CBDfx Review: The Complete Guide + Coupon Code

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the almost 100 identified cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. It is non-intoxicating which means it doesn’t provide you with the ‘high’ associated with THC. CBD products, predominantly oils, are used to combat chronic pain, social anxiety disorders, and much more.

Despite countless studies which speak to the efficacy of CBD as a medical tool, its legal status in the United States is confusing, to say the least. Hemp products are legal to purchase in most states which means CBD products made from hemp are also legal. CBD derived from marijuana is subject to the same restrictions as cannabis.

While 29 states plus D.C allow for the medicinal use of marijuana, 46 states allow medical CBD from the marijuana plant. The nature of the law means that companies such as CBDfx source their cannabidiol from industrial hemp. There are thousands of companies in the niche at present, so how does CBDfx stack up?

Who are CBDfx?

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If you look for CBDfx on the internet you won’t find much information, but take it from us this company is a gem – one of a kind. CBDfx’s products are sustainably sourced from the highest quality plants and extracted using a CO2 process that creates a full spectrum oil. CBDfx clearly believes in the ‘entourage effect,’ given that its products contain CBD, terpenes, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals (the entourage effect is the idea that CBD works best in ‘full-spectrum’ form, rather than as an isolate). All CBDfx’s products come from industrial hemp grown and sourced in the European Union.

Review of CBDfx’s CBD Vape-Oil

CBD FX Vape Addictive

CBDfxreadily admits that its CBD Oil and Vape Addictive is its ‘flagship’ product. While the organic industrial hemp is grown in Europe, it is sent to the CBDfx labs in Southern California where it is tested for purity and quality. Vape Addictive comes in four concentrations:

  • 60mg: $19.99
  • 120mg: $34.99
  • 300mg: $59.99
  • 500mg: $74.99

All concentrations come in 10ml bottles, so the 500mg version is over eight times stronger than the 60mg concentration, making it ideal for chronic pain. The vape oil includes propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (standard vape oil ingredients) along with the full-spectrum organically grown hemp oil.

If you want to use the oil to vape, put 0.5 to 1 dropper into a tank of e-liquid. When using as a tincture, add a full dropper to food or drink. Like all reputable CBD sellers, CBDfx includes a third-party lab report to prove the veracity of its products. You have the option to save money by buying a 3-pack or a 12-pack, plus the company sells its own Vape Kit brand for as little as $30 extra.

You can also purchase the kit as a standalone item for $35, and it is an excellent piece of compact equipment with single button operation and four different temperature settings – all you have to do is screw on the magnetic adaptor ring to a pre-filled cartridge. Furthermore, you can also purchase 60mg, 120mg, and 300mg Vape Addictive cartridges, which we found to be a smooth and easy vaping experience, with the more powerful versions doing a great job of alleviating acute to chronic back pain.

CBD FX’s oil tincture

CBDfx’s oil tincture is made from just two ingredients: CBD Hemp and MCT Oil Tincture. It comes in three concentrations, all in 30ml bottles:

  • 500mg: $74.99
  • 1000mg: $124.99
  • 1500mg: $159.99

You also have the option to save by purchasing a 2-pack. Once again, it is made from full-spectrum CBD oil and it comes with a 1ml dropper. CBDfx recommends taking one dropper a day with food or drink. With the strongest concentration, you get 50ml of CBD in a single dropper.

One thing we noticed about both the vape juice and the oil tincture was the clear gold color which indicates that they are both well filtered. Although the precise method of filtering is not divulged, the color of the oil suggests that CBDfx uses a high CO2 supercritical extraction. Once again, we tried the strongest version and was impressed with the results.

Review of CBDfx’s Other Products

CBD FX 100% vegan gummies

Although CBDfx doesn’t have the vast product range of its rivals, perhaps less is more. That’s not to say CBDfx has nothing else besides its vape oil, tincture, and vape kit, though – they also sell a 100% vegan version of its CBD tinctures, CBD waxes, capsules and 100% vegan gummies.

The CBD gummies include organic cane sugar, so they actually taste like the real thing. There are no artificial sweeteners, animal gelatin, or corn syrup, and each gummy contains 5mg of CBD. You can purchase a pack of eight for $9.99, or 60 gummies for $59.99.

The CBD wax is used for dabbing, and it contains 30% CBD oil and 300mg of Pure CBD. There are 20 servings for $49.99, and you can add a mini wax dab pen which brings the total to $94.98. There are 30 CBD capsules available for $59.99, and 25mg of CBD is contained in each one. This is a pretty healthy dose, and you should feel the effects fairly quickly. The capsules are ideal if you can’t stand the taste of the oil.

Where Can I Buy CBD FX Products?

We recommend purchasing the company’s products from its Official Website. While there are third party sites that offer CBDfx products, you’re always taking a risk. On the CBDfx site, you’re also more likely to come across details of deals and new products.

Final Thoughts on CBDfx

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CBDfx has garnered a host of positive reviews and seems to be headed in the right direction. We see a bright future for CBDfx. In regards to their products, we were impressed with their line and they seem to put customer service at their top priorty. Makes sense as a happy customer is a returning customer. If you are thinking of trying CBD, then CBDfx could be a good place to start.

Verdict: 8/10