Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil [What’s It All About]
September 20, 2018

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil [What’s It All About]

The complete review
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on September 20, 2018

Charlotte's Web CBD oil

Even by the standards of marijuana-related products, Charlotte’s Web (CW) CBD Oil has had an interesting and controversial history to say the very least. It is a Cannabis extract that is high in CBD and extremely low in THC content. This ratio is important because ‘THC’ is associated with the psychoactive ‘highs’ that are used to demonize marijuana.

In contrast, CBD does NOT produce this high, and research continues to show its impressive number of medicinal benefits. Also, the low THC content of this strain means it now legal in certain states in America, as well as some nations around the world. Charlotte’s Web was created by the Stanley brothers of Colorado, and is marketed as a dietary supplement in the United States.


Charlotte’s Story


Charlotte’s Web is named after Charlotte Figi, a young girl born in October 2006. She was diagnosed with a rare medical condition known as Dravet Syndrome at a very young age, and as a result, would routinely suffer over 300 grand mal seizures a week.

Charlotte’s parents tried every known medical treatment to stop the seizures, ultimately settling on a ketogenic diet. For two years, the seizures halted, but the young girl suffered side effects such as loss of bone mass. Then, suddenly, the seizures returned and were as bad as ever. Dozens of seizures occurred daily, and tiny Charlotte would suffer them for as long as 30 minutes at a time.

After visiting specialists all around the country, the Figi family had little hope remaining. Then, one day, Charlotte’s father Matt saw a video featuring a young boy in California who had been successfully treated for Dravet Syndrome. The boy was given a cannabis stain that was high in CBD, but low in THC.

With the help of two physicians, Dr. Margaret Gedde and Dr. Alan Shackelford, Charlotte’s parents were able to get the cannabis treatment they were looking for. After a very small dose of the CBD-rich medicine, no one could quite believe the results; within a short period of time, Charlotte was almost completely free of seizures (she suffered just 2-3 per month in her sleep compared to 200+ per week), and is now able to look forward to a relatively normal life.

“After taking an oil form of CBD-rich cannabis extract, young Charlotte’s seizures were reduced from dozens per day to just 2-3 per month.”

[You can read about Charlotte’s real-life miracle story and even watch video interviews on major news outlets throughout the country]. 

Medical Research into CBD Yields Promising Results

Across the United States, parents of children with Dravet Syndrome and other disorders are considering CBD medicine as an alternative therapy. The Stanley brothers have created a non-profit foundation to help families get the medicine at a very low price. It appears as if Charlotte’s ‘miraculous’ recovery had less to do with miracles, and more to do with science – at least if recent research is anything to go by.

In May 2017, CNN published an article on the results of a large-scale randomized trial featuring CBD that was printed in the New England Journal of Medicine. The researchers focused on people with Dravet Syndrome, and enrolled 20 patients from the ages of two to eighteen. 61 people received CBD treatment, while the other 59 received placebo.

Those who received the CBD found that the number of seizures they suffered fell from roughly 12.4 per month (the median figure), to just 5.9. The other group’s seizure rate also fell, but only from 14.9 to 14.1. The main adverse side effect was drowsiness.

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Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil: Legalities

It is becoming more and more apparent that Charlotte’s Web is a medicine capable of doing great things, so why isn’t it widely available?

The product used in the test mentioned above is called Epidiolex; a CBD extract created by GW Pharmaceuticals. The FDA has approved testing using the product, and now it is possible to get your hands on Charlotte’s Web in all 50 states. While CBD oil is illegal to ship in some states, Charlotte’s Web is extracted from hemp rather than marijuana, and falls within the federally accepted limit of 0.3% THC for ‘hemp derived food products.’

Did You Know: Low-THC CBD oil derived from industrial hemp is legal to ship across all 50 U.S. states

This was a deliberate ploy by the Stanley brothers, who are keen to help as many people as possible using their remarkable cannabis strain. The original Charlotte’s Web previously contained a 30:1 CBD/THC ratio, but the latest version is up to 48:1, which increases its potency when helping children with epilepsy.

What Medical Conditions Does Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Help  With?

At present, Charlotte’s Web is best known for its anti-epileptic properties; as seen by its positive impact on Dravet Syndrome. Dr. Gedde found that Charlotte’s Web worked best when patients take 3-4 milligrams per pound of body weight a day. In other words, a 100 lb child would use 300-400 mg a day, a 50 lb child would use about 150 mg, and so on.

With all the attention focused on Charlotte’s case, it is easy to forget that the strain is actually used for a variety of other ailments as well. It has been used effectively to reduce general pains and aches, as it provides users with a relaxing sensation. And of course, the low THC content means they remain clear-headed with no intoxicating effects.

In recent months, Charlotte’s Web has also been gaining favor as an effective treatment for anxiety and depression.

CW Hemp: Specs, Flavor, & What You Get


If you happen to live in Colorado and have a child in need of assistance, it’s possible that the Stanley brothers will give you Charlotte’s Web for pennies on the dollar. Otherwise, you can get it in hemp oil form with prices ranging from $39.99 (30mL) to $99.99 (100mL). Products usually contain 10mg of hemp extract per serving, and adults should take 1mL of the hemp oil solution twice a day.

