Marijuana Mishaps: When Getting High Goes Wrong

For recreational users at least, one of the main reasons for using weed is to enjoy a powerful psychoactive high. I’m sure there are plenty of readers who can pinpoint several times when they got super-high and loved every moment of it. My favorite marijuana-fueled night involved a friend pretending to be a camp 1980s pop music icon. His impression left the rest of us curled up in fits of laughter: For 45 minutes!

However, not every weed story is a fun one, at least not at the time. Yes, the time you lay down on a friend’s bed in the belief you were a salami is hilarious now, but was probably terrifying at the time. This article chronicles a few examples of what happens when you overdo the bong rips and advises what to do if you are in that situation.

1 – “Did I Commit Manslaughter?”

For Donna, who was in her sophomore year of college, going overboard with marijuana caused a tragedy; at least, that’s what she thought. One day, she realized she had pink eye in BOTH eyes. Unfortunately, the campus doctor had left for the day. In what was a bad idea, Donna elected to leave college to get stoned once she knew she couldn’t get traditional medication.

She took the biggest bong hit of her life and coughed for several minutes. The person staying in the house in question was not impressed when he discovered she had pink eye and booted her out of the residence. Donna’s next big mistake was driving back to campus while extremely high. As she had just watched the movie, Crash, she was convinced she had killed an old Asian man with her car.

By now, Donna was crying hysterically, convinced that she had committed manslaughter. It was only when she made it through security that she realized the episode was a figment of her imagination. A relieved Donna washed her hands for a full 45 minutes once back in her dorm room.

2 – Pants for the Memories

Hands up if you mistakenly brought weed to an airport and either ate it in a panic or dumped it! Toya Davis wished she had chosen the latter option at San Diego airport. She received Jolly Rancher edibles from a friend on the previous night and placed them in her purse. Once she realized she still had them while queuing for security, Toya ate both candies!

Most people know that edibles take time to work. Alas, anyone who has ever queued at a TSA checkpoint also understands that you get LOTS of time! In Toya’s case, the edibles kicked in after only 20 minutes, and she was baked. Security asked her to remove her belt and shoes. Toya complied, only to also take off her pants.

She asked the officer what he wanted her to do with them. He replied: “I want you to put them back on.” Fortunately, he had a sense of humor and allowed her to pass through.

3 – The Alternative Oven

When you are extra-high, doing dumb things comes as second nature. The munchies are also a likely outcome, although it depends on the strain. In any case, when one stoner felt hungry and decided to heat up his leftover pasta, he came up with what seemed an ingenious solution.

His apartment has a grill, an oven, and a microwave. None of these options suited our intrepid stoner. Instead, he elected to warm up the pasta on a radiator! When his flatmate explained the other options, the stoner just looked at him with the vacant expression we’ve all had at one point or another.

4 – Use Your Imagination

The combination of marijuana and video games is an epic one. Whether you want to explore the beautiful worlds of the Zelda games or shoot some zombies, video games are high on a stoner’s to-do list. A pair of stoners went down this path, and, by all accounts, had a fabulous time.

They were playing for at least 30 minutes when the mother of one stoner returned home. She asked the dynamic duo what they were doing. Her son replied: “Playing video games.” At that point, his mom pointed out that the television wasn’t on!

5 – Naked Ambition

One anonymous forum poster told the world about his experience of using too much marijuana. The previous night, he was out partying, which involved drinking alcohol and smoking weed. Fully recovered, he elected to consume ‘pot-pop’ the size of a tennis ball before attending a school play.

After three hours of vomiting, crying, and hallucinating in a bathroom, he began to realize that he made a poor decision. At that point, he became paranoid that someone would hear him and waited in a cubicle for hours until the play finished, and a friend helped him home. 12 hours later, the young man woke up naked!

Too High? What to Do

getting too high on marijuana

While a one-time high dose of weed is unlikely to damage your liver, brain, or kidneys permanently, it can make you feel very anxious. When THC gets into the system, the best you can do is wait for it to exit. It is a process that takes several hours, and during that period, you may experience severe adverse effects.

Many unfortunate stoner stories involve inexperienced users and edibles. For newbies, 2.5mg of THC is more than enough to feel an effect. If using an edible, remember that it takes up to two hours to feel anything. We also recommend only using marijuana in a safe space with at least one friend around.

If you overindulge, don’t panic! Despite inaccurate media reporting to the contrary, we’re still waiting to hear about death directly from an overdose of cannabis alone. In a lot of cases, people get very stressed before the ‘peak’ of the high. This is because they don’t know how much they used or how high they’ll get. Although it will feel like you’ll never recover, most of the THC is out of your system within 24 hours. In general, the worst part of the high lasts a few hours.

Reducing the High

Given CBD’s apparent potential to mitigate the effects of THC, perhaps it is worth using CBD oil when excessively high? A study by Hudson et al., published in the Journal of Neuroscience in October 2019, investigated this notion. The team found that CBD “counteracts the psychotropic effects” of THC.

Another quick tip is to take a shower to take the edge off the effect. Once you are dry, drink a glass of water with several teaspoons of sugar. According to Todd Statzer of Urban-Gro, the sugar helps counteract the THC. It is also potentially helpful if you eat something, especially if the high comes from an edible. Putting things through your kidneys and liver could help process the THC through your system.

Getting inside your head while too high is a stressful experience. You will doubtless start thinking about all the bad things likely to happen. One suggestion is to watch an engaging TV show or a comedy. Finally, when all else fails, try to sleep! Put on mellow music, turn down the lights, and go to bed!

Final Thoughts on Misusing Marijuana

While many of the above stories were funny in hindsight, you better believe that each person was going through a horrible experience. No one was hurt in these tales, but that isn’t always the case. In March 2014, Levy Thamba Pongi died after jumping from a hotel balcony in Colorado. The exchange student consumed a 60mg THC cookie and seemed to experience an episode of psychosis.

In April 2014, a man in Denver ate pot-infused Karma Kandy. Soon, he started talking like the world was coming to an end, and he murdered his wife. Of course, these are extreme examples, and in both instances, there was probably more at play than merely using too much weed.

However, we urge caution when using cannabis, especially if it is your first time, or else you are very inexperienced. Marijuana doesn’t affect everyone in the same way because of how it acts on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your friend may handle 20mg of THC easily, but the same amount could trigger an adverse reaction in you. The sensible option is to start with a minimal dose to see how you react. Remember, not every ‘too high’ story has a happy ending.