5 Best Marijuana Strains for Getting Aroused

Better than any pill
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on May 29, 2019
marijuana strains to get you aroused


One of the great misconceptions about marijuana is that you end up couch-locked with zero energy or motivation. While this may be the case for specific strains, there are all manner of strains capable of boosting energy, creativity, and motivation levels. However, the aphrodisiac qualities of weed are scarcely known by the general public.

What’s not scarcely known, however, is that the world’s most popular drug for sexual dysfunction is Viagra. While it seems to work, side effects include headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light. If you need some help getting aroused, then instead of running to the pills, perhaps you should consider marijuana.

In this article we’ll discuss the science behind marijuana, its connection to sex and explore the 5 best strains to get you aroused.


The Science Behind Marijuana & Becoming Aroused

Marijuana buds
While the Western world’s knowledge of weed being able to put some “lead in your pencil” is a relatively recent ‘Eureka’ moment, it’s actually been used to increase libido for thousands of years in other parts of the world. In fact, it’s written in the Indian Ayurvedic philosophy of medicine and is a key part of Tantric sex rituals.

Also, it is believed that cannabis can increase the strength of orgasm in women and also decrease inhibitions. According to Ian Kerner, a popular American sex therapist, studies suggest that weed helps to deactivate the parts of the brain associated with stress and anxiety, which means you truly enjoy the experience.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mitch Earleywine, Professor of Psychology at SUNY Albany, says that CB1 receptors (which are activated by weed) can play an active role in promoting general euphoria, as well as improving tactile sensations.

When it comes to choosing the right marijuana strain to help you get aroused, though, it is crucial to find the right indica to sativa balance for you. While sativa opens the mind to new sexual possibilities, indica has been known to heighten your sensitivity to touch. So without further ado, let’s look at five of the best marijuana strains for arousal.


1 – Ultimate Trainwreck (The Delicious Marijuana Strain)

Trainwreck Marijuana Cannabis Strain

This is a 50/50 hybrid and is the cousin of the well-known marijuana strain, Trainwreck. You can guess by the name ‘Ultimate Trainwreck’ that this is a far more potent version. It will make you feel euphoric and energetic in a hurry, and as well as enhancing your focus, Ultimate Trainwreck will help you get ready for some action.

When you consume this strain you will feel less stressed, and it also works well against bouts of depression. The consequence is a reduced level of inhibition, as you feel genuinely happy. You may notice a feeling of light-headedness, but it is far from debilitating. Also, it could prove to be a very effective strain when you’re trying to pluck up the courage to chat someone up, as it helps you become more talkative.

As far as taste, you will be surprised at the delicious sweet taste that emanates from Ultimate Trainwreck. Be warned, however: although this strain will help you with arousal, it eventually results in couch-lock which means you won’t be able to do much for a few hours! We recommend taking Ultimate Trainwreck just before ‘go time’ because it will help you out and ensure a good night’s sleep afterward!

2 – Afghani Yumboldt (The Cuddle King Marijuana Strain)

The main downside to this marijuana strain is its rarity. Also known as Afghan Yumboldt or Yumboldt Kush, it is an indica dominant hybrid (70%) with a THC content of 19% – definitely potent enough to give you an intense body buzz over the course of time. Also, one of the main features of this strain is the length of the high; it can last for most of the day!

However, it is a slow-acting high which creeps up on you and eventually makes you feel somewhat lethargic. Before this final effect, however, Yumboldt will help you relax and get cozy with your partner. To be honest, this strain is arguably a better option if you’re planning to cuddle with your loved one because of the warm sensation it imbues you with. As well as providing you with a smooth and mellow high, Yumboldt is an excellent pain reliever that rewards you with a spicy taste that’s a little like a fine dry wine.

3 – Green Crack (The All-Night Marijuana Strain)

Green Crack Marijuana Strain

If you’re planning an all-night lovemaking session, there are few better marijuana strains than Greek Crack. It produces a euphoric head high that is positively joyful. Also, it fills you with energy (which makes it a great daytime strain) and ensures that you’re ready for action when the time comes. Small wonder then that Green Crack is one of the most popular sativas around.

It is also a great option if you’re looking to be creative, as it combines a feeling of happiness with a shot of energy. In fact, Green Crack is so effective at getting your body and mind started that a lot of people have started to use it to replace their morning cup of coffee!

And lastly, the cerebral high will ensure your focus level goes into overdrive, so when it comes to satisfying your paramour, there are few better options than Green Crack. The only downside with this marijuana strain, however, is that you will be unable to sleep for several hours after consumption. Of course, you can take it at night if you’re not planning to sleep!

4 – Atomic Northern Lights (The Viagra Replacement Marijuana Strain)

Northern Lights Strain

We have heard a few people say that Atomic Northern Lights is even better than Viagra when it comes to arousal; high praise indeed. It is a cross of Afghani, Thai Haze, and Northern Lights, and it offers a sweet taste that injects a significant amount of energy into users. It is an unusual strain and not the easiest to find, but it is well worth the search.

No matter what mood you’re in, Atomic Northern Lights will give you a spark of happiness and it is excellent for helping stressed-out people to chill. The euphoric sensation lasts for practically the entire high, and it is a strain that enhances your sociability.

