5 People Tell Why Marijuana Should Be Legal


We are happy to see that there has been a steady progression in the overall acceptance of marijuana across America over recent years. While the drug is still highly restricted in many places, progress is still progress, and with a recent poll even revealing that a massive 94% of Americans support the legalization of cannabis for medicinal use, it looks like there is no stopping the herb’s inevitable rise to glory!

We see stories circulating on a daily basis with people claiming that weed has changed their lives, so the real question, in our minds at least, is why shouldn’t it become legal all across the world? In this article, we look at the stories of five individuals who have had their lives turned around by cannabis, and why they believe the herb should be made legal.

The Johnson Family

Back in 2006, nine year old Isabelle Johnson was diagnosed with a rare neurodegenerative disease called Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD). Following a rapid decline in overall health, she eventually lost her ability to move and speak. (For those who are unaware, MLD affects roughly 1 in 40,000 people around the world. Knowledge of the condition is limited, and unfortunately more times than not it involves a slow progression to death).

When Isabelle was first diagnosed, her parents – Mark and Wendy Johnson – tried everything to ease their daughter’s suffering. However just one year after the initial diagnosis, Isabelle unfortunately passed away, just before her 11th birthday. Devastated that they had lost their only child, the couple was also told that there would be a 1 in 4 chance of any future children also having the condition, given that they were both carriers of the gene that causes MLD.

Nevertheless, Mark and Wendy went on to have a second and third child, now aged nine and six. Fortunately, these two dodged the genes and were cleared of the condition. However, in January 2016 the couple were told that their fourth child (new-born baby Sophie) had MLD, which naturally brought them crashing back down to earth. With the hope that treatment would help prevent suffering in Sophie, the couple worked tirelessly to try every potential medication and therapy to help their daughter. Over the course of the following year, the family went through regular hospital visits, painkillers, tears and depression as their child became more and more sick.

Desperate, the couple decided to turn to cannabis oil, having seen on the internet how effective it had been for other patients across America. While neither Wendy or Mark weren’t exactly keen to go down this path (neither of them were cannabis advocates), they felt they had no otherchoice but to try every option.

Although Cannabis oil was illegal in their state, the couple managed to obtain some online, and the change in Sophie was both unbelievable and rapid. Having suffered from pain and seizures on a weekly basis, the cannabis oil seemed to stop them immediately, with no clear negative side effects. The family continues to use cannabis oil as a treatment for Sophie to this day, despite it still being illegal in their state.

Susan’s Story

Susan Coleman was just 29 when she was diagnosed with lung cancer following a regular check-up at her doctor. Having no symptoms at the time of diagnosis, the news understandably came as a complete shock – not only was Susan so young, but she had two young children to look after as a single mother.

Over the course of the next three weeks, Susan attended the hospital for regular scans to check the progress of the cancer. Unfortunately, the results revealed that cancerous cells had in fact spread to her lymph nodes and stomach. Just six weeks after being diagnosed with cancer, 29-year-old Susan was given around ten months to live.

Although Susan opted for the traditional treatment of chemotherapy, she was aware that she was simply buying time, and that she would have to make arrangements for her two young children to be cared for after she was gone.

It was one Saturday evening, however, that Susan came across an online article about cannabis oil and how it had been used as a treatment for patients with cancer in certain states. With nothing left to lose, Susan began to incorporate the cannabis oil into her day to day life, never really expecting a result.

Within days, though, her tiredness and fatigue began to lift, and she felt less low in mood and more energetic during the daytime. After one month of taking cannabis oil every day, she had a check-up scan to look at the cancer’s progress. To both her and her doctor’s amazement, the tumor in her lung had shrunk by 3 cm! And not only this, but other serious side effects of the cancer had disappeared.

After a further six months of regular cannabis oil treatment, Susan was miraculously given the all-clear! Cannabis oil is now a daily supplement for Susan, and she has even told friends and family about the incredible side effects of the simple treatment.

