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MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on October 18, 2018

Acapulco Gold Strain Review

Where do we start with this legendary strain? Acapulco Gold has been around since the 1960s and is considered to be one of the most luxurious cannabis strains in the world.

Sought after by celebrities, connoisseurs and newbies alike, today we are going to take an in-depth look at all you need to know about Acapulco Gold and why you need to have it in your life!

What is Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain?


Acapulco Gold is one of the most talked about strains in the industry; even today after decades of existence, this sativa-dominant strain still has heads turning wherever it grows.

With a mysterious and uncertain background, nobody knows which strains Acapulco Gold came from, but what we do know is where in the world it was born!

Originating from Acapulco in Mexico, this mouth-watering sativa is often associated with exotic climates and luxurious, hot conditions. For this reason, the strain is harder to get hold of now than ever before, with more people growing it inside where the conditions are difficult to replicate.

Considered a strain for weed experts, this delightfully potent strain has been featured in TV programs and movies, and even has celebrity links to people such as Jack Nicholson – who is rumored to be a big fan of this bud!

Just as popular now as it was in the 60s, this landrace strain even went on to be named as one of the greatest strains of all time by High Times Magazine in 2014!

Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain

Acapulco Gold Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

Acapulco Gold Strain Review

This strain is seriously something else, with orange hairs that resemble a gold nugget and greens and browns interwoven in between, this is a simply stunning looking flower.

Taken from its appearance, the name Acapulco Gold doesn’t do this plant justice, with truly bountiful resin and a unique hue that you have to see it to appreciate fully.

Once you have gotten over the beauty of this plant, dubbed “connoisseur pot”, you will be bowled over by the sweet and alluring aroma. Think warm toffee and coffee undertones with a subtle pine and citrus note running through it. Acapulco Gold is rich in all of its elements, and the taste is just as delicious and mouthwatering as the smell.

With buttercream sweetness and earthy back notes, Acapulco Gold is a genuinely delicious strain that will undoubtedly have you coming back for more!

Acapulco Gold Cannabis Grow Info

Acapulco Gold’s exotic origins mean that this bud thrives in outdoor tropical conditions. We’re talking sunshine and high temperatures to get a thriving plant, which is ready to harvest by mid-late October.

Unfortunately, more growers are now moving indoors as the seeds are grown across the world, and although it can grow well indoors, it is just a mere imitation of the original Acapulco Gold from the 60s. Indoor growers can expect the bud to flower for 70-75 days, with yields of around 16 ounces per square meter.

Acapulco Gold is typically considered a medium difficulty plant to grow, so newbies to the industry who have limited gardening experience may want to stay clear of this one for now. Although work will need to be put in to maintain this beautiful bud, it does give back! Acapulco Gold is a robust plant and is resilient to many of the common causes of plant damage such as mold, bacteria, and insects.

Medical Benefits of the Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain

Grow Acapulco Gold

Despite its status as a luxury strain, Acapulco Gold is also extremely beneficial as a medicinal cannabis strain, with THC levels of around 23%, it boasts many potential benefits.

Sufferers from some mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression have been known to reach for Acapulco Gold to benefit from its potent mental high that kicks in fast with a boost of euphoria and high-energy.

It is due to its sativa properties that Acapulco Gold is a great pain reliever, and can be used to help with muscle spasms, nausea and inflammatory pain making it an excellent all-rounder to relieve the symptoms of a host of conditions.

Acapulco Gold’s clear-headed high makes it ideal for fatigue and boosting motivation, while its soothing body high combats insomnia and general aches and pains.

It’s no wonder that the Oxford English Dictionary officially defined this super happy strain as a “special grade of cannabis growing in the city of Acapulco” – it really is something else.

Possible Side Effects of Acapulco Gold

Like with any strain of cannabis, too much can come with some adverse side effects, so ensuring you stay within your limits of tolerance is key to enjoying marijuana to its full potential.

Acapulco Gold has a few typical side effects such as dry eyes and mouth, with some people reporting mild anxiety and paranoia as a result of the strain. We would recommend starting low and working up to a level that suits you to avoid any unpleasant effects.

Should You Be Adding Acapulco Gold to Your List of Strains to Try?

We won’t lie, getting your hands on Acapulco Gold may not be the easiest of things, but it is well worth the hunt! This strain screams luxury and is considered to be one of the most expensive cannabis strains on the market. That being said, we love a challenge, and the effects of this bud are second to none – a must try if you ask us!

Let us know in the comments if you have tried Acapulco Gold – what did you think?

  1. Hallie Gamez
    Always out of stock

    Acapulco is only available sometimes with my pot seller. I like it a lot, so I always pay him in advance for the strain, and he delivers as soon as he has some stock. It is strong, all features of a sativa dominant strain, and it gives me a very long lasting high. If I smoke it, just 2 grams say, for 3 to 4 days, I remain in a state of something near to euphoria. A real good one!

  2. Free
    Experience with Acapulco Gold

    So..back in early 90’s. My friends and I are traveling across Wisconsin to go to this Rockfest my brother in law was playing at. Great lineup of older rock bands. My buddy has this bag of weed hes been hanging onto. I take a look at it..its shaky..but its gold? What? Even the small leaves. Smells just like the toffee this article brings up. I questioned his sanity. I was like ..this isnt weed,dude. WTH? He says”No,man. This is some Acapulco Gold. My mom’s friend has been growing this since the early 70s. He had a big bag of seeds and he still drove a stake in the stem during flowering and let it completely ripen. Still didnt believe him..until we were done smoking it..I was HIGH. Tasted just like burnt toffee. Never tasted weed like that before. All I ever had smoked before that was skunks and indica. Things that grew in our area. Bee growing, had friends that had been growing for many years but never had I tasted anything in the weed world like this. That was an experience to remember. High all the way across the whole state. I ever find this one again I’ll be cleaning them OUT. Hope this helps anyone. A MUST find for sure

  3. Robert Demyen
    Scarcity of landrace strains

    First time I tried it was in the late 60’s. Wow man! lol. It wasn’t the usual mean green Mex I was used to. Anyway, after doing my adult thing, raising kids working ect. now at 68 I found some now legal relief for my pain. Just got my MMcard here in Ohio and can’t find the strain anywhere including Michigan. The Indicas leave me too ummm relaxed?? It’s hard to find the landraces I was used to as a young man. We’re not allowed to grow our own (yet?). Any suggestions?

  4. Stella Roachclip
    Acapulco Gold - Get Some of This QUICK!

    Oh man, I got my hands on a few grams of this legendary strain. I have never had an opportunity to try or buy it before, and I snapped up as much as I could afford LOL Everybody’s right; this stuff disappears fast and for good reason!

    It’s the cleanest bud I’ve ever tasted and the high is exactly what I’ve been looking for — what’s been absent in other strains lately. I feel so calm and relaxed. Super grateful I got to smoke some of this sweet, legendary cheeba. Cheers my friends! Keep smoking!

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