What Is Shake Weed… And Does it Get You High?

It costs less and isn't that bad
Kayla Burns Kayla Burns / Updated on June 10, 2019

What is Shake Weed... And is it Any Good to Smoke?

We’re sure you will agree that marijuana is beautiful in all shapes and sizes, so it is always a shame to see when a part of our beloved cannabis plant gets a bad rep, and such is the case for marijuana shake. Marijuana shake is widely discussed amongst cannabis enthusiasts, and it seems as though the jury is still out on whether shake is worth smoking or simply good for nothing. To get to the bottom of the matter once and for all, today we are going to be exploring all things shake: what is it, where does it come from, and is it any good to smoke?

If you’ve never heard of shake weed or just aren’t sure whether it’s worth a try – stick around!

What Is Shake Weed?

If you put shake weed into Google, you will likely be overrun by conflicting opinions; by and large, it seems to be a substance that is widely up for interpretation.

However it is judged, shake is the term used for the small bits of flower that collect and gather at the bottom of your cannabis baggy or storage container!

Marijuana shake is just another part of the flower, but over time – due to handling and general bumping around through transporting in your jeans pocket – bits fall off, and that my friends is shake! Shake can contain any part of the bud, including plant matter, trichomes, and a heck load of THC! Yes, that’s right, despite what you may read on the internet, shake CAN get you high–in fact, it can be pretty damn potent in some instances!

Where Can You Get Shake Weed?

If you are receiving cannabis in bags, then you should find that, naturally, shake will gather at the bottom, ready for you to do with what you wish when the time comes! However, if you get your cannabis from a dispensary then there a couple of ways you can get your hands on some. Dispensaries will often sell shake off as a stand-alone product, at a discounted rate compared to whole flowers. This is to reduce wastage, so if you’re on a tight budget this month, buying a bag of shake from your favorite go-to bud could be an option!

Alternatively, many dispensaries will sell shake in pre-rolled joints; however, this can be slightly more problematic, particularly for those using cannabis as a medicinal treatment. In cases where there isn’t enough shake from one particular bud to make up a pre-rolled joint, the dispensary will use shake from multiple buds to fill a joint up. For some, this can be a tasty treat and produce an exciting and potent high, but for those who are seeking treatment for a specific ailment, it can fall short of the mark and even have some unwanted effects such as headaches.

We would advise anyone looking to purchase shake in pre-rolled form from the dispensary to first consult the budtender.

You can then not only find out which bud the shake is from, but also whether many buds have been used.

If you are using pre-rolled joints for medicinal purposes, be sure to tell the budtender your ailments so that they can point you in the right direction.

How to Use Shake Cannabis

The beautiful thing about shake is that it can be used much the same way as a normal bud, but costs much less to buy! Not only is it cheaper, but it’s a hell of a lot more convenient, no need to grind your gear – just roll! The most widely recommended methods of consuming shake are smoking, vaping or in edibles due to their even and consistent burn, avoiding any overcooked or bitter taste.

If you are rolling a joint with shake, be sure to lay out an even layer for the perfect even burn that releases the good stuff slowly!

Be sure to look out for any unwanted plant matter in your shake before using it in a joint or vaporizer. These should be reasonably noticeable amongst the fine powder, and can be removed before getting started!

Is Shake Weed Any Good?

If you are still wondering whether shake is worth your time or money, we don’t blame you! With so many unreliable sellers out there, we would be suspicious too, but there are certain things you can look out for to ensure you are getting only the best product. First of all, know the difference between shake and trim! Many sellers will try and pass off trim for shake to those who may not know better, so if you get what you think should be a bag of shake and it is full of plant matter, it is likely trim, which is the parts of the cannabis plant removed before curing, which doesn’t make for a pleasant smoke.

Second of all, we would always recommend being upfront and asking all the questions before making any purchase. Most dispensaries will be only too happy to help and point you in the best direction. If you see shake referred to as “premium harvest shake” this means it has all come from one flower, so you know exactly what you’re getting!

Let Us Know Your Thoughts in the Comments…

Are you one of the many who have been too uncertain to try shake? If so let us know in the comments what is putting you off, and we can see how we can advise you! We would also love to hear from those who have tried shake, how did you find your experience?

  1. Micheal Lopez
    Good for edibles

    I use this for edibles. And it is always awesome. You make some edible out of normal buds and one out of shake weed, you will by yourself get to know of the difference. Highly recommended.

  2. Hazel Green
    Try shake in edibles

    Use shake for the weed ingredients to your recipe. And it will taste much better. This is because the texture and the consistency provided by shake, especially to cakes is beyond comparison if you use normal weed. Give it a try to know the difference!

  3. Adam Pearl
    Shake is the best thing

    Shake is the best form of weed guys. Our local seller mixes shakes of various varieties, or he might be doing in some fixed proportions I am not sure, but the stock he gives us always different and always exotic! no particular strain can match it and the experience. He gives us some instructions as to how it would be better to use a particular shake, but his shakes are great!

  4. Benny Williams

    I don’t understand what’s not to love here. You wouldnt buy second rate flower, so just ensure you get your shake from a good dispensary and there you have it. Delicious, affordable and accessible for more people who cannot afford expensive bags of whole plant.

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