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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 10, 2017

The CBD market’s value has skyrocketed in the last few years as the FDA finally approved the sale of CBD products made from hemp as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. With a rapidly growing level of competition, the onus is on CBD sellers to differentiate themselves from the pack. There are many […]

The CBD market’s value has skyrocketed in the last few years as the FDA finally approved the sale of CBD products made from hemp as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. With a rapidly growing level of competition, the onus is on CBD sellers to differentiate themselves from the pack. There are many ways to go about the process; Diamond CBD appears to prefer the glitzy and glamorous approach and also believes in quantity, but does this translate to quality?

Who Are Diamond CBD?

It is a CBD seller looking to raise the standard of CBD products across the United States. It grows its hemp in Scandinavia in fertile soil, and only organic techniques are used. Each plant is hand-selected before it is harvested. Diamond CBD claims to use supercritical CO2 extraction to get the CBD and also says that it performs extensive testing to ensure all its hemp products meet the highest standards of quality.

While it is refreshing to hear that a company uses High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to examine its oil’s nutrient profile, we would like some evidence to back up these claims. During a review of the website, we were unable to find any Certificate of Analysis  on their site but we did receive from DiamondCBD their third-party lab results, which shows that they are selling a clean product. Again it is important to note, similar to all CBD brands, these lab results are not certification of the legality or safety of the product.

Review of Diamond CBD Oils

According to Diamond CBD, it sells ‘high-end’ vapor-liquid which is infused with CBD rich hemp oil. Of all the sites we have reviewed to date, this company offers by far the largest range of products.

Its Diamond CBD oil range comes in a variety of flavors including Strawberry Banana, Butterscotch, Lemon Lime, and Dragon Fruit among many others. Each one comes in 10 different sizes ranging from 25mg ($19.99) to 1500mg ($219.99). Diamond CBD claims its liquids test at a 7X higher concentration than its competitors. Again, it would be nice to see some proof of that.

There is also Blue CBD Crystals Isolate (750mg for $119.99; other sizes are available) and its special Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Oral Drops (1000mg for $159.99 plus other sizes). These drops are endorsed by none other than NFL Hall of Fame star, ‘LT,’ and they are designed to tackle the pain you suffer from sports injuries.

How to Consume Diamond CBD Oils

If you wish to take any of these products as a tincture, simply hold it beneath your tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. If you use the vapor-liquid, you can add it to your vaping device and use it as usual.

Efficacy of Diamond CBD Oils

Although the company hasn’t produced proof of its claims, we have to say that its CBD oil is extremely powerful because it gets to work quickly. As well as calming nerves and helping with anxiety, the CBD oil works wonders for back pain and the Pain Master Drops are a lifesaver for injury-prone athletes!

Review of Diamond CBD Edibles

While most firms only have a couple of CBD edibles to choose from, Diamond CBD have pages worth of goodies including Chill Gummies, Sour Faces, Relax Gummies, and Gummy Bears.

The Gummy Bears are rather expensive at $9.99 for a pack of 4-6 pieces, but each packet contains 30mg of CBD. The Gummy Bears are delicious and taste like the real thing, but Diamond CBD warns users not to consume more than 1-2 pieces every 6 hours.

How to Consume Diamond CBD Edibles

Just place them in your mouth, chew and savor! The main danger with edibles that taste this good is that you’ll go through the entire packet far quicker than what is recommended!

Efficacy of Diamond CBD Edibles

As is the case with the oil, Diamond CBD Edibles work extremely quickly which gives further credence to the company’s ‘gold standard’ claims.

Review of Diamond CBD Creams

The Diamond CBD cream range consists of Biotech CBD Cream and Lawrence Taylor Pain Master cream. The Biotech range comes in three sizes:

  • 250mg – $49.99
  • 500mg – $79.99
  • 1,000mg – $149.99

It is ideal for muscle soreness as it is made from raw help oil. The Pain Master cream is $159.99 for 1,000mg and is designed for use on localized sore muscle areas.

How to Use Diamond CBD Creams

Simply identify the area that is in pain and apply the cream; use different amounts to see what works for you.

Efficacy of Diamond CBD Cream

Users are delighted with the speed and effectiveness of Diamond CBD Cream. If you have had back pain for years and traditional medication isn’t working, rub some of this cream on the area. You should feel a significant reduction in pain within a matter of minutes.

Where Can I Buy the Diamond CBD Range?