Emily’s Seizure-Free Future

Emily Hovis has been diagnosed with Epilepsy since the age of 11. She is now 19 years of age, and has been seizure free for two years. Back when Emily was in high school, her seizures became incredibly severe and with her having around four fits a day, Emily’s parents felt the best thing to do was to home school her.

Taken from her schoolmates and isolated at such a critical time of her life, Emily fell into a depression, and her seizures remained as bad as ever. Over the course of the following 12 months, Emily and her family would attend the hospital 50 times, trying every Epilepsy medication available with no improvement.

At the age of 13, however, Emily took steps to find out what other options were out there for her. Fed up of feeling different from her peers, she searched the internet for an alternative treatment and that is where she came across CBD Oil. It took weeks of persuading and research before her parents decided to give the oil a try, but within one week, Emily had fitted only twice. During the following week, she hadn’t had a single fit, and the CBD oil became her new daily treatment.

Emily is now 19 years old, and is studying a university Bachelor’s Degree — she has not had a fit for two years.

The Briar’s Happy Retirement

Mary and Bill Briar had been married an incredible 60 years, and even though they had always led an active lifestyle well into their 80’s, the couple felt that time was starting to catch up on them as the aches and pains of old age began to set in.

While both Mary and Bill took daily supplements and had healthy and balanced diets, it seemed these things had stopped benefiting as much, and over time they got out less, walked less, and eventually became so inactive that there a full week could go by without either leaving the house.

Angela, the couple’s eldest daughter, was growing more and more concerned about her parents as the weeks passed by, and they seemed to grow less and less strong. It was after Mary had fallen in the house that Angela felt it was time to do something about the situation, as the deterioration in her once lively parents was very clear to see.

Angela recommended the pair try cannabis oil for a couple of weeks, having heard so many success stories about the extract that seemed to be so often talked about in the news. Mary and Bill took a dose of cannabis oil every morning for two weeks, and the effects were astounding!

Both Bill and Mary felt they had gained years overnight, and not only did they have heaps more energy, but they felt healthier and fitter than they had in years! Mary noticed an improvement in the condition of her hair and skin, while Bill had regained his once lost appetite and his passion for cooking.

The couple has done away with many of the supplements they once took religiously, and instead have turned to regular cannabis oil to keep them feeling great!

Brian’s Story

Brian Fisher felt his life had come to an abrupt stop when his childhood sweetheart Marie passed away after 36 years of marriage. Although Brian had children and a good support network around him, it felt as though he was slowly losing control over his own life.

The following 12 months after Marie died, Brian lost his job at a local garden center, which had been his main line to the outside world. Without his partner or his job, Brian began to slip into a deep depression, isolating himself even further from friends and family and spending more time on his own.

Eventually, Brian’s youngest son James persuaded him to see a doctor about his situation, and Brian was placed on strong anti-depressants. It took just three weeks for Brian to become addicted to his prescription medication, which sent him into an even deeper depression and led to severe insomnia.

With his health deteriorating due to lack of sleep, Brian’s son brought around an article printed from the internet in a last-ditch attempt to get through to his dad. The article showed details of how a single mother in Canada successfully dealt with post-natal depression with cannabis, and how it had changed her life.

Brian could see the worry in his son, so he agreed to try cannabis to please him. For two weeks Brian enjoyed a joint in the evenings, and although he had never been a smoker before, he found himself looking forward to his dose of daily cannabis. The insomnia was the first thing to change – with Brian smoking in the evening, he would find himself sound asleep within an hour, having a deep and peaceful sleep each night. Over the course of a further two weeks, Brian decreased his cannabis intake and began to find a lease for life once again. His mood was improved, as was his passion to enjoy golf and walking, something he once loved to do.

Brian has since experimented with different strains of cannabis and has found that he no longer needs anti-depressant medication to feel better. Instead, he enjoys micro-dosed levels of cannabis every few days, which keeps his sleep in check and his mood light.

Final Thoughts

With so many conflicting views on cannabis and its legalization flying around, it is always great to hear some real-life stories from those who have benefited from the fantastic properties of the marijuana plant. Given more time, we hope that more and more people come out to tell their stories in order to lift the stigma that currently surrounds the cannabis plant.