Which 420 Dating Site is Best? (Updated Reviews)

Guaranteed to help you find love!

With so many options available on the internet to date, meetup or find love, it can be difficult to filter out sites that aren’t right for you. With our easy to read and quick review, discover the perfect site for you! Find exactly what you want just by reviewing this quick guide, and become that much closer to companionship or the right relationship.

1. Singles Looking to Hook Up



As a single looking to Hook Up and find that right person to continue to a long term relationship, it can sometimes be difficult to discover a site that features compatible individuals. With EliteSingles.com look no further! EliteSingles features a unique questionnaire that matches your compatibility with other singles on the site looking for the same things you are. This survey is brilliant and rates your pairing on physical appearance and even the type of relationship you are interested in pursuing. As you browse through member profiles, you’ll see a percentage of compatibility rating, making it simple to navigate the site and find the perfect hook up for you. Best of all, membership pricing is affordable and sign-up is incredibly easy.

If you are looking for a fun yet professional meetup site, then EliteSingles.com is the right site for you! And the best thing is that’s its completely FREE!

2. Long Term and Committed Relationships

Long Term

If you are looking for a Long Term Committed Relationship or someone to spend the rest of your life with, Elite can provide you with just that. It has a 29 dimensional matching system, guaranteeing to find you someone who can fill the part of your life that might be missing. Read the success stories of people who were singles, just like you, who were able to find their special someone . Take a comprehensive personality test that ends with the results of singles who are so right; singles who share the same interests, morals, goals and ideas about life, but who are still just different enough from you, so that your compatibility is guaranteed successful. Incredibly, Elite accounts for 4% of America’s successful marriages. That’s A LOT of marriages that were formed from such an easy to navigate yet comprehensive dating website.

If you are looking for that special someone to spend the rest of your life with, Elite’s Long Term Relationship System is the right option for you! You can register for FREE in seconds.

3. Senior’s Club


Sometimes, as a senior, it can be challenging to find a site tailored to the ages of people over 50. To find someone in a similar age range as you, the best site we recommend is SeniorMatch on EliteSingles because it specifically targets connecting individuals 50+ with their perfect match. SeniorMatch reviews all profiles before listing them, so you can be assured that there are no fake profiles or people who aren’t serious about dating online. Best of all, the website layout is easy to use and allows you to view plenty of information and photos of each profile you visit.

If you are Searching For Love and are over 50 years old, then SeniorMatch is the perfect dating site for you!

5. Are You a Guy?

Gay Love

Are you a gay or homosexual single tired of the lack of commitment of most gay dating sites? In reality, there are plenty of hook up only gay dating sites and apps on the market, but you don’t have to feel discouraged by all these options that aren’t right for you. Believe it or not, EliteSingles is one of the best resources for gay men and women searching for a site that caters to finding the perfect committed partner. With over 1.5 million gay users already on EliteSingles.com, your sea of fish is as grand as the Pacific Ocean. EliteSingles includes many unique features, while still maintain and ease of navigation, allowing you to freely and conveniently filter through singles in your area or long distance who could be the perfect one. Reverse matching is an incredible feature that allows you to find matches who are searching for singles with your qualities. Best of all, with millions of registered users, your possibilities of finding the right person for you are highly likely.

If you are looking for the Perfect Gay Relationship, then EliteSingles is a great resource for you!

5. Jewish Companionship in the USA

Jewish Couple

A you Jewish looking for love or to score the Perfect Date? Are you looking to date only within the Jewish community to find someone with a background and faith similar to yours? JElite might be the perfect site for you. JElite specifically tailors to the Jewish population with thousands of active users per year, this incredibly convenient resource is the number 1 international site for Jewish Singles. Many of these singles are located in America and therefore your pool of options is huge. The convenience of keeping your options to a Jewish only community can take away the difficulties that sometimes arise from dating individuals who are not Jewish and who are not willing to convert at the time of marriage. The rate of achieving a date from JElite is highly likely, with most users finding multiple matches that interest them. JElite claims a 50:50 gender ratio, so no matter your gender you will always have plenty of choices!

If you are a Jewish single looking to find love or date another Jewish single, then JElite is the perfect dating website for you!

6. Find a Nice Christian Girl

Which dating site

Are you a Christian of strong faith looking to date within the Christian community? There are many resources available to you in the online dating world, but ChristianMingle seems to be by far one of the best options! With some of the most reasonable pricing choices out of any dating site on the internet, ChristianMingle makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for in the Christian world. With millions of users, even when you filter down your search results, you are still likely to have hundreds, if not thousands of possible matches. With superb security and personal control of your choices, the possibilities are endless. Participate in activities with matches that are faith related, including Bible studies, a prayer wall and even faith related chat rooms.

If you are Christian single looking to find love with another Christian, someone to share a life- and your faith with, then look no further, the Christian Mingle of Elitesingles is the perfect resource for you!


We hope this dating review has brought some clarity to your love life! Achieving exactly what you want from a relationship does not have to be difficult, sometimes you just need a little direction. That’s why we are here to help.