Premium Jane CBD Oil Review [2019 Update + Coupon Code]
January 1, 2019

Premium Jane CBD Oil Review [2019 Update + Coupon Code]

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on January 1, 2019

A couple of years ago, it seemed like a brand new CBD oil company was popping up literally every single week. In all honesty, it was nearly impossible keeping up with the endless competition entering the market. Now that several major players (i.e. brands like Pure Kana, Green Roads, CW Hemp, etc) have more or […]

PremiumJane CBD oil review
A couple of years ago, it seemed like a brand new CBD oil company was popping up literally every single week. In all honesty, it was nearly impossible keeping up with the endless competition entering the market.

Now that several major players (i.e. brands like Pure Kana, Green Roads, CW Hemp, etc) have more or less established themselves as “kingpins of the industry,” we’re seeing fewer and fewer “new faces” each quarter.

Every once an a while, though, a brand will pop up that we just cannot ignore. Most recently, Premium Jane caught our eye, and after hearing so many good things about this CBD brand we simply had to do a review on some of their product.

Premium Jane is based out of the Los Angeles area, one of the world’s true epicenters for both medical and recreational cannabis. However, they’re one of the few area companies that have invested in the industrial hemp market, which makes their top of the line extracts available for U.S. residents in all 50 states.

They strictly deal in high-CBD extracts, and as of right now their product lineup consists of a full-spectrum CBD oil, 25 mg softgel CBD capsules, a pain-relieving topical CBD cream, and THC-free gummy edibles made out of pure CBD isolate.

  • Visit their official store at:
  • 10% Coupon code for all products: 10OFFJANE

Premium Jane CBD Oil Review: How do they Stack Up?

PremiumJane CBD Oil

Premium Jane was kind enough to send over a sample from their entire product range.

Here are the reasons why they blew us away, and why we feel they’ll soon be getting nationwide recognition:

  • Raw hemp material sourced from Oregon Pilot Research farms. It’s not easy getting a licensing agreement with a Hemp Pilot Research farm, but Premium Jane managed to do just that, and as such they now have access to some of the highest-grade industrial hemp in the country.
  • ProVerde Lab Testing. This is the same analytics lab that most other high-quality CBD brands use, so you can be sure that their products are nothing but the highest quality.
  • Unbelievable taste. Unlike other brands who use artificial flavoring to crudely cover up the taste of raw hemp, Premium Jane uses actual, 100% natural citrus extract – literally the best-tasting CBD oil we’ve ever had. It’s like a meal in itself.

Two of our staff members here at MarijuanaBreak take CBD oil every single day (one of them for chronic lower back pain and the other for anxiety), and both said that the 1,000 mg oral tincture was in every way equal to some of the top brands on the market, including CW hemp, PureKana and GreenRoads.

The effects were long-lasting (well over 12 hours), and they speculated that the other products would probably work amazingly well for sufferers of chronic pain, insomnia (and other sleep-related conditions), mood disorder, and inflammation.

Premium Jane CBD Oil Highlights

Premium Jane CBD oil review

Here are a few reasons why you might want to give these new Premium Jane CBD products a try, even if you’ve already got a favorite CBD brand:

  1. Reasonable costs. The owner of Premium Jane had one thing in mind when creating the brand. To create a medicine that is affordable, allowing people from all 50 states to purchase it.
  2. High quality legal CBD to all 50 U.S. states. Whatever you do, please don’t buy these garbage “CBD” products that are for sale in gas stations and grocery stores. Premium Jane CBD is manufactured from exclusive Pilot Hemp Research farms, so the quality is legitimately going to be some of the best in the world.
  3. Full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. If you have to drug test frequently and want to steer clear of full-spectrum products (which contain trace amounts of THC), Premium Jane’s vegan CBD gummies are made from CBD isolate, so they’re 100% THC-free.

Premium Jane Review: CBD Products

Like most of our favorite brands, Premium Jane does not offer a wild assortment of CBD products. Rather, they focus their core product lineup on the four staples of the therapeutic CBD market:

  • Oral tinctures (administered orally by placing droplets under the tongue)
  • CBD Capsules (pre-dosed pills that are swallowed whole)
  • Topical lotion (gently massaged into skin/inflamed joint areas)
  • CBD edibles (Consumed orally)

Our Premium Jane review made it pretty clear pretty quickly that the company has little interest in offering CBD extracts just for the sake of expanding their product lineup. They do offer various strengths, potencies, and flavors for the range of oral tinctures, but this is out of practicality moreso than anything else.

Here is the complete product lineup (including prices and available potencies) for all Premium Jane CBD for sale:

CBD Oil : Each bottle of Premium Jane CBD oil for sale is a full-spectrum formula that offers not only a sufficient therapeutic CBD content, but also a complete hemp extract including terpenes, flavonoids, and other phytocannabinoids. These are designed to administer sublingually by placing droplets under the tongue and waiting 60-90 seconds before swallowing.

PremiumJane CBD

Oils are available in three different flavors (Citrus, Mint, Natural), as well as three different potencies (300mg, 600mg, 1,000mg). Prices are as follows:

  • 300mg Hemp CBD Oil – $54 (0.5mg CBD per drop)
  • 600mg Hemp CBD Oil – $95 (1.0mg CBD per drop)
  • 1,000mg Hemp CBD Oil – $135 (1.67mg CBD per drop)

CBD Capsules : For those looking for an easier and more convenient way to get their daily CBD dose, Premium Jane offers a line of pre-dosed softgel CBD capsules for sale. Simply swallow them whole with a sip of water just as you would any other pill or capsule.

