Contemporary Dating Sucks… Let’s Go Get HIGH

It can't be that hard!
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on June 11, 2019

Why Modern Dating Makes Me Want to Get F**king Baked

Written by Johana Clark

Let’s face it – dating today just isn’t like it used to be. It’s insanely complicated, often unrealistic and way too demanding. I’m 27, and a single woman, so realistically I am in my prime of the relationship world. Still, I’m left wondering, why can’t things just be like they were back in the day? Is it that hard to find a decent relationship these days?

When you’re growing up, and later as a young adult, you are constantly being bombarded by statements regarding how much the single life sucks. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you probably don’t remember just how frustrating it is, having to constantly deal with all the annoying crap that comes along with today’s dating, especially online dating.

Nowadays it’s all about your image and how you came across. “Was that thing I said too direct? Was I supposed to kiss them at the end? Do you think they’re into me, or did they just want to hang out cause they thought I’d make a good friend, aka, we’d have good sex?”

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When you do finally find that “perfect” someone, you end up playing games. Ever played the texting game? You know, it’s that silly made up thing that involves weird modern almost alien-like technology, where you aren’t really allowed to text back immediately, in fear that you’ll come across too desperate, but you also can’t send more than one message or over a certain level of characters because then you’ll just be a psychopath. Or how about the ‘who will send the first text’? Are you going to be THE ONE to make contact and seem desperate or are they? It’s as if dating has become some serious scenario, that every step should be analyzed. We aren’t Presidents deciding whether or not to go to war for God’s sake, it really shouldn’t be this big of a deal, but for whatever reason it still is.

Whatever happened to that world where we simply enjoy the moments we share with each other, don’t give any F*CKs about the timing of our messages, and simply live happily within ourselves unworried about what the person you are into thinks? When will a guy come up to me on the first date and say

“Let’s catch a movie and light up a fat spliff”.

Does dating REALLY need to be so complicated. You can just imagine why all I really want to do when I think about online dating is GET F**KING BAKED. At least then I can be in my own space and enjoy at least of half of what I really want to do with a guy without all of these BS games. Is that too much to ask? I’m sure plenty of singles can relate, because I believe at the core this is what most of us actually desire. That’s why we are investing so much time into whether we should swipe left or right.

So, this is what I think. Let’s cut all that crap and stop hiding hiding it; we all like to light up a spliff now and then, so why not do it together with someone who can really enjoy that no bull sh*t puff of Mary Jane.
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I am 27, single, love writing and have created LoveMarijuanabreak for people that are simply looking for that perfect person to light up a spliff with. Join the community, I’m there!
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