Cinderella 99 Marijuana Strain [Complete Review]

Medical aspects, facts and healing properties
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 29, 2017

Cinderella 99 Strain

Dreamy and euphoric, Cinderella 99 makes it feel as if you’ve landed in a fairytale…

A breed perfected over multiple generations of crossing, Cinderella 99 finally came into fruition, originally conceptualized by Mr. Soul at Brother’s Grimm. This beautiful lady is known by plenty of nicknames, including C99 and Cindy. Legend has it, Mr. Soul discovered the parent seeds of Cindy inside an Amsterdam purchased Sensi Seeds package of Jack Herer, and it took more than three generations of crossbreeding to get the combination ideal.

High Times included Cinderella 99 as one of the contenders for their “Top Ten Strains of 2009” list, evidence as to just how brilliant and out of this world C99 is. Cindy is known for her fruity and pungent flavor, short and indoor-growing friendly plant shape, insanely high yields, potent and long lasting high and dreamy high that can send consumers into a whole new world of pumpkin carriages, prince charmings, fairy Godmothers and clocks that strike at midnight.

Keep reading to discover everything there is to know about the Cinderella 99 marijuana strain in our complete cannabis review…

What Is the Cinderella 99 Marijuana Strain?:

The long spanning genetic love child of Jack Herer sativa and Shiva Skunk indica, Cinderella 99 is classified as a sativa dominant hybrid strain; with an 85% sativa, 15% indica ratio. This marijuana strain has an exceptionally high THC content, meaning that just a little bit can go a very long way, ranking in at 20-22% in conducted lab test results. Its effects typically take around 15 full minutes to begin creeping upon the body and mind, but once they hit full force, they’ll keep going powerfully for a full 90-100 minutes.

Cinderella 99 Aroma, Flavor and Appearance:

Cinderella 99 Marijuana

In addition to some of its effects, Cinderella 99 is also widely recognized for its brilliant and original flavor and scent profile, which hits the senses in a unique manner. The aroma of this cannabis seems to stain any room it is in, staying long after the strain has physically left. Although this variety is especially skunky, it also reeks immediately of citrusy fruits and pine.

Some say it is reminiscent of pineapple fields, aromatic and sweet just before harvest. Cindy is immensely sugary in smell, as well as taste. The flavor profile mimics what can be expected just by smelling these buds, but takes the complexity a step further. It starts out by oozing fruit and citrus scents, blended by earth and pungence.Sweetness overwhelms the taste buds right away, and Cinderella 99 is almost as if a tropical citrus candy was placed into the mouth. The smoke itself is smooth and hits the throat gently, so do not expect to cough a lung out or feel any burning afterwards.

Appearance-wise, the entire crop has a short stature, which is partially why it has become preferable for indoors cultivators. The buds themselves are dense and rich, plus extremely sticky, requiring a sharp grinder or scissors to break apart, otherwise you will end up with resinous fingers.They are light to medium green in color, with plenty of brassy orange tiny hairs, known as pistils, curling and twisting amongst the sugar leaves. The term sugar leaves is not an over-exaggeration either, for they are thickly coated with a layer of crystals that mimic the first frost of the season and glisten brightly when placed underneath the light.

The Cinderella 99 Cannabis Grow Info:

Cinderella 99 is actually a complete fairy tale-like dream for cannabis cultivators, because it is a strain prized for its massive yields, ideal indoor growing height, short flowering time and tasty, pungent buds. All of these combined factors make Cindy one mean little marijuana strain.

This cannabis can be cultivated successfully within either indoors or outdoors conditions, and overall it is quite a low-maintenance, grower-friendly crop. C99 has a natural high resistance to most common diseases, molds, mildews and pests, but still should be regularly monitored as with all cannabis types. As mentioned previously, the crop grows incredibly short, part of the uniqueness of its specialized breeding, never towering higher than 100 centimeters, which is part of what makes it so plantable inside.

Outdoors, Cinderella 99 can thrive and flourish into healthy and delicious flower with ease, so be it that the climate and environmental conditions permit. It requires a sheltered location that still offers plenty of warmth and sunshine. Indoors, hydroponics cause this crop to grow mad, as if a fairy Godmother waved her magic wand and made the plant grow all at once. Soil growth methods work as well, but don’t seem to be quite as successful as hydroponics have proved to be. Due to the short height, this cannabis can be grown in just about any available space, even if its ceilings are not so high, making it compact and versatile.