PremiumJane Capsules CBD

  • Premium Jane hemp capsules for sale come in bottles of 30 ($83), with each individual capsule containing 25mg of CBD extract.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between capsules and standard (oral) CBD oil tinctures, capsules just simply offer an easier and more convenient way to take your daily cannabidiol dose. They are said to be a little slower-acting than the CBD oils, however, given that they are subject to metabolic processes in the digestive system.

  • 30-count CBD Capsules (25mg each) – $83

Topical CBD Lotion : Over the past year or so, topical CBD-infused creams and lotions have become increasingly popular among people suffering from muscle discomfort, joint pain, arthritis, and even chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

CBD Topical

Premium Jane topical CBD lotion comes in a 2 oz jar, and contains 600mg total CBD ($80). Simply take a thumbnail-sized swab of the cream and massage gently into the skin at the affected are for 60-90 seconds.

  • Topical CBD-infused Ointment (2 oz) – $80

Edible CBD Gummies : Due to their ease-of-use and increased convenience over oral CBD tinctures, CBD-infused gummies (and other forms of edibles) are becoming increasingly popular; especially among those who take CBD at work (gummies offer an easy and discreet way of administering a CBD dose while on the job).

Premium Jane Gummies review

  • 20-count Premium Jane CBD gummies (25mg CBD per gummy) – $35

How to Buy Premium Jane CBD Oil: What’s the Best Way to Purchase?

PremiumJane CBD Online

Ordering with Premium Jane is extremely easy, and their branded website is so simple to navigate that you can be finished with the whole process in literally less than 5 minutes – as long as you know what you want to order beforehand.

As is the case with most smaller cannabis companies though, they’ll likely be prone to selling out and having to go on backorder, so if you want to pick up one (or several) of their products, now’s probably the time to do it.

They accept all major forms of credit cards and as we said, are able to legally ship to all 50 U.S. states (in addition to Canada and several other countries – check the website for an exact list).

Final Thoughts About Premium Jane CBD Oil

Buy Premium Jane CBD

Maybe we’ve become jaded, but it’s honestly been a while since a new CBD oil company has stood out to us. We receive sample products from random companies almost every single day, and to be honest, it is borderline impossible to even tell the difference between most products. That’s why when we stumble upon such a high-quality brand as Premium Jane, we make every effort to make sure other CBD customers hear about them.

Not only do Premium Jane CBD oils compare to some of the world’s best in terms of potency and effectiveness, but like we said, they’re also probably the best-tasting tinctures we’ve ever tried – whatever that counts for.

To check out the current Premium Jane CBD product lineup, head on over to the online store via the company’s official website:

16 reviews
  1. Sammy Jones
    Excellent product

    After reading this post I ordered from premium jane. It took around 4 days to arrive. Probably because of the new year. I started using the 600mg 3 days ago and I must say it is a game changer. I use it for anxiety, but I also feel a lot less pain in my knees. I do flooring so my knees are in pretty bad shape.

    1. Amanda I
      Thanks for the comment

      I have just ordered. Hope it works!

      1. Amanda I
        Update on this great product

        Arrived on time and highly effective. I don’t think it will work for a terminal condition but for anxiety, stress, acute pain and more it seems to do the trick

  2. Robin R
    Excellent brand.

    I also found this Christmas coupon. Works like a charm!
    25% coupon: MERRY25

  3. Dianna A.
    Was highly recommended

    I got my bottle a week ago after being strongly recommended about this cbd brand. So here is my verdict

    Pros: oils tastes very good, started to work after the second day, is helping with the pain I suffer in my lower leg, delivery was fine.
    Cons: bit pricey and cs could be a bit better.

    Overall i am pleased!

  4. Jan Yerkes-Roop
    Heard good things

    A friend told me about this product and was very happy with her results. I was the one who insisted she try CBD oil
    for her arthritis which is what I have done and found it to help A LOT! Instead of the trouble of driving to town and
    getting it at a vitamin shop that by the way also had a very good product, I saw the Black Friday coupon and just ordered
    my first time from Premium Jane. Very easy and a good way to get someone to try the product! If it works as well as
    my friend says it does I will be continuing. Expect another positive review in the near future!

  5. Robert Iverson
    Thank you

    I didn’t know that this brand was running a Black Friday special. Excellent brand. Coupon code worked!

  6. Ann Hamer
    Pros and Cons

    So here is my conclusion.


    * Arrived on time
    * Tasted good
    * Worked extremely well for my condition (GAD)


    * A bit pricey

  7. Kate
    Slow Shipping

    I bought the cbd oil from Premium Jane late November and I still haven’t received my bottle. It was supposed to be here 6 days ago and the tracking number just says in transit. At this point, I can’t say for sure if this is a ups problem or a Premium Jane problem. If you want or need your cbd quickly, I wouldn’t recommend them.

  8. Jose
    Love you guys

    Marijuanabreak – just wanted to say that I love your site and what you are doing for the industry.

    1. Kimberly haw

      Great review. Just started using them and I’ve got only good things to say

  9. Alyssa Simpson
    Just got my second bottle

    The first one was amazing. I suffer from GAD and use it on a daily basis. Finally a brand that has done something right. Keep up the good work pj

  10. Sandy Kaye
    Superb brand

    I must say that I was extremely surprised by this brand. The oils are fantastic and extremely potent. Been using it for 2 months. No complaints. It arrives on time! No delays.

  11. Rachel Summers
    Excellent product and service

    Just got mine a few days ago. The oil arrived after a couple of days it looked great. Tastes even better. Been using it for anxiety

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