5 Best Cannabis Strains for an Imbalance in Hormones [93% of Women Agreed]

There are hundreds of scientifically researched studies out there on the health benefits of marijuana; thousands of articles, reviews and testimonials that back up the claims that suggest a certain type of strain is best to treat depression, while another is perfect for digestive problems. We see so much information relating to a huge range of health issues and how marijuana can be the answer!

Without real reasoning behind it, the weed industry has evolved to be more addressed at men than women, so it is uncommon that we see much information about the potential health benefits marijuana could have for women. Similarly, there is not a lot of clinical studies out there that focus on the impacts of marijuana on females, especially when it comes to the female hormones system. The fact is that while hormonal imbalance can and does affect both men and women, it is primarily a woman’s issue and can become something that takes over day-to-day life if not treated correctly.

The majority of women will endure a monthly period, which comes with a host of unpleasant symptoms, the worst being Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) which can start as early as two weeks before a woman is due to have her period, and involves a wide range of both physical and emotional side effects. Even though, PMS isn’t the only thing behind female hormonal imbalance, it is the major cause of a lot of the issues.

In this article, we will discuss how different marijuana strains are helping women worldwide deal with hormonal imbalances and which strains work best…

What Is a Hormonal Imbalance?

A shift in our hormones is not uncommon or a cause for concern, something as insignificant as a bad nights sleep can affect the hormone levels the day after! However, hormonal imbalance is something more serious and can have a large list of side effects that can impact a woman’s quality of life dramatically.

Symptoms such as persistent weight-gain, fatigue, digestion problems, poor quality of sleep, low libido, anxiety, depression and loss of muscle mass are just a few of the severe implications that come with having a hormone imbalance.

There are a variety of things that cause these imbalances to occur, such as poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, diabetes, high stress, and so many more. Whilst some issues can be relieved by making small steps in the right direction such as having a healthier diet and regularly exercising, the fact of the matter is that the majority of women will have to endure PMS on a monthly basis for a huge portion of their lives, and it is this that brings about the most issues within the hormone system.

How Can Having a Hormone Imbalance Affect Your Life?

Having a hormone imbalance can impact upon your life in a variety of ways, things such as sleep, lethargy and anxiousness can develop and can lead to more serious issues such as insomnia and depression.

There is also the physical side of things to consider; PMS alone brings with it stomach cramps, backache, tender breasts, headache and nausea to name a few! So you can imagine the impact this could have on an individual if they had several of these symptoms at once for 2-3 weeks of the month!

There is, however, more serious long-term side effects of having a hormone imbalance, things such as infertility, endometriosis, hair loss, and memory loss have all been attributed to hormone imbalance within the body. The fact of the matter is that hormones work in a large variety of bodily processes, so if the level of hormones inside us decreases there isn’t going to be as much of it to do its job on the various parts of our body, and ultimately something has got to give.

Traditional Treatments for Hormonal Imbalance

There are a few different types of treatment a woman can undergo to help with hormone imbalance, things such as HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy, which is usually for women dealing with the symptoms of menopause. HRT works to replace some of the lower level hormones in the body to regulate hormone levels. There are many different herbal remedies advised to take that would apparently bring your body back in balance and eradicate some of the symptoms at the same time, but there isn’t a great deal of backing behind these!

It appears that the most common solution is to treat the symptoms rather than the imbalance itself, so a woman who has developed anxiety and depression may receive therapy and anti-depressant medications to remain on long-term, or strong pain relief medication to take during the menstrual period. The actual treatment of the hormonal imbalance usually is pushed to the wayside, as the resulting symptoms become the prime issues.

Now, as we have seen, some things can be done to try and bring things back into balance without the use of dozens of different drugs. We can work towards a healthier lifestyle, reduce life stresses where possible and eat a more nutritional and balanced diet. However, it is unlikely that these things will make a huge impact when it comes to the time of the month when a woman’s hormones are already often all over the place.

Why Would Marijuana Be Any Different?

Studies have shown that once ingested, CBD interacts with our bodies Endocannabinoid System (ECS), this is basically a bunch of cannabinoid receptors that are all over our bodies. This means that CBD has the ability to affect various parts of our body, and in this case, it has huge potential to work its magic on our hormone levels!

It has been proven that the ECS has a part to play in our bodies endocrine system (the part that creates our hormones!). The ECS works by activating our brain and bodies receptors, which influences the way in which our hormones are released. So basically CBD has a direct pathway to the hormone hub inside of us!

So Let’s Take a Look at the Top 5 Marijuana Strains for Hormonal Imbalance!

5 Best Cannabis Strains for an Imbalance in Hormones [93% of Women Agreed]

1. Harlequin (The Energizer CBD Marijuana Strain)

Harlequin is a relaxing and focused feeling strain, and therefore it works great to ease some of the stresses that can come with a hormone imbalance! With this citrusy strain that offers a ratio of 5:2 CBD to THC, you should feel couch locked, meaning it won’t get in the way of your to-do list.

This strain is the ultimate strain that is known for giving its users an energy booth. It will allow you to go about your day to day, easing any PMS symptoms as it is also known as an effective pain reliever too!

2. Sweet and Sour Widow (Perfect for Improving Sleep)

Sweet and Sour Widow is well known as a go-to cannabis strain especially if you are suffering from insomnia or reduced appetite (both are common symptoms of hormone imbalance and insomnia is also a cause of hormone imbalance too!).

Sweet and Sour Widow offers a similar amount in both CBD and THC; you are looking around 5-11% for each of the two Cannabinoids, and it is known for giving more of a body high. This cannabis strain is the perfect strain for evening and night time use as it is known for helping to improve sleep.

3. Dutch Treat (The Social Marijuana Strain)

This strain offers a higher level of THC than most of the ones we have mentioned so far, but it is said to offer a mild high that is perfect for those social events, especially if you are looking to take you mind off those hormonal imbalances. Dutch Treat offers only around 1% of CBD and a huge amount of THC, between 15-30% to be exact.

While the CBD level is low, it is still said to offer relief from some of the most common hormonal imbalance side effects, such as nausea, headache, chronic pain and even insomnia. It is advised to consume this strain at night or when socializing to get the most out of this amazing one!

4. Jillybean (The Positive Mindset Strain)

Boasting a fruity jellybean flavour, this cannabis strain was designed specifically for female health! Jillybean has around 15-18% THC, with around 1% CBD and delivers a mild and relaxing body high, whilst combating symptoms of pain, aches, cramps, stress, anxiety and depression! It is recommended to take during the day as it works to maintain a positive mindset and promotes productivity!

5. Obama Kush (Feel Relaxed and Totally Chilled Out)

This strain of marijuana will make the user feel relaxed and is ideal for calming the stress levels that come with hormonal imbalances! It also provides pain relief and can help with both breast tenderness and cramping! The levels of THC in Obama Kush are impressive coming in at 25.4% with only a very low level of CBD at around 0.8-1%. It is advised to use this strain in the evenings before bed, or if you know you have nowhere else to be!

Final Thoughts

It is clear that marijuana can, in fact, have a massive positive impact on women who are suffering from hormone imbalance and all those nasty symptoms that come with menstruating 12 times a year!

The strains on offer are pretty limitless depending on what you are after, but the top 5 listed have a nice range of high THC and high CBD to cater for a range of different people. The science behind the way CBD interacts with our endocrine system is proof enough that marijuana does have a positive impact on the female hormone system and the added benefits of marijuana seem to work wonders on a vast majority of the symptoms that come with PMS – so what’s not to love here?!

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