The 5 Best Marijuana Strains for Nerve Pain

The United States is apparently a nation in constant pain if research data is to be believed. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, chronic pain affects 100 million people. Neuropathic pain refers to damage to the sensory, motor, or automatic nerves that occurs due to an underlying cause. An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from this chronic condition.

It is a potentially debilitating condition as it causes numbness, weakness, and extreme pain in the hands and feet in particular. The peripheral nervous system sends information from your central nervous system (CNS) to the rest of the body. When your nerve fibers are damaged, injured, or dysfunctional, they may send false signals to your other pain centers.

Recent studies suggest that marijuana potentially provides relief to patients who don’t receive benefits from other treatment forms. Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD activate the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and regulate the CNS and neurotransmitters, helping to manage pain levels. With so many strains to choose from, we decided to find five of the best to help you cope with nerve pain.

1 – Blue Dream (The Marijuana Strain That Offers an Easygoing High)

Blue Dream Strain

This is a strain that has gained fame for the level of full-body relaxation you enjoy after using it. Blue Dream is a sativa dominant (60%) hybrid that contains up to 24% THC and a maximum of 2% THC. It is very much a ‘California Dreaming’ strain as it was developed in the Golden State; a cross of Super Silver Haze and a Blueberry indica.

If you suffer from nerve pain, a few puffs of Blue Dream could be all you need to go from agony to euphoria. It is an excellent marijuana strain for morning use. While it soothes pain and helps you relax, it also invigorates the mind and enables you to start the day with focus. This is why it is a favorite in the creative industries.

Blue Dream has a fruity, berry fragrance with a hint of spice and it more or less tastes as it smells. Although newcomers should tread carefully due to the high THC content, it is a marijuana strain with a mild taste, which is why it is one of the market’s most popular weed options. It is regarded as one of the finest medical marijuana strains for pain management and is also useful for individuals with depression and PTSD.

2 – Afghan Kush (The KO Artist Marijuana Strain)

If Blue Dream is the ultimate morning strain, Afghan Kush has to be one of the best for evening and night time use. It is a pure indica with a THC content of 21%, but it also contains up to 6% CBD. The seeds of this strain were created in the Netherlands, and the bud originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range.

Afghan Kush is NOT to be taken during the day because it offers a total body high and ultimately induces couch lock. It is ideal after a hard day’s work, because it is capable of relaxing the most stressed person on earth. If you have nerve pain, it will soon be forgotten as you are taken into a state of bliss.

The decent level of CBD in this strain means inexperienced users can try it so long as they smoke it close to their bedroom! It is easy on your lungs and is one of the smoothest strains around as you should not experience coughing fits. Afghan Kush is also ideal if stress is killing your appetite, because it brings on severe cases of the munchies.

3 – Cannatonic (The Sleeping Pill Marijuana Strain)

Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

If chronic nerve pain is causing insomnia, Cannatonic should be your first port of call. Its THC content ranges from 7% to 15%, and its high CBD level of 12% ensures that you shouldn’t suffer any adverse side effects such as paranoia or dizziness. It is a 50/50 hybrid that’s a cross of G13 Haze and MK Ultra.

Cannatonic is an excellent strain for inexperienced users because it offers a mellow high that doesn’t overwhelm you. While you should feel ‘lighter’ after using it, you won’t be knocked out. Users typically feel optimistic and light-hearted in a high that never locks you to the couch but lasts for a very long time. You should feel focused for as long as the high lasts but never to the point where you feel like embarking on a new project.

Eventually, Cannatonic will take hold and help you relax enough to get some sleep. Users say it works fantastically well to alleviate pain, and the citrus and pine taste is heavenly. You should consider this marijuana strain if you have nerve pain, or if you suffer from migraines, cerebral palsy or muscle spasms.

4 – Jack Flash (The All-Day Pain Relieving Marijuana Strain)

If you’re in severe distress due to your nerve pain, get a hold of Jack Flash and feel your agony disappear in astonishingly quick time. It is a slightly indica dominant (55%) hybrid with a THC content ranging from 14% to 20%. Jack Flash is a cross of Jack Herer, Haze, and Super Skunk, and it won the Dutch High Life Cup in 1998.

It is one of the most highly sought-after pain-relieving strains because it works about as fast as the name suggests. Within minutes of using Jack Flash, you will be stunned by a rapid head rush which can be psychedelic in nature. About 30 minutes later, this feeling is replaced by one of euphoria; users report feeling happy about everything!

As well as placing you in a good mood for as long as the high lasts, Jack Flash helps you forget about your nerve pain and also gets your creative juices flowing. After a couple of hours, it starts to sedate you which means it is a good early evening smoke. Beginners need not apply as its effects are far too potent.

5 – Harlequin (The Marijuana Strain That’s the Best of All Worlds)

Harlequin Cannabis Strain

This marijuana strain offers a near-perfect combination of cannabinoids that relieves nerve pain while ensuring you never get too high. Harlequin has a THC content of between 7% and 15%, butits CBD content can also reach 15%. It is a sativa dominant (75%) hybrid that’s descended from a Nepali indica and sativas from Switzerland, Thailand, and Colombia.

Its astounding diversity has resulted in a unique strain. It is a fantastic option for pain relief because it soothes your nerve pain, helps you relax, but keeps your mind sharp and active. You can safely smoke Harlequin in the morning because it offers an energy boost to help you speed through your daily chores.

The sweet scent is delightful and its strong herbal flavor is a treat for the taste buds. Harlequin is amongst the best analgesics on the market, primarily because of its unusually high CBD levels. You can use it to calm muscle spasms, migraines, joint pains, and much more. As it is a strain known for positively influencing mood, you can use it for stress and its associated symptoms.

Final Thoughts on the Best Marijuana Strains for Nerve Pain

If you suffer from neuropathic pain, every single day is a struggle from start to finish. In some cases, the pain is so intense that patients have to stay at home from work. We believe that the marijuana strains described above have the potential to alleviate your pain and help you complete your daily tasks in a stress-free manner.

If you need something to kick-start your day, try Harlequin or Blue Dream. For all-day pain relief, Jack Flash is a terrific option while Cannatonic and Afghan Kush are the best options if you’re desperate for a relaxing high that helps you get to sleep.

In any case, irrespective to any cannabis strain you decide to try, it is extremely important to consult with your primary physician before using any cannabis. Also please do your research in regards to the legalities of cannabis consumption in your state.

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