Here’s Where You Can Score the Best Marijuana Deals Online | Review

Never pay full price again!

It’s a fact- legal weed can be expensive, especially when you’re desiring top-notch quality product. By the time all the taxes have been added onto your purchase and depending upon what part of the U.S. you’re residing in, an Eighth of mid to top-shelf ganja could end up costing you anywhere from $45-$75. This is the price many cannabis lovers pay when they are enjoying their medicine, but just like finding great deals at a clothing store, it is possible to save money when purchasing mind-blowing marijuana. Don’t fret about breaking the bank, never pay full price again with our incredible tips on…

Where to Score the Best Pot Deals Online:

1. EAZE: Convenience and Low Costs


If you reside in the state of California, there’s no better resource than EAZE to trust for all your marijuana needs. This App is straightforward, it functions similar to Uber or Lyft, except instead of someone picking you up to take you somewhere different, EAZE drivers deliver fresh cannabis to the location you provide them with, which can be at the comfort of your very own home, or even at that restaurant you just enjoyed dinner from. Wherever you want them to meet you, they will. Their setup is simple: simply make an account at their website, provide them with your medical marijuana recommendation, pick the strains and amounts you want to add to your cart, checkout your order, provide your location and receive your dank weed in less than an hour. Pretty amazing, right?

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Best of all, we’ve managed to get for you an Amazing Deal. EAZE is offering our loyal readers $60 total (in credit) off their first 3 purchases. This means huge savings on already competitive and affordable prices! Simply click on the promo code below to get it.

Promotion Code Eaze Online


  • Incredibly convenient and simple to use
  • Great app interface
  • Trusted by stoners and the 420-friendly all around California
  • Get the exact ganja you desire delivered to your location within an hour
  • Receive $60 of total credit off your first 3 purchases, just for being a loyal reader of MarijuanaBreak!
  • Affordable prices (get a great Eighth for just $25!)

2. WeedMaps: Cannabis Deals Right Under Your Fingertips

Weedmaps Deals

WeedMaps serves as an incredible resource for anyone desiring to score the best deals they could possibly discover on ganja, edibles, concentrates and more. Their site is simple- just type into their search section the city or town where you want discover deals, and prepare to see WM’s amazing search engines do their work. Up at the top bar, this site provides a special category specifically for witnessing the latest deals, but that’s not the only out of this world feature that this resource possesses. Find top-rated dispensaries, online delivery services and even “marijuana doctors near me“, read reviews and see all of the information you could possibly want to know about a cannabis providing location, all in one convenient place.

Never show up unprepared again when walking into a new clinic or ordering for delivery. No matter where you are, as long as your state does allow medical marijuana, you are bound to find some sort of deal with the help of the trusted WeedMaps.


  • Thousands of reviews and ratings on popular dispensaries and services
  • Categorize your deals by what you’re searching for (edibles, concentrates, indicas, sativas, hybrids and so much more!)
  • Each location that provides cannabis has tons of information if you click on their link (including reviews, details, deals, photos, videos and their menu)

3. Price of Weed: Your Global Index for Cannabis

Price of Weed1

Although this site doesn’t necessarily serve as a resource to read reviews or discover which dispensary or delivery service to hit up for your next batch of green, Price of Weed serves a completely different purpose. Compiled from anonymous user submitted data and information, click on any state or region of North America and discover the average submitted prices for marijuana, including different amounts as well as grades of quality. In case you live in a state with bountiful cannabis use, having P of W available to you may answer any second thoughts you might have about travelling to a different near by town or city to get a bit of a better deal on your ganja. Thankfully, Price of Weed has these answers, so you won’t have to make the trip to no avail or second guess yourself anymore.

The prices that Price of Weed provides you with are not anything you’ll be able to simply discover on another internet site. These are honest, user-submitted prices that are accurately selected from a large pool of submissions.


  • Real, accurate, user-submitted pricing on all the marijuana around North America
  • View pricing for low, medium and high quality products, as well as various quantities
  • Specifically tailored to pricing of weed (area focused resource)
  • Compare pricing in cities or towns close to you

4. CannaSaver: Get Deals That Are Tailored to What You Desire


Much like WeedMaps, CannaSaver offers deals that are available near to the location that you provide their search engine with. This resource is especially amazing for individuals residing in Colorado, providing specialized deals specifically for the loyal users of CannaSaver. Although CS does offer reviews of the most popular and highest rated dispensaries around the U.S., it chooses to tailor to providing incredible savings for its viewers, primarily focusing its search engines to discovering accurate deals. Filter your deal results by the amount of money you’ll be saving, as well as location, medical, recreational, newest deals and so much more. Additionally, they have a huge list of categories to pick from, which range anywhere from first time deals to deals on pipes, to deals on buds or even clones.

If you aren’t so much curious about what people have to say regarding a specific dispensary, but are focused more intently on getting your money’s worth as best as possible, then CannaSaver will absolutely become your preferred resource to save big.


  • Focused primarily on providing readers with deals
  • The most popular and top-rated dispensaries in the US are available for viewing
  • Outstanding filter results
  • Endless categories to discover new, constantly updated deals

5. Leafly: Does Much More Than Simply Offer Deals

Leafly Deals

Leafly is certainly one of the biggest and most popular cannabis related websites in the world, but what many users of this site don’t know, is that often when you click on a specific dispensary, there is also a section where you can see the deals happening. Most of the time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that the dispensary you frequent often has some sort of amazing deal going on during the week. Additionally, read all about your favorite strains and strains you’ve probably never even heard about before. Learn what the most popular sativas, hybrids and indicas are in your area. Best of all, discover new dispensaries local to you.


  • Read deals based off of a dispensary and not just general deals
  • Discover great dispensaries in your area
  • Explore unknown and popular hybrid, indica and sativa marijuana strains
  • Find deals by specific location

Rounding it Up:

We hope this guide has made your search for less expensive cannabis a possibility and that you start seeing all the money you’re saving stack up as you get the best quality ganja for the lowest possible prices!

It’s important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.