These Are the Best Torches for Dabbing [2020 Update]

Dabbing is a method of consuming marijuana which has grown in popularity over the years. While it is true that many marijuana users prefer to keep to the better-known ways of getting high, the more seasoned cannabis users have taken to dabbing as a more effective way to get fast-acting results.

Whether you are a regular dabber or considering giving it a go for the first time, you will likely have come to realize that one of the critical things you will need is a decent torch. Today we are going to take you through five of our go-to torches for 2020!

What is Cannabis Dabbing?

When dabbing, you can benefit from a hard-hitting and fast acting high that can be ideal for patients looking to medicate with marijuana. However, we must point out that there are of course more risks associated with dabbing marijuana, so anyone considering giving it a go should do so only with clean, tested products.

So, what exactly is dabbing? It is the act of consuming concentrated doses of marijuana, or ‘dabs.’ By going through the process of extraction, THC and other beneficial cannabinoids are turned into sticky oils also referred to as wax or shatter. Usually, the extraction process is done using butane or carbon dioxide.

To consume the cannabis concentrate, you need something very hot to inhale the mixture off, which is usually a nail. To reach the necessary temperature, you need a torch!

Is a Torch Necessary to Dab?

You might be thinking, ‘but why can’t I use a lighter to heat my nail?’ Well, the short answer is you can, but it’s less safe, less enjoyable, and much less effective.

You need to be able to get the temperature of your nail over one hundred degrees, so a lighter will undoubtedly fall short of the mark and leave you with a cramped up hand while you’re at it!

Using a good torch can allow you to hit the desired temperature with ease, and lets you be much more specific with your heating process, making for a relaxed, safe, and enjoyable experience.

What to Look for in a Good Dabbing Torch

When it comes down to it, each person will be looking for something different and, as is the case with many things, picking the perfect torch is down to personal preference.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of before you shopping for your torch which will allow you to get the most out of your experience.


First and foremost, you want a torch that will heat your nail quickly and effectively, which means a torch with a half decent flame is imperative and the principal reason why a lighter simply won’t do.

Depending on what you are after and your particular budget, you can get torches with adjustable flames and different power settings, so shop around before making your choice.

Ultimately, you will waste money and have a bad time if you try and inhale a dab that isn’t hot enough, so ensure your flame packs a punch!


Are you a once-in-a-blue-moon at-home dabber, or someone who loves to dab safely while out and about? Ask yourself what sort of size will be ideal for your particular lifestyle.

Some torches on the market are huge and can be used as stand-alone torches at home so you can dab hands-free. Others are small, compact and travel-friendly; however, bear in mind the smaller they are, the smaller the tank will be.

So ask yourself, will you be taking it out with you, and do you mind having to refill the tank regularly?


If like many dab enthusiasts you want the option to dab outside as well as in, you will need a durable torch that can light up first time with ease. Most torches come with a safety function and a sturdy, long nozzle for safe lighting, so look out for these important features when picking your torch.


Important to some, but not everyone, is the way your torch looks; dress to impress or not too fussy? Whatever your preference, there are indeed options for both!

Our Top Five Dabbing Torches for 2020!

dab torch

Well, here we are – without further ado, check out our top five go-to torches for 2020. There are some real corkers here!

#1 Blazer GT8000 Big Shot

The big daddy of dabbing torches, there aren’t many like this out there on the market! Certainly not one you would likely take on your travels with you, but the perfect at-home option for those serious about dabbing.

This butane torch offers flexibility in that it can be used in the kitchen as well as for your extra-curricular cannabis consumption! It is sturdy in both name and nature and is unlikely to accidentally tip over during use, which is a great added safety bonus.

With this big boy, you don’t need to be continually worrying about your butane running out as the tank is pretty generous and lasts a long time. It’s great for more time dabbing and less time messing around with the refill!

With a sturdy build and a steady flame, you can fire her up to 4500˚F in no time! This model is wonderful for quick, practical and comfortable use at home.

#2 Bonjour Professional Cooking Torch

If you are a beginner, then we have the perfect option for you! Affordable, lightweight and nifty, the Bonjour cooking torch is a versatile, multi-purpose option that won’t break the bank!

One of the best things about this torch is that you can get it from pretty much any home store, making it super accessible. If you are into traveling and want a little torch that will get the job done without a fuss, this is for you.

Don’t be put off by the fact that this torch was intended for use in cooking, it still does the job well and costs half the price of a branded dabbing torch!

#3 Blazer GB2001 Self-Lighting Butane Micro Torch

A real industry favorite, we have another Blazer torch to share with you, and this little dude will be your best friend for traveling or even at home dabbing.

It may be small in stature, but don’t let the size fool you – this self-igniting torch packs a seriously impressive flame that will get you to the desired temperature in no time.

With a comfortable textured grip for comfort and easy handling, you can always feel safe and secure while dabbing! It also has a sturdy base that makes it less likely to fall over during use.

#4 Crème Brulee Butane Torch

Looks great, works brilliantly! This tiny torch is ideal for those small nails and rigs that require more precision. Offering an adjustable flame that can be turned up or down, and even an option to lock the flame in place, you can even benefit from hands-free use!

Take it out and about or use it in the comfort of your own home, and once those cravings kick in why not get your chef’s hat on and whip up some sweet crème brulees?! You certainly can do both, as this baby offers around 45 minutes of burn time!!

#5 Double Flame Dab Torch

Last but by no means least is the Double Flame torch, which promises to get the job done in half the time of most of its competitors. With double barrel facilities, you can rest assured that your nail will hit maximum temperature with ease, not to mention it looks cool!

This is an ideal option for those professional dabbers who know what they are doing. Made with premium grade materials, this baby should last you a long time with the right TLC.

Twice the heat, less burn time, more dabbing – what’s not to love?!

Final Thoughts: What’s Your Go-To Torch for 2020?

We love hearing from our readers, especially when it comes to recommendations for the best products on the market! These are five of our current favorites, but let us know down in the comments what torch you reach for.