20 Songs You Need to Listen to While Smoking Weed
August 10, 2016

20 Songs You Need to Listen to While Smoking Weed

All are promised to leave you blazin'
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on August 10, 2016

20 songs for stoners

Music is one of those things in life that can really put you in a great mood… and listening to some chill-out music while you’re blazin’ just makes it even better. A little 420 can make even the worst song sound amazing— and it can make a really good song sound f**king amazing.

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So if you’re in the mood to get high, kick back, and listen to some tunes, we’ve put together this amazing list of tracks, any of which would make the perfect soundtrack when you next blast a joint. Unlike most other lists, these songs aren’t necessarily about smoking weed — they’re just pretty amazing to listen to while you do. They’re pulled from all different genres, from jazz to country, hip-hip to stoner rock, so there should be a little something for everyone.

So without further ado, 20 Songs You Need to Listen to While Smoking Weed

  1. Tame Impala – Let It Happen w/lyrics

  2. Glitch Mob – Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul

  3. Marian Hill – “Got It”

  4. Return to Forever — “Earth Juice”

  5. Herbie Hancock — “Bubbles”

  6. Outkast — “Elevators (Me & You)”

  7. Kendrick Lamar (ft. Gunplay) — “Cartoons & Cereal”

  8. Band of Horses — “Blue Beard”

  9. Sturgill Simpson — “Turtles All the Way Down”

  10. Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler — “Cosmic Square Dance”

  11. TAUK — “Mindshift”

  12. The Mars Volta — Roulette Dares (The Haunt of)

  13. Down — “Nothing In Return”

  14. KOAN Sound — “Lost in Thought”

  15. John Coltrane — “In A Sentimental Mood”

  16. High as Fu$%@ – Jon Lajoie

  17. Kid Cudi – Just What I Am ft. King Chip

  18. I Smoke Two Joints

  19. John Prine : Illegal Smile (1978)


  1. Brenda Smith

    Why do you allow such posts on your website. We come here and find great content always, many a times informative as well, but this was the last thing I expected you to be publishing. Who is interested in songs on a weed website. People like me are not and I am finding this really funny!
    P.S. I love all your articles but this one is a little pinch of humor you have added!

  2. Helen Free

    Wonderful list of songs.

  3. Donna Everett

    My all-time favorites while smoking weed is Band of horses and return to forever.

  4. Lisa Lee

    Great listening songs. Here is another I enjoy. Take a listen.
    J’aime “HelloRato” 4/20 Inspired

    1. MarijuanaBreak

      Thanks a lot, it is a great song!

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