into my appointment, to help make sure I’d have some Pee ready to come out for the test.

    5. Took test at 9:45am. Pee was just the tiniest amount yellow, but didn’t raise any suspicions.

  12. Bob Saggot

    I was in rehab for heroin and meth addiction. I smoked bud once or twice a week and I always passed the drug test. I completed the program thanks to Certo

  13. Liam Houzy

    I tried this when I was going for my now job – and it obviously did the job! It wasnt the most pleasant thing to consume, but for the sake of a one off situation, it was worth it. I would definitely recommend to anybody in a similar situation.

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