Also, in addition to providing you with a fantastic high, it also has a delightful smell and taste. This is definitely a strain for people on a night out, that normally might struggle to pluck up the courage to chat people up – it’ll give you the confidence to find someone, and the ability to please them later in the night!

5 – Hindu Skunk (The More-ish Marijuana Strain)

This Indica dominant hybrid (70%) is a cross of Hindu Kush and Skunk #1. The resulting strain is a powerful one with a THC content of 22% that will make you want it again, and again. It will please all of your senses and make you feel exhilarated from head to toe.

Hindu Skunk is one of the best afternoon/evening strains, which makes it ideal if you want to make love to your partner during the day. Although it will make you feel relaxed, it also invigorates and energizes you. As a result, it’s perfect for those who want to unwind after a long day, but is also great for socializing as it is uplifting.

You will probably find yourself being the life and soul of any party so choose Hindu Skunk if you’re out and about and someone has caught your eye. After the uplifting feeling dissipates, you will feel tired and sleepy so make sure you have completed your mission within a few hours. Hindu Skunk also has a wonderful fruity and tropical taste that’s a delight to your taste buds.

Final Thoughts on Marijuana & Arousal

While it is true that marijuana can make you more aroused and enhance the lovemaking process, it is important not to overdo it. Various studies suggest that chronic and heavy usage of marijuana could ultimately lower your libido. Use weed responsibly to benefit – and embrace – the euphoria you feel. In some cases, sharing marijuana with your partner can lead to a greater bond as it could result in a spiritual connection that is almost impossible to replicate.

Article Sources:
  1. Larry OhGee
    sex /cannabis

    For most, sativa dominant hybrids or stronger sativa strains ie: acapulco gold, Durban Poison, Skunk #1, any thai strain, Haze strains will get the creative juices flowing leading to heightened senses and lowered inhibitions. Add a little Indica to Relax the body (a little )but generally Indica dominant strains will eventually just make you pass out. I find Acapulco Gold, Cherry Pie, any DJ Short strain even a 50/50 OG Kush are good libido boosters…AG being the best when you find your dose. AG stimulates creativity, enhances focus and senses all while relaxing aches and pains, sore muscles etc…it also lasts a good 2-3 hours unless you’re just blazing all day…Most Women respond to sativa dom hybrids, just remember if the end goal is a Peter North in his prime meets Sasha Grey then you’ll want to be “high” not completely stoned….Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, Flo, Maui Wowie, Haze, Island Sweet Skunk, SFV OGK, Kali Mist, all have clitoral,Bonerific attributes!

  2. Jacklyn Appleton
    Worked well

    My partner was suffering from an early orgasm, what doctors called a premature ejaculation. It was frustrating, so we tried Ultimate trainwreck. And it worked from well from the very first time itself. We do not use it everytime, but sometimes, when we are really in that mood.

  3. Benjamin Yuley
    Can't get enough

    Hindu Skunk is the only bud i havent tried from this list. I cant believe how much weed has changed and elevated my sex life!! I recommend it to anybody

  4. Spencer
    yes, it is good

    I would say try very mild Bay 11 or Gelato or ACDC and see how it works well for arousal and the act…..you might carry a fucking protection or not, but once you use this, you will definitely go for it every time……The best thing to impress your girlfriend!

  5. Beth Mills

    Everytime I get high i can’t really remember all my experiences and sometimes feel a bit out of control. I w3ould love to use marijuana in the bedroom but I a worried about my ability to stay focussed..has anyone got any advice for me?

    1. Janette Irby

      I’d say regardless, enjoy in the moment! 👅💋😍

    2. Adam

      Have you tried any of the strains in this article?

  6. Larry Hanslinger

    …and, of course, any strain will have different effects depending on how you consume it and (!) how much.

  7. Larry Hanslinger
    Strain names mean little compared to experience and lab work

    Please note that genetic testing has shown that consistency of strain identity across different vendors is nearly nonexistent, and strains crossed so many times underground that indica/sativa ratios are largely subjective measures of little dependability. This means 0.) don’t be disappointed if a supposedly aphrodisiac strain does little or nothing for you, 1.) keep trying, and 2.) if you can buy weed tested by a reputable lab for THC, CBD, other cannabinoids, even terpenes, once you find something that works, look for strains with similar profiles to see if tweaking one or more of the components improves or hinders the effect.

  8. Angel
    MJ does rises libido!

    I highly doubt that long lasting MJ use lowers libido, its something you cannot hide meanwhile on the cannabis itself.

  9. Fat Janet
    Only experienced 5 strains in the UK

    Every Strain I’ve used so far has made me feel uncontrollably horny to the point where I can’t focus on anything else , I’ve had UK cheese , Lemon haze , Amnesia , White Widow & The resin . Reason for only having experience with those four is because it is still very much illegal in the country I live .

  10. Rob Thomas

    Pineapple Express makes me incredibly horny. And puts us both in an orgasmic state for hours.

    1. Jason
      Pineapple Express

      Know where I can get some ?

  11. Arlinda Patterson

    Afghani yumboldt makes me feel relaxed everytime I consume it.

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