What’s With All This Marijuana Jargon?

Cola, 420-friendly, Mary Jane, dabs, shake, bowl, hemp, hybrid, sativa, indica, stoner. What does all this marijuana jargon even really mean?

Find out below in your personal guide to cannabis slang and terminology:


You may have heard the sentence ‘hey! Lets pack that bowl!’, or ‘give me a bowl-full’. Bowl is a term designed to represent a unit of measurement for marijuana smokers. It describes the glass piece of a pipe, bong or bubbler where you pack in the cannabis bud. Although bowls can vary in size, the one term bowl is used to describe any amount of bud that is placed in the glass holder of a pipe or other smoking device.


A collection of all the buds on one stalk of the marijuana plant. Before the trimming process, colas are hung and cured. They can vary in size, but for a great marijuana crop they are often quite large. During the trimming process, cola’s are broken down into smokeable buds for ease of use for the smoker or canna chef.


A paste like extract of practically pure THC, which you smoke with a tool known as a dabber. It’s designed for stoners who want to take marijuana smoking to a whole nother level. It gets you extremely high and has gained a lot of popularity in media as of lately. The numbers of people that dab nowadays has grown exponentially.


A plant very similar to THC and CBD laden cannabis. In fact, it is classified as a close relative to smokeable marijuana, both being scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa L. The difference? Hemp doesn’t contain THC and therefore does not have the same effects on the body or mind that the go-to dispensary marijuana has. Instead, hemp can be used for a variety of different things including, sustainable building materials, clothing, oil, a health food snack, rope and string, paper and so many other uses.

Hemp Seeds Marijuana


A mix of different strains of ganja. Usually a blend between indica and sativa, but it truly can be any random mix of any strains. The art of developing hybrids has become quite a phenomena, with thousands of different hybrid strains having been developed in the last 30 years alone. The science of hybrid strain development is truly a fascinating one and can allow users to select buds that are more tailored specifically to their high needs.


A strain of cannabis known to have the characteristics of being stoney and mellow. It is best for medical patients who need a go-to cannabis specifically designed for aid with sleeping, relaxing or just chillin’ out. The plant itself is characterized as being much shorter than the sativa strain, with bushier leaves and buds that collect close together much like a thick pine tree.

Mary Jane:

A slang term used to describe marijuana. It contains some of the same letters and is therefore an accurate representation for the word. The term developed from the acronym for marijuana ‘MJ’ and became Mary Jane as a secretive name for the plant. Since Mary Jane is a very common and classic American name, the term went undercover for a long period of time because authorities figured people were just talking about some girl.


A popular strain of marijuana, known to have the characteristics of being energizing and uplifting. It is the perfect cannabis to smoke or consume for parties and festivals. It is awakening and not as appropriate for aid with sleep. It is amazing for when you are tired and need a quick cannabis pick me up. The plant itself grows the tallest out of any strain, with leaves that grow quite separate from one another and further away from the base of the roots. It’s water leaves are thinner than that of an indica strain. Although many sativa strains exist on the market, there are very few 100 percent pure sativa strains available for purchase. Most strains marketed as a sativa are slightly hybridized.


The crumbs of broken apart buds that are left at the bottom of your weed stash. It’s typically what gets smoked once you’ve completely run out of bud and usually has a lower concentration of THC. The benefits of shake is that it tends to be sold for a much cheaper price at dispensaries and marijuana shops.


Someone who consumes a lot of weed. The term comes from the way someone gets after smoking a lot; things slow down and your eyes become glazed over and red.


Someone who is acceptant of marijuana usage and consumption. This term is often used as a way to describe no judgement of stoners or marijuana smokers. Often times, those who are 420-friendly are stoners themselves, but that is not always the case. Non-smokers can also be 420-friendly.

Hopefully this guide has cleared up a bit of the confusion so that all can become more educated regarding the strange terminologies that are often associated with marijuana related activities and processes. Although marijuana has many known benefits for the user, some detrimental effects can occur from the consumption of cannabis. Therefore, it is important for the consumer to use his or her own discretion when partaking in marijuana related activities.