Cannabis 101: What’s the Difference Between Mids and Regs?

Even if you’re new to the cannabis scene, common sense tells you that some weed is better than others. The problem is trying to distinguish the good from the bad because, let’s face it; a black-market dealer is not going to tell you!

In years gone by, the majority of marijuana was leafy and filled with stems. Today, the herb is getting stronger, with users having easy access to gorgeous, potent, flower-tinted weed laden with beautiful THC crystals. If you purchase your pot from a licensed dispensary in a state where weed is legal, you have access to top shelf marijuana, also known as ‘dank.’

The problem is, dank weed is VERY expensive. In California for example, there are places in San Francisco where you have to pay over $90 for an eighth of dank. This is bad news for users on a budget. In this scenario, you have three choices. First, you can go without the herb. Second, you can part with your cash and buy the good stuff. Third, you can lower your sights and buyer cheaper ‘mids’ or ‘regs’ weed instead.

What is Mids Cannabis?

In the marijuana world, ‘mids’ relates to marijuana that is in the middle in terms of quality. It is not low-grade schwag, nor is it top shelf dank. Mids cannabis is becoming very popular in the Golden State because legalization has caused prices to skyrocket. The industry has come a LONG way from the Mexican brick weed that used to be prevalent. With a THC content of no more than 5%, it only packed a punch if you were a new user, and it led to some pretty harsh smoking experiences.

Although ‘mids’ is not the best weed on the market, it is usually very good and is utterly excellent in comparison to weed from 30+ years ago. Typically, cannabis is considered ‘mids’ when it has a THC content of between 10% and 16%. Top shelf weed is anything above 16% and can go all the way to 30%.

While dank weed is always the best choice, mid-grade marijuana has ample medicinal effects and is capable of providing you with the psychedelic high you crave. In the main, the look, smell, and taste of ‘mids’ cannabis is below what you’ll enjoy with dank pot. Rather than boasting large, dense, and aesthetically pleasing nugs, mid-grade weed has airy buds.

Age could also cause ‘mids’ to become too dry or brown because of how the weed was harvested, dried, cured, and stored. It is common for mid-grade marijuana to be grown outdoors or beneath cheap coverings. They often have a grass-like taste because of suboptimal curing.

The fact is, legalization has been a blessing but also a curse. It is great that you can smoke weed without fear of arrest in certain states, but the prices are spiraling out of control to the point where top shelf strains are unaffordable to all but the wealthiest weed lovers. Not everyone can afford close to $100 for an eighth.

If you have developed a tolerance for cannabis, ‘mids’ may not have the desired effect. However, we fervently believe that once an individual requires more weed to achieve the same high as they did before, it is time to take a tolerance break. You can comfortably purchase an ounce of ‘mids’ for close to $200 in Oregon and Washington. It may not be as earth-shattering as dank weed, but it does the job, of that you can be sure.

What is ‘Regs’ Cannabis?

Short for ‘Reggie,’ ‘regs’ is a low-grade form of cannabis. It is renowned for possessing low levels of THC along with a strange – some would say foul – odor. This is the kind of dirt weed that any marijuana connoisseur will avoid, and is normally only smoked as a last resort. It is dry, filled with stems and seeds, and provides a smoking experience so harsh that a coughing fit is almost a certainty.

While pretty much any strain that has a THC content of less than 10% is classified as low-grade, ‘regs’ is on a lower level entirely. It is a dark green or brown cannabis with a stale, grassy taste, and it can contain as little as 2% THC. There is Reggie cannabis out there that contains more seeds than leaves! If you must smoke ‘regs,’ make sure you get rid of all the seeds or else the session could make you feel nauseous.

Unless you have an extremely low tolerance or have never tried any form of narcotic before, regs is not likely to get you high. Even if you are ‘buzzed,’ it will probably be an unpleasant, dizzy sensation that makes you feel ill. If you smoke regs a handful of times, you will develop a tolerance because it is so weak.

If you don’t have access to a dispensary or licensed dealer, your only other port of call is an illegal black-market dealer. It is they who are most likely to sell you Reggie at a dirt-cheap price. While it is easily affordable and could do the job for inexperienced users, we recommend avoiding regs weed at all costs. It is the kind of cannabis used 40 years ago when no one had access to anything better.

Mids or Regs?

In the end, there is no comparison. The gulf in quality between ‘regs’ and ‘mids’ weed is far greater than the gap between ‘dank’ and ‘mids.’ Reggie weed is barely tolerable and more likely to make you sick than high. In contrast, mid-grade weed usually offers a pleasant smoking sensation and is sure to give inexperienced users a welcome high.

In fact, we believe that novices are better off trying ‘mids’ weed before top shelf in any case. If you have never used marijuana before, it is downright foolish to spend hundreds of dollars on a strain with a THC of 27%. This type of cannabis is certain to prove too potent and could provide a high so powerful that you become scared and even a little sick.

Avoid black market dealers because they are certain to try and sell you their lowest grade garbage in a desperate attempt to get rid of it. If you go to a dispensary, remember that dank weed is called ‘top shelf’ because it is literally on the top shelf! ‘Mids’ will be in the center while the low-grade stuff you should avoid will be at the bottom.

One final tip: Avoid brown weed as this is a sign of oxidation. In other words, it is ‘old’ weed that contains a high level of CBN and a lower amount of THC. You will still get high, but it will be a ‘sedative’ high rather than an exhilarating one.