The Cannabis Pain Patch Review [Does It Really Work?]
September 24, 2017

The Cannabis Pain Patch Review [Does It Really Work?]

Exploring the new trend
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on September 24, 2017

Cannabis Pain Patch

Doesn’t it seem as if throughout 2017 there has been a surge in Cannabis related products? From CBD oils, Edibles, Tinctures, Cartridges, Concentrates and Cartridges, it’s become impossible not to get lost in the variety of products sold online and offline.

The latest trend is the Cannabis Patch. This ingenious patch has been specifically designed to help people who suffer from common pain, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy and a few other conditions that involve unexplainable pain.

The question is whether or not Cannabis Patches are just another way that companies are trying to capitalize on the growing cannabis market, or do they REALLY work, helping to relieve pain? Continue reading as we review the Cannabis Patch…

Can Cannabis Treat Nerve Pain?

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, then you probably know the answer to that. But can a Cannabis Patch have the same impact as cannabis ingestion or simply lighting up a joint. Well according to Cannabis Science Inc and Mary’s Medicinals, the answer is; Yes!

With some forms of pain, it is easy to determine the root of the problem, but with conditions such as fibromyalgia, it is often hard to understand the cause of the pain. The pain associated with these types of conditions will often appear out of the blue, sending a sharp and tingling sensation. And without knowing the exact cause and roots of the pain, patients are constantly left seeking solutions that are most of the time non-effective.

This is where cannabis patches come into the picture. Apart from being cost-effective, compared to conventional pharmaceutical treatments, the way they combat the pain is quite different. Cannabis patches deliver doses of CBD or THC straight to the bloodstream, avoiding the metabolism stage conducted by the liver. This also allows the patches to provide a constant and slow absorption of the medicinal dosage, rather than when smoking cannabis, which provides a sudden “High” that wears off, or eating it. Furthermore, when purchasing a CBD Cannabis Patch, you won’t experience any psychotic effects.

How to Use a Cannabis Patch?

Whether you are purchasing a CBD cannabis patch or a Hemp Oil CBD patch, the process is typically the same.

1) At first, it’s important to clean the skin where you want to place the patch. It is often advised to use warm water or alcohol to clean the area where you are going to place the patch.
2) Dry the area and place the patch on your desired spot. Press firmly until it sticks. (Oh and don’t forget to remove the protective liner)

It’s important to remember, when choosing the best spot, find a spot that has minimal hair growth and never use patches directly on irritated skin or wounds. Most patches should last for 8-12 hours.

Where to Get a Cannabis Patch?

As these products are pretty new on the market, obtaining them isn’t always an easy task. Cannabis Sicence Inc first started the patch trend back in 2016, but as of now, they don’t seem to be selling their cannabis patch products anywhere apart from a few selected dispensaries in California. Mary’s Medicinals, another favorite has also gained traction over the last year due to their fantastic cannabis-infused pain patches, selling them in a few different states such as Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and Michigan.

Unlike other pain patch producers, Mary Medicinals understand that there are suffering patients throughout the whole of the U.S and have therefore developed two types of patches. One cannabis-infused and another based on Hemp CBD. Obviously, the cannabis patch is the preferred version by most cannabis enthusiasts, but for those living in non-legalized states, the hemp version has become a hot commodity, providing immediate pain relief to thousands of patients.

Unlike other companies, Mary’s Medicinals has been around for quite a few years and been studying hemp-derived oils for over four years to reach a supreme product. Their products have been featured on numerous news websites due to their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuroprotectant, antidepressant, and other healing properties.

When reviewing the company, we were shocked to find out that they have their own in-house quality control laboratory with two chemists overseeing all testing. Furthermore, they use 100% organic, locally grown plants, allowing them to develop products that are far more potent than overseas imported goods.


You can pick up a variety of patches including:

  • 10 mg: ●CBD / CBN / THC or CBD/THC
  • 20 mg: THC Indica or THC Sativa
  • 10mg: Hemp extract (Sold through MarysNutritionals)

All in all, they must be doing something right, as according to CNN, they’ve sold 1 million patches since launching in 2013.

Final Thoughts About Cannabis Patches

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and thanks to easing state laws a variety of products are popping up on the shelves. Cannabis Patches are just one of those products. Whether you decide to go for Mary’s Medicinal or another company, know that Cannabis Patches are gaining traction. As of now, you can purchase CBD, THC or Hemp Based Patches. The patches allow for nearly 100% absorption, compared to 30%-70% in edible pot products.

  1. Joey

    If the patch is good for 8-12 hours can you use it for 4 hours and take it off and then use the rest later? Or can you just cut them in half to get the same effect? I just wondering once you put it on it has to stay on for the duration or you will lose the patches effectiveness. Thank you, Joey

    1. Adam

      I would think that you would lose the patches’ effectiveness.

      1. Carll

        The amount of time will be the same but you will get less CBD in your body.. in this case; size does matter :p btw In Europe I now found them on ebay, amazon and a online shop in Holland. It works great for my Fibromyalgia!

  2. Diana Gearhart
    Where in indiana.

    Where in indiana can you buy the patch?

  3. Carll

    Did someone find these patches in Europe already? I’m searching the internet but I’m only finding US..

  4. Laura Johnson

    I live in California where Cannabis in now legal BUT I am traveling to Europe soon. If i take a few patches with me, will I be breaking the law? I may opt for pain vs going to jail. Meanwhile, I will order some to have at home since they sound a lot better than the topical cream and tincture (which work but I have to remember to use them each night).

  5. Miguel Reyes

    Would it be wise to purchase stock from these to companies? I just opened a firstrade account and have been looking for the right companies without losing what little I have to invest.

  6. Ruby Lipsky

    Yes! Personally, it has worked for me. It’s great for controlling fibromyalgia. Of course, everyone is different but it has worked wonders for me.

    1. Kathleen Robinson

      With Fibromyalgia the majority of people have pain all over the body, where exactly would you put the patch for the best results.
      I have tried numerous bottles of CBD and nothing has worked on me, hoping to find something that does.
      I live in the UK, can i purchase it here do you know.

      Thanks Kath

      1. chris

        yes babe off amozon x

  7. lee

    how on earth can you buy them if yu live in the uk.

    1. Adam

      As of now, i don’t think they deliver to the UK. Sorry Lee

  8. Freddie Katzke

    I would like to buy cannabis patches for my wife and myself. But I am still employed full time. How safe is it should a drug test be done on me at work.
    We are in South Africa. My wife is suffering from fibrio and I am battling with back pain after a back operation.

    1. Adam

      If they are not pure CBD, they can appear on a drug test.

  9. Tracy Copple

    Cannabis patch is the brilliant way to relieve pain. Work really fast.

  10. Freddie Carron

    Wow, cannabis pain patch sounds great.

  11. Karen Parker

    I was in an accident a few years back and since then I’ve been on and off meds. This patch is amazing. For me it works!

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