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Charlotte's Web CBD oil

Even by the standards of marijuana-related products, Charlotte’s Web (CW) CBD Oil has had an interesting and controversial history to say the very least. It is a Cannabis extract that is high in CBD and extremely low in THC content. This ratio is important because ‘THC’ is associated with the psychoactive ‘highs’ that are used to demonize marijuana.

In contrast, CBD does NOT produce this high, and research continues to show its impressive number of medicinal benefits. Also, the low THC content of this strain means it now legal in certain states in America, as well as some nations around the world. Charlotte’s Web was created by the Stanley brothers of Colorado, and is marketed as a dietary supplement in the United States.


Charlotte’s Story


Charlotte’s Web is named after Charlotte Figi, a young girl born in October 2006. She was diagnosed with a rare medical condition known as Dravet Syndrome at a very young age, and as a result, would routinely suffer over 300 grand mal seizures a week.

Charlotte’s parents tried every known medical treatment to stop the seizures, ultimately settling on a ketogenic diet. For two years, the seizures halted, but the young girl suffered side effects such as loss of bone mass. Then, suddenly, the seizures returned and were as bad as ever. Dozens of seizures occurred daily, and tiny Charlotte would suffer them for as long as 30 minutes at a time.

After visiting specialists all around the country, the Figi family had little hope remaining. Then, one day, Charlotte’s father Matt saw a video featuring a young boy in California who had been successfully treated for Dravet Syndrome. The boy was given a cannabis stain that was high in CBD, but low in THC.

With the help of two physicians, Dr. Margaret Gedde and Dr. Alan Shackelford, Charlotte’s parents were able to get the cannabis treatment they were looking for. After a very small dose of the CBD-rich medicine, no one could quite believe the results; within a short period of time, Charlotte was almost completely free of seizures (she suffered just 2-3 per month in her sleep compared to 200+ per week), and is now able to look forward to a relatively normal life.

“After taking an oil form of CBD-rich cannabis extract, young Charlotte’s seizures were reduced from dozens per day to just 2-3 per month.”

[You can read about Charlotte’s real-life miracle story and even watch video interviews on major news outlets throughout the country]. 

Medical Research into CBD Yields Promising Results

Across the United States, parents of children with Dravet Syndrome and other disorders are considering CBD medicine as an alternative therapy. The Stanley brothers have created a non-profit foundation to help families get the medicine at a very low price. It appears as if Charlotte’s ‘miraculous’ recovery had less to do with miracles, and more to do with science – at least if recent research is anything to go by.

In May 2017, CNN published an article on the results of a large-scale randomized trial featuring CBD that was printed in the New England Journal of Medicine. The researchers focused on people with Dravet Syndrome, and enrolled 20 patients from the ages of two to eighteen. 61 people received CBD treatment, while the other 59 received placebo.

Those who received the CBD found that the number of seizures they suffered fell from roughly 12.4 per month (the median figure), to just 5.9. The other group’s seizure rate also fell, but only from 14.9 to 14.1. The main adverse side effect was drowsiness.

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Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil: Legalities

It is becoming more and more apparent that Charlotte’s Web is a medicine capable of doing great things, so why isn’t it widely available?

The product used in the test mentioned above is called Epidiolex; a CBD extract created by GW Pharmaceuticals. The FDA has approved testing using the product, and now it is possible to get your hands on Charlotte’s Web in all 50 states. While CBD oil is illegal to ship in some states, Charlotte’s Web is extracted from hemp rather than marijuana, and falls within the federally accepted limit of 0.3% THC for ‘hemp derived food products.’

Did You Know: Low-THC CBD oil derived from industrial hemp is legal to ship across all 50 U.S. states

This was a deliberate ploy by the Stanley brothers, who are keen to help as many people as possible using their remarkable cannabis strain. The original Charlotte’s Web previously contained a 30:1 CBD/THC ratio, but the latest version is up to 48:1, which increases its potency when helping children with epilepsy.

What Medical Conditions Does Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Help  With?

