5 Best Killer Cannabis Strains for Pro Smokers

There are hundreds of strains of marijuana out there, each designed to deliver specific effects. While not every strain may be suited to you, there are merely some out there that you HAVE to try.

In this article, we have put together five of the best strains for those who are cannabis experts, or for those who simply feel they’re ready to try something a little more hardcore than their normal buds!

Whether you consider yourself an experienced cannabis smoker or you are simply on a mission to try every strain on the market, we have hooked you up with our top five killer cannabis strains that are NOT for the faint-hearted!

#1 Tutankhamen – The Smiler Strain

If you consider yourself a cannabis aficionado, then Tutankhamen is a must try! This Sativa dominant strain may be small, but it packs a powerful punch! With THC levels between 22-30%, you are guaranteed a high like no other.

Tutankhamen isn’t the most accessible strain to find, but it is well worth the hunt for those of you who are after a killer smoke! Tutankhamen is bred by Pyramid seeds, and delivers a potent skunk aroma that cannot be missed! The fruity flavor of this flower makes it a delicious and savory strain that will no doubt see you coming back for more.

Alongside the sensory appeals of Tutankhamen are its incredibly intense cerebral effects; we call it the “smiler” strain for a reason, as after a few tokes of this bad boy you will be left in a state of happy euphoria! Also, it is the perfect daytime smoke as it spurs you into an energetic frame of mind, which is great for the busy stoner!

#2 Tangerine Dream – The Connoisseurs’ Strain

This uplifting hybrid is often referred to as the connoisseur’s strain for its strong, long-lasting effects! Winner of the Cannabis Cup 2010, this citrusy flower delivers a strong mental clarity while looking after those aches and pains!

Those looking to take on Tangerine Dream should do so with caution, though, as too much of this bud will leave you stuck on the sofa in a hardcore couch lock for hours on end. At the right dose, however, you can expect a super relaxed high that helps maintain mental focus and energy.

Wonderfully sweet and intense in terms of flavor, Tangerine Dream is the perfect flower for those who have vast experience of cannabis consumption, and feel ready to take on something new! Also, it’s super popular for daytime smoking — as long as you don’t have too much!

#3 Y Griega – The Complex Strain

Y Griega (which is the pronunciation of the letter “y” in Spanish) is the Sativa strain with a difference; if you are looking for a truly unique high then this is the strain for you! With THC levels around 28%, Y Griega offers a powerful energetic hit that slowly transforms into a mellow calm that washes over the entire body.

A wonderful cross breed between Amnesia and Kali Mist, this flower boasts huge resin coated nugs that taste of sweet earth and lemon, with just a touch of herbal tea upon exhale.

This is not a strain for the faint hearted, though, with powerful psychedelic effects that amplify the senses and result in a long, deep sleep! We would recommend this mostly for a night time smoke, in order to avoid any “accidental” daytime naps!

#4 Kosher Kush – The Blessed Strain

Kosher Kush has been around since 2010 and has since been the winner of multiple awards for its delicious flavor and stress-relieving properties. With THC levels averaging between 22-25%, Kosher Kush is a potent flower that delivers a wave of relaxation throughout the body and is fantastic smoke for promoting natural relaxation.

Popular amongst patients for its ability to reduce stress, relieve depression, and help with pain, Kosher Kush is one of the most well known out of our top five! Also, did we mention that a Rabbi has also BLESSED this strain?

In terms of flavor, the aroma of this flower is delicious, and with notes of citrus and pine and a flavor that is often described as the ‘tastiest smoke on earth,’ it is no wonder that it is so popular amongst cannabis connoisseurs!

#5 Bruce Banner – The Superhero Strain

Bruce Banner Strain

If you are looking for a hard-hitting high, then Bruce Banner is your man. With THC levels maxing out at 29%, this is a hard and fast smoke that will leave you feeling euphoric, enlightened, and energetic in all the right ways.

Definitely not recommended for novice smokers, though, this “holy grail” of intense smokes combines a high energy boost that affects the mind, body, and soul all at once, and will definitely lead to a creative boost!

Also, perfect for those suffering from pain, sleeplessness or depression, this positive strain can work absolute wonders. All in all it’s a super sweet strain that combines citrus and pungent aromas to bring you on a cannabis journey that is out of this world!

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your bud-smoking experience, we always recommend proceeding with caution with any new strain, especially those from our list today. With all five strains packing an impressive THC content, we want our readers to get the most pleasure out of their killer strain, so be sure to know your limits and proceed with an air of caution! The only question now, of course, is where do you begin!?