20 Songs You Must Listen to While Smoking Ganja

All are promised to leave you blazin'
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on June 26, 2019

20 songs for stoners

All are promised to leave you blazin’!

Music is one of those things in life that can really put you in a great mood… and listening to some chill-out music while you’re blazin’ just makes it even better. A little 420 can make even the worst song sound amazing – and it can make a perfect song sound f**king amazing.

Discover your perfect marijuana-music match today, based on the music you love, right here.

So if you’re in the mood to get high, kick back, and listen to some tunes, we’ve put together this fantastic list of tracks, any of which would make the perfect soundtrack when you next blast a joint.

Unlike most other lists, these songs aren’t necessarily about smoking weed – they’re just pretty amazing to listen to while you do. They’re pulled from all different genres, from jazz to country, hip-hop to stoner rock, so there should be a little something for everyone.

But, Before We Get into the Soundtrack, Here are Some Compelling Reasons Why Music is So Great for Our Health…

Yes, yes, music is fantastic! You can find a soundtrack that perfectly reflects any and every situation – from romantic first-date music to tear-jerkers when the relationship comes to an end.

Today, with streaming sites all the rage, you can even get a playlist to help you focus on work, kick ass at the gym, and celebrate tying the knot. The possibilities of music are endless!

But why is music such a significant part of our lives? This is not a modern phenomenon either; although music is much more accessible for everybody these days, the use of music has been around since, well, forever!

Researchers have looked into how music plays on our emotions, and it turns out that listening to the perfect tune can have a direct impact on our brain’s neurotransmitters, in turn regulating mood and influencing our emotions.

So, the next time you can’t seem to shake that song out your head, or you can’t quite stop playing that power ballad on repeat while sobbing into your green tea, remember, you’re not going mad – it’s the dopamine!

So without further ado, here are 20 songs you need to listen to while smoking weed.

1. Tame Impala – “Let It Happen”

Originating from Australia, Tame Impala is one of those bands you have to try at least once. Their sound is super laid back; all the while offering listeners a psychedelic look into thoughts and feelings we all have, but don’t often talk about.

Let It Happen will have you laid back, eyes closed, wishing you had someone to listen alongside with.

2. Glitch Mob – “Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul”

The kings of top-notch remix music, Glitch Mob are no strangers to piecing together some absolute dance floor bangers – and Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul is perhaps one of the main exceptions to this!

A certified ballad, this is a pretty reflective tune that will go hand in hand with a good indica bud.

3. Marian Hill – “Got It”

We told you that we had a song for every mood, and this upbeat number from Marian Hill is the perfect bedroom song (in our opinion!). Enjoy a few doobies with someone special and play this in the background, we bet you will both find meaning in the words – and if nothing else, the jazzy notes are wonderful to behold when high!

4. Return to Forever – “Earth Juice”

In keeping with that upbeat jazz-fusion, this next one is the perfect backing track to a laid back gathering together with friends. Think garden cocktail party, but with a load of weed! Super cool, lots of sax – you will love this when you’ve enjoyed a few tokes. Also, that electric guitar is sick!

5. Herbie Hancock – “Bubbles”

There had to be some Herbie Hancock in our playlist, didn’t there? This track is so chilled out – it’s perfect for that bit of the sesh where you’re all just sat there in silence, enjoying the feeling.

There’s not too much going on in this song, which kind of makes it the perfect choice for a really relaxed high.

6. Outkast – “Elevators (Me & You)”

Okay, so Outkast are musical legends, really, aren’t they? This isn’t their only track that sits perfectly with a joint – but this is definitely one of our favorites. This is probably one of the more lyrical songs we’ve included, and you may find the words just washing over you, but there’s no doubt that you’ll love passing around your joint to this track.

7. Kendrick Lamar (ft. Gunplay) – “Cartoons & Cereal.”

Kendrick Lamar is another favorite amongst the cannabis community – but this is a pretty trippy song, and don’t even get us started on the music video!

This one could do things to you if you’re indulging in a trippy sativa, but there’s no denying it’s a tune – and another great one if you love to enjoy the lyrics of a song.

8. Band of Horses – “Blue Beard”

Super instrumental, super unwinding – this is one of those softer, more gentle tracks that takes your mind on a journey of exploration and reminiscing.

