5 Must-Try Hacks to Make Your High Last Longer

Lengthen the effects of weed!

There are so many articles online that talk about detoxing or getting weed out of your system, so here at MarijuanaBreak we wanted to share something different. We believe if you are enjoying your bud and are lighting up to ease the pain or any other debilitating condition, why not prolong that lovely occurrence.

In other words, enhance your experience and enjoy the effects of weed every minute while it lasts. And if you can make it last even longer, well, hell yeah! In this article, we are going to break the boundaries and show you 5 hacks that can help to make your high last longer.

1) Make Your High Last Longer with Mangoes and Weed

5 Genius Hacks to Make Your High Last Longer

This might sound strange, but mangoes seem to work. The trick is to eat a mango or drink some mango juice about an hour before you light a joint.

When combined with weed, the chemical compounds (myrcene terpenes) within the mangoes go to work. They combine with the same substance in your bud maximizing the high effect, making it last longer so you can stay high longer. It really depends on the person smoking, but it will sometimes strengthen and even lengthen your experience. After combining some mangoes with your weed, there’s a good chance you won’t be asking anymore how to make your high more intense or last longer.

2) Tea Might Be Able to Amp Up Your High

Marijuana Tea

If you don’t want to get completely wrecked but enjoy the experience, then tea may be the solution. Tea contains antioxidants that bind with cannabinoid receptors. This helps to improve your mood and relaxation levels. It won’t necessarily make your high last longer, but it will definitely boost it. Tea is a great solution for how to intensify your high.

3) Boost Your Buzz with Nuts

5 Genius Hacks to Make Your High Last Longer Nuts

Next time you have the munchies and get a craving, forget the traditional snacks and pick up some nuts. Nuts are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids which tend to bind with the cannabinoids in marijuana.

Not only will it help you reach your high faster, but it also can make your experience better and last longer.

4) The Obvious Hack: Hold the Smoke In Longer

5 Genius Hacks to Make Your High Last Longer Hold In

Although this concept might sound a bit weird and isn’t for everyone, especially if you smoke your joints with tobacco, simply holding the smoke in a little bit longer could work to boost your high. Suck up that extra THC and feel its more potent effects.

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Another way is to hot-box your smoking or try Jamaica baking. In these two techniques, you are smoking in an enclosed area, so the smoke rises to the top. Then you stand up and only breath in smoke. The difference is that with Jamaica baking you’ll be smoking in a room with lots of steam.

5) Edibles Definitely Lengthen Your High

Cannabis Edibles Brownies

Some edibles will simply rock your world. Your best bet would be to go to your local dispensary and ask for a treat that has high levels of THC. They will know what to recommend. Edibles are known for intensifying the high and helping it last longer. Typically, edibles can work their magic anywhere from 4-10 hours on average but be sure to give the baked goods a chance to kick in. It usually takes 30 minutes to 90 minutes for the high effects to become apparent, so sit tight, be patient, and await that blissful moment.

how to make your high last longer

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