Willie Nelson Releases Line of CBD Coffee Beans: Is It Worth Your While?

Yes, CBD coffee is officially a ‘thing.’ If you didn’t know it before, the release of Willie Nelson’s ‘Willie’s Remedy Whole Bean Coffee’ product will show you! In many ways, it is one of the least surprising developments in the cannabidiol industry to date. An estimated 150 million Americans drink the beverage for a total of over 400 million cups per day.

Approximately 64% of American adults drink at least one cup of coffee on an average day, and our northern neighbors love it about as much as we do. Brands such as Green Roads quickly got into the entire ‘CBD Coffee’ craze as each 8oz bag of its product contains 250mg of CBD.

What Can CBD Coffee Do for You?

Given the hype surrounding CBD, you probably know that it is the most abundant non-intoxicating compound in marijuana, and is also contained in industrial hemp. It has been linked with all manner of benefits, including a reduction in seizures and a decrease in anxiety. The idea behind CBD and coffee is that the combination of cannabidiol and caffeine provides all the alertness of coffee, without any jitters.

Skeptics are unsure as to the purpose of CBD coffee. If you are using it to relax, the caffeine is still going to play a role and keep you alert. You could circumnavigate this particular issue by choosing decaffeinated coffee.

According to Bonni Goldstein, a physician based in California, individuals looking to take CBD for a serious medical issue such as an autoimmune or inflammatory disorder should NOT consume cannabidiol coffee because of a lack of accurate dosing. Goldstein specializes in ‘cannabinoid therapy’ and suggests that dosing is not as important if you are using CBD as a supplement.

A study by Pacifici et al., published in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM) in February 2017, discovered that temperature impacts CBD content in marijuana tea. In other words, the mg of CBD you need for a specific condition won’t be consistent when delivered in a heated beverage.

Goldstein also says that CBD content is reduced when exposed to heat. For example, the amount of CBD in a solution could suffer increased degradation when the temperature is as low as 71 degrees Fahrenheit. This isn’t bad news if you like an iced latte but adding CBD to hot coffee could potentially reduce the amount of cannabidiol available for absorption.

The simple truth is that the precise interaction between CBD and caffeine has not been studied in any depth. CBD is a stimulant in lower doses and a potential sedative in higher doses. CBD coffee typically contains a low dose of the cannabinoid, so, in theory, it should help keep you alert without the shakes associated with excessive caffeine consumption.

Is Willie Nelson’s New CBD Coffee Line Worth Buying?

Willie Nelson is a music legend but is almost as famous for his pro-marijuana advocacy. Along with his family, Nelson has created a new brand called Willie’s Remedy, which focuses on CBD products. Willie’s Remedy Coffee is selected and roasted before being infused with organic full-spectrum oil grown in the state of Colorado.

If you go to the official website, you’ll find six different coffee options, although each one contains 8oz of coffee for $36:

  • Medium blend whole bean coffee.
  • Medium blend ground coffee.
  • Dark blend whole bean coffee.
  • Dark blend ground coffee.
  • Decaf blend whole bean coffee.
  • Decaf blend ground coffee.

Each 8oz of coffee contains a total of 250mg of CBD. According to the brand, there is approximately 1mg of CBD per gram of coffee, and an average serving will have 15mg of CBD. The coffee comes from the Santuario region of Colombia, and there are Castillo, Caturra, or Colombia beans.

According to the company’s Vice President of Brands, Elizabeth Hogan, the beans are covered in CBD oil just after roasting. As the beans cure, the CBD is absorbed.

Ultimately, the Willie Nelson CBD coffee tastes just like regular mid-range quality coffee. Some users have reported a grassy flavor on the tail end, but this could be a case of your brain telling you what to look for.

The main issue with any type of CBD coffee is the lack of consistent dosing. Even if each serving contains 15mg of CBD, the difference in water temperature and the brewing method will alter the dose. Willie’s Remedy recommends the use of a French Press or a metal mesh filter. Ultimately, Willie’s Remedy Coffee should impact you similarly to other reputable CBD coffee brands.

What Can I Expect When I Drink CBD Coffee?

The answer is: “Your experience will vary to that of another person.” The simple fact is that CBD impacts everyone differently. When you drink a regular cup of coffee, you should feel the effects of the caffeine within about 10 minutes. Your body processes approximately 99% of the caffeine within 45 minutes of consumption. A cup of strong coffee has an estimated 150mg of caffeine. In this instance, it means your body will be influenced by the caffeine for up to five hours.

CBD takes 30-60 minutes to have an effect when ingested orally and is believed to have an influence on the body for up to six hours. Again, this time frame varies from person to person. As we mentioned above, the effects of a combination of CBD and caffeine aren’t well known. We know that drinking more than a couple of cups of coffee is a BAD idea.

CBD is supposed to help reduce anxiety and stress, and can ‘take the edge off’ caffeine in theory. However, if you drink a few cups of CBD coffee, you will get the jitters just as readily as you would when consuming excessive amounts of regular coffee. With that in mind, perhaps the decaffeinated versions of CBD coffee make more sense?

As is the case with any CBD product, it takes more than a single serving to understand how it could benefit you. Ideally, you will try to drink CBD coffee in the same way you would drink normal coffee for up to a week. For example, if you usually drink 2-3 medium-sized cups a day, there is no need to consume more. You could make your first cup a ‘typical’ coffee and only use the CBD coffee for your second cup.

CBD’s potential positive impact on anxiety will not be readily apparent if you drink too many cups, or if you consume it at any time after early afternoon. It is best if you don’t consume caffeine of any description after about 2 pm. Remember, low doses of CBD could be stimulating, which means a combination of it, and caffeine could overwhelm some users.

Those who complete a CBD coffee experiment of a few days often report experiencing mild headaches after day one. By the second day, their body reacts better, and the resulting sensation is a combination of feeling alert yet calm. By day three, the unique combination could have a few benefits.

From those who have tried CBD coffee for a full week, they note that drinking more than their usual coffee dose leads to headaches followed by mid-afternoon sluggishness. However, when they stick to their usual routine, it provides them with an energy boost that can last for hours. It won’t help you run a marathon, but it could give you a little more endurance.

Final Thoughts on Willie Nelson’s CBD Coffee & The Concept in General

Overall, Willie’s Remedy Coffee is a solid option in the CBD coffee range. The CBD comes from organic full-spectrum hemp grown in Colorado, and given the singer’s fondness for the herb, it seems unlikely that he would give his name to an inferior product. The brand compares well to others within the industry and is worth trying if you want to give CBD coffee a go.

The CBD must bind with the oils in the coffee bean to get delivered into your digestive system and ultimately, your bloodstream. The beans are heated up, so the oils become ready to bond with the full spectrum oil. Those who have found success selling this product can add the CBD without overpowering the taste of the coffee.

As for the efficacy of CBD coffee, the jury is very much out. It is difficult to determine how the combination of CBD and caffeine will affect any one person. If you remain skeptical, it might be a good idea to drink your coffee as normal and consume CBD via tincture, edible, or vaporizer.