At present, Charlotte’s Web is best known for its anti-epileptic properties; as seen by its positive impact on Dravet Syndrome. Dr. Gedde found that Charlotte’s Web worked best when patients take 3-4 milligrams per pound of body weight a day. In other words, a 100 lb child would use 300-400 mg a day, a 50 lb child would use about 150 mg, and so on.

With all the attention focused on Charlotte’s case, it is easy to forget that the strain is actually used for a variety of other ailments as well. It has been used effectively to reduce general pains and aches, as it provides users with a relaxing sensation. And of course, the low THC content means they remain clear-headed with no intoxicating effects.

In recent months, Charlotte’s Web has also been gaining favor as an effective treatment for anxiety and depression.

CW Hemp: Specs, Flavor, & What You Get


If you happen to live in Colorado and have a child in need of assistance, it’s possible that the Stanley brothers will give you Charlotte’s Web for pennies on the dollar. Otherwise, you can get it in hemp oil form with prices ranging from $39.99 (30mL) to $99.99 (100mL). Products usually contain 10mg of hemp extract per serving, and adults should take 1mL of the hemp oil solution twice a day.

There are also CW Hemp capsules that cost from $34.99 (30-count) to $59.99 (60-count), and there is even Charlotte’s Web CBD coffee, which contains 500mg of hemp extract per pack and costs $49.99.

It is important to remember that, due to federal restrictions, Charlotte’s Web hemp oils you get on the online market use a different process than what was used to treat Charlotte Figi.

CW Hemp for sale online is marketed as a dietary supplement, which means you can drink it by itself, add to a liquid, or even sprinkle it on your food. Most Charlotte’s Web oils contain a certain amount of olive oil, so it has a similar consistency as what you’re used to cook with. If your oil is dark, it probably means the oil isn’t filtered a great deal, and may have some particles from the plant in it.

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil doesn’t smell as strong as other cannabis-based oils, and it offers a pretty obvious taste and smell of olive oil – which is great news if you’re a fan of olive oils! It is very easy to digest, and there is generally no unpleasant aftertaste.

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Final Words About Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte’s Web could do wonderful things for children with epilepsy, although research is still ongoing. For everyone else, CW hemp oil is still capable of helping you relax by reducing stress and in some instances, even reducing pain levels.

Also, the ultra-low THC content means you can enjoy it daily without having to worry about any debilitating high or intoxicating effects.

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Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil [What’s It All About]
September 20, 2018
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  1. Norma Aspeitia
    pure kana, cbd essence, cbd pure, green roads, premium jane, elixidol which one?

    Which CBD OIL is best for Joint Arthritis, I have it and in terrible pain. Do I buy 1000mg?

  2. Karen
    Therapeutic dosage?

    300 to 400 mg per day for a 100 lb child but each serving only has 10 mg? How could you ever get enough for a therapeutic effect?

  3. Dan
    I don’t know what happened

    I have used CBD in the past. And it has been extremely helpful for my anxiety….. Mostly the Herbal Renewal Hemp Extract, and Alternative Vape Shots. I tried Charlotte’s Web oil, first testing half a dropper, but this had no effect. The next day I tried a full dropper and about 90 minutes later I was hit with a a wave of dreaminess, identical to that of a sativa high. I ended up in hospital suffering severe panic attacks and depersonalisation, and was given a large dose of Valium to calm down. The support staff at Charlotte’s Web Oil were helpful in giving me the personalised CBD:THC ratio of the batch of the bottle I had, which indicated only trace amounts of THC. I don’t want to bash this product because Its got an amazing reputation from what I have read, but I just want to know how this could possibly happen, as this has NEVER happened before. I want to use CBD oil again but am too afraid after last time. Could someone please help me to identify what could have caused this? Or has had a similar experience?

  4. Rochelle
    Metastatic breast cancer

    Can you tell me more about curing cancer and tumors in the lymphatic system!