Possibly one of the more ‘meaningful’ tracks on our list, and one that could cause a little tear if you’re going through hardship and feeling vulnerable.

9. Sturgill Simpson – “Turtles All The Way Down”

We love a badass song, and Turtles All the Way Down is definitely not one to disappoint. If you’re a lover of rock, hard pop or just great instrumental talent, then you will love this. Listen to it through high-quality headphones as you puff away; trust us – you’ll love it!

10. Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler – “Cosmic Square Dance”

This is probably one of the more memorable songs on our playlist, but country fans will love this take on the classic square dance music. Upbeat, happy, and just lovely to listen to, this requires no mental effort to indulge in, making for the perfect stoner song!

11. TAUK – “Mindshift”

Super tech-rock, this is a great backing track to a smoking sesh with you and a few friends. If you are a big fan of drums, electro-rock, and zero lyrics, then this will be right up your street!

12. The Mars Volta – “Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of)”

Another one for the avid rock listeners amongst us, this has a rock-indie twist that we love. Think Bloc Party lyrics with Muse instrumental. We love this, and it’s great whether you’re alone or in good company.

13. Down – “Nothing In Return”

This is one for the heavier rock fans amongst you. The track starts off lightly, offering sparse instrumental with no lyrics at all, but it’s a builder that any music fan will appreciate, particularly when high!

14. KOAN Sound – “Lost in Thought”

Probably one of our favorite tracks to listen to when getting stoned, this is so laid back you might even fall asleep. The title of this one really speaks for itself, and you will likely find your mind wandering off into unchartered territory as you take in the beautiful melodies of this track.

15. John Coltrane – “In A Sentimental Mood”

Ahh, a real musical talent, this is the jazz track of all stoner jazz tracks. Stunning sax, intriguing back melody and you’re away in a café in France (or at least that’s where the song takes us!).

You’ll be blown away by this laid-back track, which compliments almost any type of high effortlessly.

16. Jon Lajoie – “High as Fu$%@”

Okay, so we promised that we weren’t just going to give you a playlist full of stoner songs – but we had to slip at least one in, didn’t we?

This funny parody song is a terrific conversation starter, mood lightener, and great general song to listen to when you are indeed high as Fu$%@!

17. Kid Cudi – “Just What I Am ft. King Chip”

Kid Cudi surprised us with this one. With a super laid back beat, the rhythmic lyrics of this song make for a great party backtrack. It’s also perfect if you prefer a more lyrical song, rather than pure instrumentals.

18. Sublime – “I Smoke Two Joints”

Okay, so one obvious weed smoking song wasn’t enough – so sue us! This rasta-inspired track by Sublime is a proper old school pot song, but one that you can’t help but move to when you’re enjoying one (or two) joints yourself!

19. John Prine – “Illegal Smile”

If you’re a fan of country music, this slow-paced track by John Prine is one you will love. A more discreet nod to smoking pot, Illegal Smile is chilled, and features some pretty relatable lyrics!

20. Brewer and Shipley – “One Toke Over The Line”

Okay, we had to end on a high – pardon the pun. And One Toke Over The Line is yet another weed inspired track that featured harmonious country singing and acoustic guitar. We mean, what’s NOT to love, right?

Final Thoughts – What’s Your Go-To Stoner Track?

We like to think our playlist is a little more diverse and out of the ordinary, but we want to know what you think! Have we included some great variety, or are we overlooking a real bud banger? Let us know down in the comments what your favorite stoner song is!

  1. Catherine Little
    Quite sentimental

    “In A Sentimental Mood” always feels great one after I smoke a heavy dose of white widow. This is one of my favorites, otherwise as well, but feels especially good once I smoke.

  2. Brenda Smith

    Why do you allow such posts on your website. We come here and find great content always, many a times informative as well, but this was the last thing I expected you to be publishing. Who is interested in songs on a weed website. People like me are not and I am finding this really funny!
    P.S. I love all your articles but this one is a little pinch of humor you have added!

  3. Helen Free

    Wonderful list of songs.

  4. Donna Everett

    My all-time favorites while smoking weed is Band of horses and return to forever.

  5. Lisa Lee

    Great listening songs. Here is another I enjoy. Take a listen.
    J’aime “HelloRato” 4/20 Inspired

    1. MarijuanaBreak

      Thanks a lot, it is a great song!

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