Would You Eat this CBD-Infused Burger from Carl’s Jr.? [We’d Like to Know]

America’s first commercially sold CBD-infused burger recently went on sale at Carl’s Jr., making them the very first fast-food chain to include CBD on their menu. It is no surprise that Carl’s Jr. was the first company to take this brave step, with this brand being known for making the extra effort to push the boundaries of flavor, continuously keeping their menu fresh and exciting.

When talking about the new CBD addition to their menu, Patty Trevino, senior vice president of marketing, stated that “The new Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight ties back to our core strategy of being the first to bring bold and unexpected flavors that are at the forefront of hot restaurant trends to a quick service menu.Adding CBD to a burger has done precisely that; placed Carl’s Jr. at the very forefront of the media and grabbed the attention of those across the globe.

Who is Carl’s Jr.?

Carl’s Jr. began in Los Angeles in 1941 selling hot dogs, before opening their first full restaurant in Anaheim, California in 1945. The franchise has gone from success to success over the years and now has over 3,600 restaurants around the world, including in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and 33 US states. Carl’s Jr. are famous for serving up quality fast food with an extensive menu, covering everything from breakfast deals to burritos and of course burgers. Their menu also features a range of sweet treats for afters, as well as all of the classic flavor milkshakes you would expect from a traditional American fast food restaurant.

Carl’s Jr. have a long history of pushing the boundaries of fast food and are known for staying one step ahead of the fast food game. In 2011 they became the first national fast-food chain to include a turkey burger on their menu, offering customers a healthy alternative to traditional beef burgers. They were also the first fast-food chain to provide customers with all-natural beef patties, from 100% free range cows free from added hormones, steroids, and antibiotics.

Carl’s Jr. are responsible for more than just re-shaping our expectations of fast food, but also the service that we receive from our favorite fast food restaurants, and were one of the first franchises to introduce a debit card payment system, making it easier for customers to grab food and go.

Living up to its reputation as being a creative food fast restaurant, Carl’s Jr. recently debuted their CBD-infused burger designed for National Weed Day. The burger has become known as the Rocky Mountain High: Cheese Burger Delight and features their signature Santa Fe Sauce with a CBD twist. This is not the first unique addition to the Carl’s Jr. menu over the years though, with limited time items including a fruit loop donut and a bacon truffle burger, getting customers excited.

What is National Weed Day?

The Rocky Mountain High: Cheese Burger Delight is a one day treat to celebrate National Weed Day on the 20th April. National Weed Day is thought to have been started by a group of students in California, who chose 20th April due to the connection between 4/20 and cannabis. Since the 1970s the 20th April has become known as a day where people celebrate and promote drugs, especially cannabis, with a number of rallies taking place across America. It has also become a day focused on promoting the legalization of marijuana in those states where it is still illegal, focusing attention on its potential health benefits.

As with any holiday, an increase in popularity means companies using the day as an opportunity to add another commercial event to our calendars. The commercial side of National Weed Day has been especially noticeable over the last few years as more and more states legalize cannabis, and increasing numbers celebrate the holiday. Carl’s Jr. are just one of the many companies who have used the day to release new products and bring their name into the media spotlight.

Let’s take a look at America’s first CBD infused burger in a little more detail and find out whether you can actually get high from eating a burger.

What Goes Into Carl’s Jr’s CBD-Infused Burger?

There has clearly been a great deal of planning and thought put into Carl’s Jr.’s CBD burger – even without its attention-grabbing CBD sauce, this is one tasty burger. Many Carl’s Jr. customers who were lucky enough to get their hands on the Rocky Mountain High burger have said, while their reason for picking the burger was to try the CBD-infused sauce, even without it this would be a great burger that they can see themselves ordering time and time again. Featuring two beef patties, pickled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, and their exclusive take on waffle fries – CrissCut French fries – this is one mouthwatering burger.

For one day only, Carl’s Jr.’s popular Santa Fe sauce was infused with 5mg of hemp-based CBD and added to the burger for that special extra kick. The combination of pickled jalapenos and pepper jack cheese work perfectly together and blend seamlessly with the sauce. Carl’s Jr. connoisseurs who are familiar with the company’s Santa Fe sauce have said that the addition of CBD gave it a slightly earthy taste and added an extra something special to the overall taste of the burger.