  5. Vickie Corbisello

    I am a 64 yr old woman who has not had a prescription my whole life for anything and believed I was very healthy. After 3 seizures (which I have no recollection of) I have been diagnosed with epilepsy out of the ble and prescribed a med called KEPPRA which is making me tired, dizzy, and moody. I hate it but the alternative is worse. Please guide me to more information about treatment with Charlottes Web for adult epilepsy. Thank you.

  6. Diane Leister

    i just started taking it because everyone says it is so good for you. Does this help diabetes and high blood pressure. also, would this help repair your hair. i hear it is good for your skin so i was wondering about hair. Thank You for your time, Diane

  7. Kellee

    My groomer is recommending this for my dog to reduce anxiety while being groomed. Is it safe for a 13 lb dog?

    1. Lou Hays

      The product that would best fit your dog is CW Paws. It has the specifications of the middle tier human equivalent, but is suspended in non-flavored coconut oil, not olive oil.

  8. EMS

    “It is important to remember that Charlotte’s Web hemp oils you get on the market use a different process than what was used to treat Charlotte Figi.”

    What is the difference, please?

    1. Lou Hays

      Ms Charlotte was given the advanced formula using one particular kind of process, and one particular type of cannabis sativa. The company now used multiple types of hemp and hemp extract, as well as different types of oil to help its ever-expanding customer base. Mint + Chocolate, Olive Oil are the most common, but keep in mind the company makes creams, balms and capsules as well?

  9. Cynthia Sandoval

    Hello, my son is 3 years old and is currently in the hospital for his continuing seizures. He has an AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) and Epilepsy. They have him on 4 Anti-seizure medications that have kept him in a zombie-like state and the seizures are still happening. I am upset of the fact that they keep adding strong anti seizure medications and not allowing for me to administer the CBD Charlotte’s Web Oil. I’m frustrated and wondering if it will actually help his disorder because I’m able to administer it myself but not sure if the other 4 medications will allow it to do it’s job.

  10. Brenda Koehler

    This oil reduces stress, I am happy with the results

  11. Louisa

    I’m confused about dosages. I purchased 300 milligrams CBD Tincture essential CBD and can’t figure out how many drops for an adult around 100 lbs. I started with 5 drops under tongue but not quite sure if this is enough. Any suggestions. The ml and mg confuse me.

  12. Linda Quarterman

    Charlottes oil is my favorite, I love this for its healing properties.

  13. Cora Berry

    Charlotte’s web oil has the best healing properties to cure stress and epilepsy.

  14. Darlene Boyd

    Really happy to see charolettes oil legalisation. Deserving!

  15. Bonnie

    Studying your webpages, I’ve seen both .5% and less than .3% THC in Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp oil. Which is correct? I need to know if I will be able to legally carry my bottle of Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp Oil with me while flying next month through Great Britain and Denmark, and landing in the Netherlands.
    Also, I’ve been quite confused by the dosage information on the box and bottle, because it did not indicate the size of the dropper, and the dropper is not calibrated. I found better information here on your website regarding that, but it would be helpful to be more specific on the product.

  16. Nancy

    Can the five products listed at the bottom of the article be shipped to all 50 states?

  17. michelle duroix

    I was just diagnosed with trigeminal neurolgia and being released from hospital today with Otellar meds was on dilaudid, hydrocodone, and skellaxin. I am researching what alternatives there may be if I dont want to be in a drug induced stupor so I can resume life. I stumbled across youtube videos that talk about cbd oil, never even heard if it. Im wondering if I could find relief using it, any comments would be helpful. Do i have to get a MMC to buy this?

    1. Renee H

      I was also diagnosed with the same thing in March. Shingles since late January. Head and face. I am looking to get some CBD Oil, too. Your local health food store may carry it, mine does. Usually runs $36 to $50 at small stores (not dispensary). Please let me know what works for the trigeminal neuralgia and I will do the same. God Bless!

      1. MIchele

        I had Trigeminal neuralgia and anti-seizure meds (1 course) along with a needed root canal and meds for a sinus infection got rid of it. Hope this helps.

  18. Patty

    Will this oil help chemical embalance so medicine Can be stopped ?