There are also CW Hemp capsules that cost from $34.99 (30-count) to $59.99 (60-count), and there is even Charlotte’s Web CBD coffee, which contains 500mg of hemp extract per pack and costs $49.99.

It is important to remember that, due to federal restrictions, Charlotte’s Web hemp oils you get on the online market use a different process than what was used to treat Charlotte Figi.

CW Hemp for sale online is marketed as a dietary supplement, which means you can drink it by itself, add to a liquid, or even sprinkle it on your food. Most Charlotte’s Web oils contain a certain amount of olive oil, so it has a similar consistency as what you’re used to cook with. If your oil is dark, it probably means the oil isn’t filtered a great deal, and may have some particles from the plant in it.

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil doesn’t smell as strong as other cannabis-based oils, and it offers a pretty obvious taste and smell of olive oil – which is great news if you’re a fan of olive oils! It is very easy to digest, and there is generally no unpleasant aftertaste.

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Final Words About Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte’s Web could do wonderful things for children with epilepsy, although research is still ongoing. For everyone else, CW hemp oil is still capable of helping you relax by reducing stress and in some instances, even reducing pain levels.

Also, the ultra-low THC content means you can enjoy it daily without having to worry about any debilitating high or intoxicating effects.

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  1. Bobbie
    Info on seizures

    My daughter had a stoke 4 yrs ago and now suffers seizures, what dosage would be helpful have heard about Charlottes web, I want to order if you could please give me some info as to dosage etc thank you Bobbie

  2. Lori Haugland
    I need to know if it is a rule that I have to wait 2 hours before taking meds before/after a CBD dose

    I want to know if I is a hard and fat rule that I have to wait two hours on either side of taking other meds in order to take CBD dosages. Also. it give me indigestion alot.

  3. Jeff
    Tried Full Strength Charlotte's Web CBD oil for first time.

    Tried first time. Took 2 droppers of oil because each dose was just half the dropper each time, (Full strength, 11mg/serving). Just laid down and relaxed. My emotions felt as if they had a soft covering or something, not really a high, sort of a easy place to rest my emotions. Smoked Marijuana many times and this was no high, but definitely made a place to rest my emotions. Not doubt at all the drops made this effect. Very surprised this has not been used more, by more people. Will do it two times/day from now on, that’s for sure. Also think relaxing when taking it helps the calming effect.

  4. Wayne Paul Harrison
    Thank You Charlotte's Web

    Amazing would not begin to tell you how happy I am with this product. I suffer from osteoarthritis probably related to my career as a diesel & heavy equipment mechanic. I will be 60 years old this year and realize the body does not improve with age, but I did not want to feel like I was in my 70’s either. Since I began taking this product my life has improved exponentially. My arthritis problems are so much better it is beyond words, I have more energy with less fatigue and a general sense of calm. I have bought this type of product on Amazon and returned it. You get what you pay for and those products do not compare with CW Hemp. I am a customer for life and I would like to thank you for all you do for people

  5. Annette D
    Wasn't impressed

    I tried CW for 2 months. Did see much of a difference. I would personally check out a different CBD brand

  6. kathleen erbe
    This is my first time, and will let you know later. Also I am using it for my dog. We will see.

    I just started, so let me see and then I will let you all know. I am fused from my neck to my lower back, and I am also giving some to my dog.

  7. Joan Thompson
    What happened to my order !

    I’m so thankful for this product . I am however disappointed that the last one I purchased never arrived . That was over 3weeks ago . I have not been able to find a phone # . I sent an email but no response . Can anyone help ?

  8. Vicki

    I will never order from CW again. I knew from comments that there was a long delivery time. I took this into account when ordering as I knew I was running out of my current pain relief. I was given an estimated delivery day which was about 2 weeks from ordering. Had it been delivered then all would be good as I ran out on that day. Estimated delivery was about 2 weeks short.
    They do not actually ship via USPS as website states. They use a “partner facility” who can hold the product for days/weeks until they are ready to ship and eventually it will arrive at local post office. I still have MANY days to go.

  9. Ivonne

    I have seen a lot of questions about dosage. As someone who is using the oil, I’d like to add what I’ve found. I purchased the Full Strength, Mint Chocolate Flavor. According to information I found online, one drop is around .05 ml meaning that 20 drops equal 1 ml (one serving size according to CW.) You can divide the number of mg found in your particular extract by 20 to find out how much mg per drop. Mine is 11 mg so that comes out to .55 mg per drop. I would start off slow as CBD oil is known to have a bell shaped dose response meaning that smaller doses can have a greater response. It can also reduce the possibility of side effects. With that said, everyone is different and it might require some trial and error. I hope that helps!

  10. DoctorDave
    CBT + THC combo potentiate?

    If you use this, and use legal medical marijuana with it, does it potentiate the marijuana/THC or visa versa? I seem to get more “high” effects and have to lower my THC/Marijuana when I use a good dose of CBD oil. Anyone else, or any scientific evidence of this? I’m a Psychologist and can find no research on this.

  11. Norma Aspeitia
    pure kana, cbd essence, cbd pure, green roads, premium jane, elixidol which one?

    Which CBD OIL is best for Joint Arthritis, I have it and in terrible pain. Do I buy 1000mg?

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