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MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on May 17, 2017
Cherry Pie Strain
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Just picture the sweet smell of mom’s famous cherry pie baking in the oven; left out on the windowsill, it won’t be long before someone has eaten every last bite. The Cherry Pie weed strain is no different; fruity and absolutely delectable, there really is no ganja quite like Cherry Pie.

Maybe it hasn’t won any fancy cannabis awards like some other famous strains have: Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, OG Kush; instead, Cherry Pie is one of the marijuana world’s best kept secrets- and if it means even more for us to enjoy, we don’t mind keeping it that way. The Cherry Pie strain’s flavor is unique, pungent, yet leaves its consumer packed with nostalgia, where reminiscing the past quickly becomes a reality. It’s all with great pleasure, for the high of Cherry Pie is the perfect blend of body and cerebral.

What puts the cherry on top? (no pun intended)- all of the out-of-this-world medicinal benefits that Cherry Pie weed can provide its consumer with- as if all it takes is a piece of Cherry Pie to melt your problems away and coat them with fruity, pastry goodness.

What Is Cherry Pie?

With origins extending back to California, Cherry Pie is experienced as an indica dominant hybrid strain; a marijuana strain that seems to be a sweet-spot combination of uplifting, yet still relaxing herb, making it an especially loved strain by those who are lucky enough to try it. Its genetic lineage stems back to two delicious strains, Durban Poison (a sativa) and Granddaddy Purple (an indica). Occasionally also called Cherry Kush by consumers and some dispensaries or recreational cannabis shops, Cherry Pie’s genetics consist of 70% indica and 30% sativa.

Whenever a lab test has been conducted to test the levels of Cherry Pie, the results that have been returned are rather incredible. Presenting THC levels in the 15-25% range and CBG in the 1% range, Cherry Pie is a strong strain scientifically speaking, with THC levels that exceed the average of most marijuana plant types. These up-there levels add an extra kick to get you honestly high, and cause the medicinal benefits to really work their magic, only adding to the top-notch quality of Cherry Pie.

Cherry Pie Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

Its name definitely accurately expresses its aroma; if you are wondering what Cherry Pie tastes like, take a good guess. If you answered “Cherry Pie”, well you’re right- yes, it really is that simple. The Cherry Pie strain was named the way it is for a specific reason, for when you first crack open that jar, undoubtedly it’ll smell a whole lot like when mom first opens the oven after that cherry pie has just finished baking.

Instead of having to do any baking, this type of Cherry Pie is the one getting you baked, with its fruity sweet aroma that mixes together with earthy and organic undertones, plus added sweet and doughy baked goods top notes, all intertwining together to produce one of the absolute most mouth-watering marijuana strains . Regarding appearance, Cherry Pie weed is considerably unique in relation to the typical strain look; commonly green sugar leaves with orange pistils.

Instead, Cherry Pie features fiery red, violet and orange pistils, with these hues sometimes carrying further on to its sugar leaves, mixed in with shades of deep green and sage. Certainly, there are more original appearing strains, but Cherry Pie at least steps the game up a bit, steering away slightly from the “classic” reefer look.

Cherry Pie Grow Info

Facts about Marijuana growing

Growing Cherry Pie luckily isn’t going to be an insane challenge, for it is considered to be an easy to moderate difficulty strain to cultivate. It is possible to cultivate either indoors or outdoors, and the strain enjoys either location, as long as the conditions are fitting. When grown outdoors, your Cherry Pie plants must be placed in a location where there is at least a Mediterranean-like climate, otherwise it will not thrive and flourish. Any colder and your crop runs the risk of dying or becoming unhealthy.

Indoors, Cherry Pie weed can grow either using hydroponics or soil cultivation methods, with no preference for one over the other. Regardless of which method you choose to grow in, make sure to provide all of the proper nutrients to your plants, as well as adequate light levels (sunlight if outside, grow light if indoors). Thankfully, the Cherry Pie strain specifically is rather resistant to pests, mold and mildew, so it is not as challenging to care for as many other ganja strains.

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Overall, Cherry Pie is fairly low maintenance and not too picky, yet it is still vital to take all the right steps and go through the entire cultivation process without cutting corners if you expect your cannabis plants to live a hearty life. In the end, a healthy life for a marijuana plant is rewarded by the crop outputting better quality herb, and sometimes even a higher yield of it. Poorly cared for crops, will probably still continue growing, but when nearer the end they tend to generate poor quality marijuana and likely a sizably smaller yield.

Cherry Pie typically has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, considered average in comparison with other strains, and it is ready for harvest in October if grown outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere. Expect an average to large yield from your Cherry Pie plants if expertly cultivated, somewhere around 14 ounces per plant when grown outdoors, or 16 ounces per meter squared when grown indoors.