  19. Terri Fields

    I have had Aura Seizures or Left Temporal Lobe Epilepsy for 6yrs I was wanting to try the CBD oils but I want to make sure it’s the real stuff.. I just want to be able to drive again.. I know I can’t get the memory part back.. 🙂

  20. Judith Maynard

    Charlottes oil is a stress reducer, I am happy with the results.

  21. Concerned Mother

    I am mother of a 41 year old learning disabled son with epilepsy. He was seizure free for more than 15 yrs. Suddenly 4 yrs ago his seizures returned, even with taking 4 different medications. Have seen and read many articles on the Web regarding CW but none relating to adult epilepsy. Need info on adult dosages because his Doctors are just increasing his meds to the max and they are no longer working. HELP……

    1. Adam

      You need to contact Charlotte’s Web, they have the most experience with epilepsy and will most probably give you the best answer.

      1. D. B.

        Today, My wife’s Stem Cell Doctor gave her a bottle of CW — We will see how it works.

  22. Jeanna Daniel

    I just purchased Charlottes Web for Rheumatoid Arthritic Pain. My husband is certain I should just take a couple of drops because someone told him that. The bottle says two dropper fulls twice a day. That’s what I’m going with. He’s concerned it’s too much. He needs to have my pain then think that! Ha! Typically if it’s going to help when should I feel results? Thank you.

    1. Adam

      Generally speaking you should start to feel an effect after a couple of days, but that depends on your husbands general health and the amount of pain he is in. You should also contact Charlotte’s Web for a more accurate answer in regards to your condition


    Why is Charlotte Webb not listed in top is the best and best buy

    1. Adam

      Yes it is. The whole article is about Charlotte’s

  24. Julie

    Hi I’m not sure u got my first post.
    My son has bipolar 1 and will not take medication because of side effects. We ordered CW advanced formula and it seems to be helping a bit but I would like to purchase the same product full spectrum given to Charlotte for seizures. His bipolar was treated with anti seizure medication which helps to stabilize mood so stands to reason the product made for seizures would be the best choice for him. I have tried to contact customer service at CW but they just sell me the advanced formula and I have read that’s not the right formula? Please help! Thank you

  25. Lyn

    Is there a smokable for of oil for say an pen or a vape form of oil available or just drops or a pill form? Just curious the types of oils available. Thank you.

  26. Brandy

    I have recently been told about this oil from a friend. She says it has done amazing things for a lot of people. My mother has been suffering from a chronic cough for years, been thoroughly checked out from the doctors and is determined to be a lot of scare tissue from an illness over 20 years ago that resulted in coughing non-stop for about a week to ten days, it drives her crazy! In the last year or so she has been experiencing dry eyes, then runny eyes and now a chronic sore throat and no one knows why. She has been to the doctor several times and they prescribe things but they usually only work temporarily and then the problems are back. Would your oil help in this situation? Thank you, and God bless you for what you are doing for hundreds if not thousands of people.

    1. Jill

      Just a thought- has she tried massage therapy for the scar tissue? An attentive therapist can work on the diaphragm, intercostals…
      Best wishes to her.

    2. Rachel

      Have her see an ENT. I had the same thing and turns out it was Laryngeal reflux, worse than acid reflux. I would cough so much i couldnt sleep.

  27. Tina Sabella

    This oil is a true life saver for epilepsy. Makes me feel healthy.

  28. David J Dickerson

    Question, I read the disclaimer about how this is not the same stuff that treated Charlotte, so why not elaborate on that? It’s just a different strain? I also hear that it’s not full spectrum, is this true?

    1. MJ

      Yes, Charlotte’s Web IS full spectrum. It has all the cannabinoids that Marjuana has, without the THC.

  29. Pamela

    I’m wanting to know if the CW capsules can make a person weak?

  30. Beth Robison

    In my opinion Charlotte’s web oil is the best on the market. It promotes my health to a really good level. Amazing product.

  31. Gloria Ashburn

    Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is an awesome product with so many health benefits. It easily cured my stress. Great product!

