Canna-Tsu Cannabis Strain [Complete Review]

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MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 27, 2017

Canna Tsu Cannabis Strain Review

Well rounded and eloquently balanced Canna-Tsu delivers profound effects, recognized especially by the medical marijuana community…

Prized for its profound ability to offer medical relief and assistance, Canna-Tsu is the child of two highly potent in CBD marijuana strains, meaning that its own CBD levels far outweigh its THC. This strain, due to its mild psychoactive effects and immense medicinal qualities, does not produce the classic, stoney feeling, but rather offers more relief than anything, helping those with some of the more serious medical conditions and ailments.

Canna-Tsu marijuana has primarily grown to reach popularity along the West Coast of the United States, becoming a featured strain at many medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational pot shops throughout California, Oregon and Washington- three of America’s recreationally legal states.

Keep reading to discover more about the Canna-Tsu marijuana strain in this complete review…

What Is Canna-Tsu?:

The genetic cross of the two loved and CBD-rich strains Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami, it’s no wonder than Canna-Tsu turned out the way it did. This marijuana strain is classified as a well-balanced hybrid, featuring exactly 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics. It contains a supremely low THC content, at just 8-11%, and an immense CBD content at around 10%. This produces a series of effects that are more so medicinal than altering, with a bit of the typical high effects, but mostly a complete relaxation and release.

Canna-Tsu is extremely well-rounded, offering a clean and mentally clearing high that does not produce brain fog or any form of disorientation. For this reason, it is utilized extensively within the medical cannabis community, as well as by those who are looking for a lower THC, less psychoactive alternative to traditional marijuana.

Canna-Tsu Aroma, Flavor and Appearance:

Canna-Tsu Marijuana Strain

The aroma of Canna-Tsu buds within the bag or jar is not tremendously pungent, and the intensity of the scent seems to arise once the nuggets are broken up or grinded down. The scent is not overwhelming, but pleasantly earthy, with plenty of citrus and some floral notes. Once grinded, they seem to radiate a piney scent as well, with underlying elements of sweetness, leading to the expectation of a sugary, tasty flavor.

The taste certainly does not disappoint, repeating the notes of the citrus and earth, but there is an added in extra component of spice, making the flavor profile rather intriguing and fascinating. The smoke of this cannabis is light and wispy, causing it to be easy to light up a bowl of this good green stuff because you won’t feel a need to cough or clear your throat afterwards.

Appearance-wise, the buds of Canna-Tsu are quite small, with the largest ones typically only reaching the size of a piece of popcorn, giving them very much the look of the cannabis coined term “popcorn buds”. The flowers, however, are quite dense, despite their small size, ranging in shades of yellowish green to light green, with funky brassy orange hairs, known as pistils, curling and bending throughout the sugar leaves.

Even though Canna-Tsu contains a rather low amount of THC, its sugar leaves are still quite coated in crystals, glistening and appearing radiant underneath the light. This brilliance makes Canna-Tsu aesthetically appealing for the consumer, as well as someone who is simply observing the bud.

Canna-Tsu Marijuana Strain Grown Info:

Novice and beginner cultivators can rejoice, because the Canna-Tsu marijuana strain is relatively easy to grow, primarily due to the fact that it is naturally quite resistant to the most common molds and mildews, making the maintenance slightly simpler for the crop. Canna-Tsu can be grown either within indoors or outdoors environments, so be it that the conditions permit and are appropriate for its growth cycle.

Outdoor crops are best planted in an location that has a dry, temperate Mediterranean climate, free from sizeable quantities of rain. This hybrid grows especially short, more similar in size to a classic indica crop, and can extend heavily in width, resulting in a bushy stature. For this reason, it is simple to cultivate indoors as well as outdoors, for Canna-Tsu marijuana crops do not require extensive amounts of upwards space to grow into successfully yielding plants.

Indoors, both hydroponic and soil growth methods work adequately to produce a healthy batch, so be it that the humidity levels are kept to a minimum and the air ventilation is plentiful. Canna-Tsu, like most marijuana crops, also requires an extensive amount of light.