The typical flowering period of Cindy is short, at only 7-9 weeks, with outdoor harvest falling around late September or early October. Average yields range rather high, especially considering the required maintenance and effort that needs to be placed into cultivating this strain type, with outdoor yields ranging at 35 ounces per plant, and indoor yields at 16 ounces per square meter.

Cinderella 99’s cultivation experience features far more pros than cons, and rewards its producer with pungent, potent and intense yields that are not only deliciously mouth-watering, but also supremely high-inducing and pack a real punch of uplifting energy.

Cinderella 99 Effects:

Due to its sativa dominance, this marijuana strain has become one of the best day-time herbal crops, capable of energizing and awakening its consumer with ease, so that you can stay productive and continue on throughout a busy schedule, primarily if the strain is consumed in lower doses.

As the higher doses are obtained, Cindy turns dreamy and euphoric, sometimes even developing into a mild psychoactive, which can be quite the adventure for a cannabis consumer. The feeling is mostly cerebral, and there’s a likely chance you’ll experience a headrush just after smoking, which can be especially pleasant for some.

The typical body high is a bit less prominent than the mental high, but smiling deeply, from ear to ear for no reason at all is common, and overwhelming feelings of happiness, elation and contentment are linked with Cinderella 99. This marijuana strain melts all your troubles away, making the issues an object of the past, replacing those worries with positive attitudes, high vibrations, relaxation, a focused mindset and joyful laughter.

Medical Marijuana Benefits of Cinderella 99:

Cinderella Strain Review

Medicinally, Cindy acts eloquently to ease a number of physical and mental/emotional medical conditions, symptoms and ailments, and it has become appreciated by the medical cannabis community for this reason. Physically, this marijuana helps to combat lack of appetite, nausea, chronic fatigue disorder, mild to moderate arthritis, joint pains and aches, muscle cramping, chronic pain, migraines and inflammation.

Those consuming Cinderella 99 for physical relief should try to seek methods of intake that are more potent than traditional smoking options. Edibles, concentrates, extracts, candies, gummies, chocolates and tinctures, can all provide the extra quantity of THC, and most of these methods will not affect the lungs in any way.

Mentally and emotionally, this is where C99 truly shines. Naturally, the strain already uplifts those who are feeling down or negative, so for medical cannabis patients that suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and ADHD/ADD, this marijuana works wonders. Cindy is especially potent, so caution should be utilized with higher doses. It may be best to start with a minimal dose and build after 10-15 minutes, once the effects have kicked in and your reaction to the strain is better understood.

Possible Negative Side Effects of Cinderella 99:

As with just about every marijuana strain, Cinderella 99 is linked with the typical adverse effects, including dry mouth (cotton mouth) and dry/red eyes. Both of these negative side effects are easily manageable and simply require a bit of extra preparation and planning.

Remembering to drink plenty of water before, during and after your actual consumption can ensure that your body stays hydrated, which not only deters away sensations of cotton mouth, but also helps to prevent headaches and any grogginess that could be experienced the day after.

By purchasing a bottle of moisturizing eye drops from your local drugstore or pharmacy before your cannabis experience, you can avoid the discomforts from dry, itchy or red eyes. These drops are not only inexpensive, but can offer immense relief that other solutions do not seem to be capable of providing.

As with many potent in THC marijuana strains, high quantities of this chemical component can increase anxiety levels and sometimes produce paranoia within some sensitive individuals. This is not a common experience and should not be cause for concern, but if you know that you are more inclined to have marijuana induced anxiety or paranoia, use caution when consuming Cinderella 99.

There are plenty of cannabis strains on the market that offer lower potencies of THC and higher amounts of CBD, which are suitable alternatives for those who are too sensitive to strong weed.

Final Thoughts on the Cinderella 99:

If you are an individual searching for non-conventional, herbal relief from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, nausea, chronic fatigue, lack of appetite, migraines, muscle cramps, inflammation, stress, arthritis or joint pain, then Cinderella 99 may be the right marijuana strain for you.

We hope you found this complete review to not only be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.

Cinderella 99 Marijuana Strain [Complete Review]
November 29, 2017
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  1. Nina Miller

    This is an excellent strain for inflammation. I use it often now because nothing else works.

  2. Brenda Bender

    Cinderella 99 is a truly amazing strain for inflammation. It’s helped me a great deal

  3. Cynthia Paz

    Cinderella has definitely helped with my nausea and helps me to relax. Loving it, thanks for the post!

  4. Priscilla Peters

    This strain gives herbal relief from anxiety and tiredness also.

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