The only place you should purchase the Diamond CBD range is on the company’s Official Website. We have yet to come across a CBD seller that offers so many products. We didn’t even get the chance to analyze the Dabs, Grinders, Vapes and Pet CBD treats! There are several products in each category and dozens of flavors including some you won’t find anywhere else.

Final Thoughts on Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is a company that has really grabbed the opportunity provided by the cannabidiol revolution. It has almost every CBD product you could ever need with one major exception. We are a little puzzled as to why it sells vape oils but doesn’t offer any vaping accessories. It would be a good idea for Diamond CBD to create and sell vape devices and other useful extras.

Some of the products are a bit on the expensive side but to be fair; they work so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Our last bone of contention is the lack of evidence Diamond CBD offers with regards to its lofty claims. If you’re going to claim that your CBD products are more powerful than your rivals, it makes sense to pay for third-party lab testing AND publish the results on the site. If Diamond CBD takes this step, it will be one of the very best companies in the niche.

Official Website: www.diamondcbd.com

47 reviews
  1. Theo

    When I discovered what I wanted, I changed my supplier and sure enough, the fast and speedy delivery I wanted came along. Diamond Cbd has it right.

  2. Augustine
    Reduces My Pains

    After having several surgical operations on my leg, painkillers and other OTC meds could not sufficiently stop the pain. My doctor recommended Diamond CBD Creams. Since then, my life has transformed – I no longer experience severe pain on a daily basis!

  3. Freda Mathew
    Nourished my skin

    I tried the 250mg Diamond CBD cream as a friend was pushing me to try it for its extraordinary skin cleansing properties. Just loved it. Initially I did not see any difference, but then in about 15 to 20 days, signs of improvement started to appear. Earlier my skin was very dry and cracky, but it gives a more nourished look now. Furthermore, when I started I was using this CBD daily, now I have switched to thrice a week and it is still the same.

  4. Carleen Hoblet
    Relax Extreme

    Great Product!

  5. Holly Keller
    Always use it

    This is good stuff I use it all the time neck pain goes away

    1. James
      First batch was great, 2nd batch is definitely Icy Hot

      First order of Diamond CBD I got in early August of 2018 was great, 2nd batch I just ordered and received in early September, is clearly Icy Hot….with maybe CBD?

      I have had a pinched nerve in my shoulder forever which leads to constant inflammation. Nothing really ever worked, but CBD cream has taken away the stinging sensation that has never really gone away. It’s not pain that I suffer from, it’s an inflammation buzzing/stinging feeling.

      The first order of CBD cream was amazing, almost a miracle cure to tell you the truth. However this 2nd batch feels exactly Icy Hot and smells exactly like Icy Hot. I know because this is what I used before I started on CBD cream and still have some extra strength Icy Hot in house. What’s also weird about this, my 2nd order, I bought and paid for, then didn’t receive any shipping info for nearly a week, until I sent an email into them and then all of a sudden I had a package with tracking number sent to my email address.

      With all that being said, it’s still technically working. My shoulder feels better when I apply the cream. However that first order I got, didn’t have the intense Icy Hot (freezing, then really warm) feeling with the first order. Diamond CBD people, if you’re reading this, please stop using Icy Hot and go back to your original formula.

  6. Holly Keller
    I like this stuff I take everyday

    I love this stuff it makes my neck pain go away and helps me go to sleep and also helps minimise my anxiety

  7. Chila
    Great Product, Good Price

    The gummies are great and the prices are reasonable for the relief the product gives you. Bonus is that they occasionally send you coupons, so look for those too. We buy the gummies and oils regularly.

  8. Pam Heady
    Helps with my pain.

    I have used cbd products for over year now I have2 neck surgreys and been in a lot pain . But since my doctor told me about cbd and how could help with my pain I thought ok right , but since useing it I can say my pain levels are 80percent better now . There products are awsome.!!

  9. Denise Everett

    I’ve had insomnia for years & nothing worked until I tried the CBD Diamond Relax Gummies, I love them & I’m now sleeping great!

  10. Isaac Gutierrez
    Great products. High prices.

    Diamond’s products have treated me well but their prices are a little high. I like their Diamond Vape Additive but 90 for only 12ml is asking for a lot.

    1. Everett Houchin
      Where to buy from?

      Yes, and mine was ordered online, and never reached me. Maybe customs took it, or not sure what happened, but all the dollars went waste. But I want to try it, as have heard a lot of this CBD. From where can I get it in California?

  11. Johnny Breedlove

    Great product enjoy the gummies

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