The typical flowering period for this marijuana strain is around 9-10 weeks, and the outdoor harvest falls around the middle, or even the end of October, just before the frost and cold begin to settle in. Canna-Tsu has a moderate yield size, with indoor plants producing on average 13 ounces of marijuana bud per square meter, while outdoor crops offer a slightly smaller quantity per unit at 11 ounces per plant.

Overall, Canna-Tsu is a simple strain to raise and offers a decent sized yield considering the required efforts that must be taken. Probably the best attribute of all, the crop somewhat understands how to take care of itself, naturally acting as a deterrent for diseases and common molds and mildews.

Canna-Tsu Effects:

As mentioned above, the lack of larger potencies of THC cause Canna-Tsu to act as a mildly psychoactive strain, primarily generating a light and airy high that increases brain function and mental clarity. Due to this reason, this marijuana strain can be consumed just about any time of the day, because it will not leave you stoned, feeling unmotivated or dysfunctional.

If anything, it might also increase your ability to concentrate and be productive, making it a quintessential before going to the office or workplace marijuana strain. Canna-Tsu’s high CBD content also helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels and mellows out the body, mind and spirit, so that the consumer can feel not only euphoric and uplifted, but also happy and ready to conquer any difficult tasks that might arise throughout the day.

Medical Benefits of Canna-Tsu:

Canna-Tsu Strain Review

One of the brilliant aspects of the Canna-Tsu cannabis strain, is its extensive recognition throughout the medical marijuana community, meaning that this weed type truly has much to offer to patients desiring relief or assistance. Physically, chronic pain, chronic stress, seizures, epilepsy, muscle spasms, cramps, migraines, headaches, chronic back pain and chronic fatigue can all benefit from this marijuana.

For these physical conditions, a more sizeable dose of THC might be in order, so alternatives to smoking could act as a solution. Sometimes, edibles, tinctures, concentrates and extracts of Canna-Tsu are available for purchase at dispensaries, and these alternatives to smoking can provide the additional potencies of THC and CBD.

Mentally, Canna-Tsu really works its magic, primarily for those who suffer from both depression and clinical depression. The mood becomes so uplifted and bright that those with mental disorders can begin to see the lighter and more positive side to life. Additionally, this marijuana strain helps to calm down anxiety, PTSD, bipolar and paranoia.

Possible Negative Side Effects of Canna-Tsu:

Due to the extremely minimal THC content, there aren’t primarily any super negative side effects attached to the Canna-Tsu marijuana strain. For example, you will almost never have to worry about becoming more paranoid or anxious after taking a few hits or a small to average dose of the dry bud.

Mostly, the usual cannabis symptoms that are present with Canna-Tsu, includes dry eyes and cotton mouth (dry mouth). Cotton mouth is easily manageable with a little extra preparation and planning. Drinking plenty of water before, during and after your high can not only keep you from developing cotton mouth, but it can also help to prevent headaches and any grogginess that could be experienced the next day.

Moisturizing eye drops from a local drugstore or pharmacy, will help to ease down red or dry eyes. These should be purchased in advance and kept in a location where they can be easily accessed for personal use. All in all, it seems that the pros of Canna-Tsu immensely outweigh the cons, making Canna-Tsu a real medical marijuana masterpiece.

Final Thoughts About the Marijuana Strain Canna-Tsu:

If you are an individual searching for an herbal alternative to conventional medications and are struggling with managing chronic pain, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, bipolar, muscle spasms, cramping or back pain, then Canna-Tsu may turn out to be the right cannabis strain for you.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.

  1. Michael Hunt

    canna -tsu is also a great strain if you are trying to quit alcohol. It has very high CBD, and low THC, so it is not self addicting for the consumer, however, it keeps the withdrawal symptoms of quitting marijuana lowered in intensity. A very useful strain, we must spread its goodness by word of mouth so that the people struggling out there to quit alcohol can benefit.

  2. Billie
    The best strain for pain

    10 stars! Great for stress and cramps. Highly recommend for those with pmdd and period issues/cramps.

  3. Lori Rosson

    Find this strain very beneficial for the treatment of muscle spasm.

  4. Linda Schneider

    This is the strain that provides desirable pain relief for me. I’m go glad that it really does work.

  5. Janice Alday

    A brilliant strain for chronic pain

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