How 93% of Females Are Beating These 3 Conditions with Cannabis

Discover how cannabis can help…

To be a woman in the world is not always an easy task. Women are faced with numerous additional challenges and obstacles in life, ranging anywhere from emotional to social to physical. This is where cannabis comes into play. Although this medicinal flower can’t fix everything, when it comes to women’s health, it certainly can help a lot.

Of course, the possible uses of weed extend far beyond the three primary conditions affecting women that we will mention in this article. All in all, it is refreshing to see that this “feminine-biased” plant is truly able to support numerous women all around the world.

Keep reading to discover why 93% of women are beating these 3 conditions with weed…

1. All the Pains of the Menstrual Cycle:

If you’ve ever experienced menstruating, which almost every lady can relate to, then you know how insanely uncomfortable it can be. The discomforts tied with having a period can be so overwhelming that you might not even be able to go to work or school, and be forced to take a sick day instead. For each female, the level of pain intensity during this time varies immensely from person to person, but statistics say about 50% of women experience mild to severe menstrual cramps, which can also be tied together with lower back pain, migraines/headaches, sore breasts, dizziness, feeling faint and more. All of these symptoms are extremely unpleasant, and for 3-9 days a month they present themselves ready to temporarily take over your life.

Did you know that cannabis can actually help with menstrual cramps, though? Both the cannabinoids THC and CBD have proved impactful with managing pain, as well as minimizing headaches, cramping, lack of appetite and more. Even better, no more sleepless nights on your period tossing and turning around because the pain is too much, and no more of those over-the-counter painkillers and nasty caffeine pills. Now, the answer to your all the negative side effects from monthly menstruation is simply a few puffs (or bites) away.

  • For period cramps, try these cannabis strains: White Widow (hybrid) or Jillybean (sativa dominant hybrid).
  • For migraines/headaches caused by menstruation try: ACDC (sativa dominant hybrid with high CBD levels) or Purple Kush (indica).
  • For back pain or other pain management try: Gorilla Glue (hybrid) or Harlequin (sativa dominant with high CBD levels).
  • For insomnia or trouble sleeping due to menstrual related discomfort try: Northern Lights (indica) or Skywalker (indica).
  • For lack of appetite or faint feelings try: Goo (indica) or Caramelo (sativa).

2. Depression and Negative Feelings

Although depression and negative emotions certainly do weigh heavy upon the shoulders of the men of the world, statistically speaking women are actually twice as likely to undergo major depression. For this reason, marijuana can not only help everyone manage a positive mood and live as their happiest, most fulfilled selves, it can also immensely benefit women who might be feeling especially lost, alone or isolated in the world, as it provides that extra boost to help them get through the day so they can continue working on their own wellness, health and self-love.

Instead of opting for a prescribed pharmaceutical such as an SSRI, SNRI, MAOI or TCA, cannabis has proven to be a viable option for a range of emotional disorders, and it has throughout history been utilized for this very purpose. Of course, switching to an herbal alternative is not for everyone, especially not those with extremely severe mental conditions or disorders, so it is vital to discuss your plans with your doctor before making any big decisions.

If you have been experiencing some depression or negative thought patterns, then these strains might be for you: Jack Herer (sativa dominant), Girl Scout Cookies (indica dominant hybrid), Pineapple Express (sativa dominant), AK-47 (sativa dominant hybrid), and there are so many other options.

3. Chronic Fatigue

Another medical condition that can also affect men, chronic fatigue is an especially debilitating disorder because it causes one to become constantly exhausted and feel as if even the simplest task would completely wipe away the remainder of their energy. This medical condition is not fully understood, but it is often very closely tied together with fibromyalgia. The reason why chronic fatigue is mentioned on this list is because women are actually 2-4 times more likely than men to be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, which is why it’s an important women’s issue to bring awareness to – especially for those who feel like they have no options left in terms of treatment.

Consuming marijuana could help, especially with more mild circumstances, but it’s important to look for a well-balanced sativa strain that is not too hyper-inducing but at the same time does provide enough energy to get you moving and grooving. Since ancient times, cannabis has been used to cut fatigue, yet at the same time there exists an irony because marijuana can also dissolve insomnia or sleeplessness. Ultimately, this just shows even more why the proper strain type for you is vital.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to remove some of your fatigue, whether it is occasional or completely chronic, then these strains might actually be able to help really well: Super Silver Haze (sativa), Green Crack (sativa), Durban Poison (sativa), Headband (hybrid) and Critical Mass (indica).

Final Thoughts:

If you are a women and you struggle with one of the medical conditions or discomforts listed above, then hopefully this information provided some knowledge and expressed just how much of a positive impact cannabis can have in regards to relief from these sometimes debilitating ailments.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.