The general consensus seems to be that even without the CBD-infused sauce, the Rocky Mountain High: Cheese Burger Delight is a crowd pleaser. With the burger itself being such a hit, the question is what impact the CBD-infused sauce has and what effects can you expect from 5mg of CBD.

The Effects of Hemp-Based CBD Oil

While the Rocky Mountain High burger might have the word “high” in the name, do not be fooled into thinking that the Carl’s Jr. burger will actually get you high. The Santa Fe Sauce is infused with CBD, the compound within cannabis plants which is most commonly associated with the plant’s health benefits. CBD actually has no psychoactive effects, making it impossible to achieve the mind high that is first thought of when thinking of smoking cannabis. The burger was most likely given its name as a result of being limited to one Colorado restaurant high in the Rocky Mountains and for the clever wordplay effects.

CBD works in much the same way as our body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids do, binding to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body and causing a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. CB1 receptors are found within our brain and are responsible for managing both how we feel pain and our mood. CB2 receptors, on the other hand, are located within our immune system and tackle pain and inflammation at their core. The effects of CBD binding with these receptors can have a wide-ranging number of health benefits and are the reason why more and more people are turning to CBD as a natural alternative to the more traditional, chemical-filled medications that we find in our local pharmacies.

The list of conditions that can be treated with CBD is almost never-ending, but some of the most popular uses include pain, inflammation, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, arthritis, seizures, anxiety and stress, and PTSD. CBD can also have long-term health benefits and is regularly taken as a daily supplement, giving your immune system a little extra help and ensuring that you stay fit and healthy for longer. 5mg of CBD on its own is unlikely to have a drastic impact on your body, you might feel a slight relief from minor aches and pains for a few hours, but one burger is not going to be enough to fight off more chronic conditions. That being said, the burger could prove to be a useful mid-day treat to top up CBD supplements taken with breakfast and help you get through the afternoon.

So, while you might not exactly get high from eating one of Carl’s Jr.’s Rocky Mountain High burgers, you are sure to give your body a healthy boost and hopefully feel calmer for a few hours.

How Can You Try Carl’s Jr.’s CBD-Infused Burger?

The Rocky Mountain High: Cheese Burger Delight was intended to be a one-day special for National Weed Day and was only sold at one of the almost 4000 Carl’s Jr. franchise restaurants. The lucky store was 4050 Colorado Blvd, Denver. It seems fitting that one of their Denver locations was chosen for this limited edition burger, with it being the first city to legalize cannabis in America and host to the country’s largest National Weed Day rally. In keeping with the theme of the burger, it was sold for $4.20.

With the Rocky Mountain High: Cheese Burger Delight being a one-day limited edition burger created for National Weed Day, the stock was limited to 1000 burgers and caused people to start queuing before the restaurant even opened their doors. The day was an overwhelming success for Carl’s Jr., with over 100 burgers selling in just the first hour and almost 300 being sold by 9 am.

Carl’s Jr. representatives have announced that the burger was intended as a one day trial and that if it proved to be popular, they would consider rolling it out across all of their restaurants where CBD is legal. So, if you missed out on 20th April, do not fear, because it might not be long before we see the Rocky Mountain High burger make a permanent come back.

Final Thoughts on Carl’s Jr.’s CBD-Infused Burger

Whether Carl’s Jr.’s CBD-infused burger was really a one-day trial or merely a publicity stunt designed to draw customers in, it worked, with the burger selling out in a short space of time. Both locals and tourists flocked to the Carl’s Jr. on Colorado Boulevard on 20th April to try the first-ever CBD-infused burger and the overwhelming consensus was that it was a success. Many happy customers said that even without the CBD sauce, it was a delicious burger that they would order again.

There is currently no information as to whether Carl’s Jr. will be bringing their Rocky Mountain High burger back permanently, and if so which states it will be available in. There is also the possibility that they decide to keep it as a treat for National Weed Day and that we will not see the burger again until April 2020. Either way, if you missed out on the Rocky Mountain High this year keep your eyes on the country’s major fast food chains, because it is highly likely that copycat burgers will start to appear following the burger’s success.