Cherry Pie Effects


Regardless of the high percentage of indica in this heady hybrid (70 indica/30 sativa), patients and consumers claim to still feel many of the sativa effects, experiencing complete relaxation, while still being uplifted, awake and aware. Unlike many indica dominants hybrids, Cherry Pie weed does not make you drowsy, sleepy or tired. This may not be the ideal hybrid for a night out partying, but certainly it is perfectly appropriate for a cozy night in where you don’t just want to pass out immediately, and instead desire to stay up for some time to enjoy how the evening unfolds.

Additionally, in small scale social settings, Cherry Pie is suitable, altering very little your ability to communicate and understand those around you. Those who have tried the Cherry Pie strain, have described their experience as being positive, enlightening and motivational, but once that extra indica layer kicks in, your body turns to mush, yet your mind is still fully focused and alert. Expect a strong body buzz after hitting a bowl loaded with Cherry Pie weed, uplifting the spirit, relaxing the soul and regenerating the body, all while feeding your mind with pleasant and radiant thoughts and you sink deeper into euphoria.

Medical Benefits of Cherry Pie

Medical Marijuana Card

Cherry Pie cannabis is one of the few strains that has repeatedly been reported to place genuine grins and smiles on the faces of those who consume it. It’s no secret that Cherry Pie weed helps with mental disorders, and those who are using it for such are truly experiencing how much it can be of assistance.

Those coping with stress, depression and anxiety, could especially benefit from Cherry Pie reefer, preferably by smoking a balanced dose of this strain, in order not to over-do the consumption and end up with any negative symptoms. It is vital when handling a mental disorder to know your limits with cannabis, because just a tiny bit of over-consumption could worsen your symptoms. Know how much you can consume and stick to that level.

Additionally, Cherry Pie weed is tremedously helpful for patients suffering from extreme physical pain; joint pain, chronic pain and pain in general, or even those coping with problematic nausea. If you are consuming Cherry Pie for any of these reasons, intaking a larger dose would be wise, either by smoking a fatter bowl or a taking on a more powerful approach; edibles, concentrates, bubble hash or live resin.

Possible Side Effects of Cherry Pie

Interestingly enough, the most extreme reported side effects from consuming Cherry Pie weed, is headaches. This could possibly be due to lack of drinking enough hydrating fluids before getting baked. The second most commonly experiencing side effect is dry mouth. The solution to either of these issues is to consume more water than usual; often you can be dehydrated while baked and not even notice it, so be sure to have a huge glass of cold water next to you while you are enjoying your high. Sometimes dizziness can occur, and in this case it is vital to sit down and rest in a position that helps with the uncomfortable feelings you may be experiencing- take deep, steady breaths and wait it out until the sensation passes (and it definitely will pass).

Final Thoughts

We hope your have enjoyed reading this Cherry Pie review and that you have found it to be not only entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.

  1. Ang
    How much CBD does it have?

    looking for the CBD content.

  2. Kelly Hayes

    If you are in California, you will definitely come across Cherrie Pie. It is very common there, and one of the cheapest in California. However the reason is that it was initially grown there, and so it is kind of native.

  3. Dean
    Top notch

    Love this strain my first time on it now feel completely relaxed with a warm wave rising though my body. I do love indica but would put cherry pie above afghan kush any day

  4. Lisa
    Does this strain cause an appetite

    I’m looking for a strain that helps pain but dont give you an appetite would this be the one? Ty

  5. Gregory Smith

    I very much agree with everyone on this it has really helped my joint pain my mental issues that I deal with on a daily basis and I think it is over all wonderful strain that I have came in contact with and would love to continue to

  6. Alan Byerhoff
    Trying to avoid munchies

    I have a strain I’m trying currently called Cherry Breath but cherry pie breath comes up in the search.
    Are these two strains the same?
    A budtender I asked wasn’t entirely sure how to answer this question…
    I have chronic nerve pain but don’t need the munchies with it.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated 😁

    1. Douglas Edgar Sargent
      What is Cherry Breath?

      Cherry Breath is a cross of Cherry Pie and Mendo Breath

  7. Barbara Johnson

    The medicinal benefits of this strain are really wonderful. Thanks for putting up this info

  8. Rebekah Bailey

    Cherry pie is the most effective strain for anxiety. Always preferred!

  9. Isabel Eskew

    Awesome strain for healing joint pain. The only downside is dry mouth. Otherwise, it is all good.

  10. Joyce Thomas

    Thank you very much! This strain relieved me from that bad depression. I feel really good now. I haven’t been sleeping like this in years.

  11. Maria Nason

    I take a very low dose of cherry pie strain to deal with stress. It really works for me. Thank you for writing about such an amazing strain

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