    1. Claire

      What strength to use for anxiety and depression? I cannot find ANY information about the CBD content of the hemp extract. This would help me to figure out which strength to use.

      1. Adam

        Gloria, each oil is different. It depends on the potency, your general health and of course the oil itself. If you are looking for more information try this article, but your best bet would be to contact Charlotte’s Web and just ask them.

      2. TMS

        I just purchased some the other day for my Organic Market and I took the chance on Charlotte’s Web because I had saw the other things and hadn’t seen as much information on the web as I did for this it works wonders I’m not doing any fake disclaimer for it I’m just saying for myself I witnessed it on my mother who has fibromyalgia sleep apnea COPD in the whole laundry list of other things and she was on her way to the hospital till I gave her the drops and she is 150% better than next day within minutes and come to down and I was so grateful cuz I was scared of what was going to happen so if that’s not testimony on enough I don’t know what is also I have anxiety and depression and I used it on myself and it worked wonders I sleep good it’s no bad taste and I had hallucinations that immediately stopped after taking it so there’s another good claim for you go get you some good luck!

  32. Susan Smith

    Charlotte’s oil is the product best known to cure epileptic symptoms. Many thanks for this information!

  33. Mary Roberts

    After reading the article i feel CBD oil is the right product for my daughter suffering from Epilepsy. Amazing Thanks.

  34. Tiffany Roe

    I still don’t understand the exact legalization aspects of the product. Can I have this delivered?

    1. MaryMiller

      Can I get the oil mailed to me? I’m in WI. I’m FAIRLY SURE I CAN.

      1. Adam

        Yes you can

  35. Irene Fifield

    Charlotte’s oil is like a powerhouse and great for acute pain. Amazing product with a nice taste.

  36. Barb

    My employee has a 5 year old child with severe autism. She self harms, head butts her parents causing black eyes, a broken tooth, and injures her siblings. She doesn’t eat or sleep well. Her teachers have cut her hours at school and she isn’t verbal and doesn’t make eye contact. My employee was missing a lot of work due to Tay’s “flare up”. She screams all night long. My heart was breaking for how this child and family were suffering. Until last Tuesday, when the Charlotte’s web I ordered for her arrived. Last Tuesday, from the first dose, she has not had a single “flare up”. She slept for 9 hours. She ate breakfast. She tries to engage her siblings in play, that hasn’t happened since she was two. She is using words, is potty training, and making eye contact. She asks to go pick up her sister from school and to use the iPad. Her teachers have noticed. She pays attention at group time and does organizational tasks. I am thrilled they allowed me to send them this wonderful miracle oil. We have such hope for Tay’s future. Her parents are beyond grateful for this product and we all cannot believe how quickly this began to work. Thank you Stanley family!

    1. Jessica

      How much is given to the child?

    2. Petra Ramirez

      Awesome. What was the dosis ? I would like to try it for my daughter who had temper tantrums as well.

  37. Susan Nagy

    very happy with the legalization of charlotte oil in all the states. I will buy this wonder oil to try out and see how it is beneficial. thanks for the post

  38. Nora Stanton

    This hemp oil reduces stress and relaxes the body. I am taking 1 ml twice a day for good results

  39. Nora Stanton

    Low thc content of this oil keeps the head clear and relieves the general body pains. Mind blowing oil…

  40. Katherine Townsend

    Low thc content of this oil keeps the mind easy and clear. My anxiety is gone with its usage. Thank you to the person who wrote this post, I have become a fan of your blog.

  41. Stacy Bradley

    I like the smell of this oil and it sure does work for me. It has no bad odor and easily is digestible.

  42. Melinda

    Charlotte CBD oil is a stress reducer and it has low ultra low THC level that allows to consume it even on regular basis.

  43. Marjorie

    I reside in Colorado and glad that this cbd oil is available here. Super happy with the legalization in 50 states.

  44. Christina

    WOW, I am pretty impressed with Charlotte’s story. I would definitely suggest people having epilepsy to try this cbd oil at least once. Super amazing.

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