What is a Weed Tolerance Break? [3 Ways It Can Help You Feel Higher]

Get high like the first time

Have you got a favorite strain or a bong that has become your trusty go-to friend? What do you do when those old reliable pot pals become, well, unreliable?

Yes, ladies and gentleman – we’re talking about the dreaded THC tolerance…

And it’s not just THC our bodies can get used too, either. In fact, it’s every cannabinoid we have come to cherish. So, what do we do when the worst happens, and weed isn’t providing that kick anymore?

There’s nothing else for it – you need a weed tolerance break!

What is a Weed Tolerance Break?

Okay, we get it – nobody likes to be told that they should stop enjoying something that brings them happiness. But, in the case of weed, taking time out can do you more good than bad, and it’s almost always worth the effort!

But why should you take a break from weed, and what could we possibly say to make you consider such drastic action?

Well, if you’re finding that your highs aren’t so high anymore, then the chances are you’ve been pounding the pot way too often and your body has become used to the cannabinoids that it reacted so strongly to before.

Put it this way: If you ate your favorite chocolate bar each and every day, sometimes multiple times a day – what would happen? Well, you’d probably gain a bunch of weight, but you’d also get pretty sick and tired of it. The charm would go. But, what happens if you indulge in your favorite chocolate bar after a few weeks off? Your taste buds come alive, the sugar hits you like a euphoric train – it’s incredible!

Well, this is kind of the same, but with weed.

So what exactly are we suggesting here? That you quit weed? Of course not – we’re not animals! But there is significant research into the benefits of taking a break from your weed routine, which can ultimately see you enjoying the rush and high as if it was your first time!

Dr. Miles Herkenham of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) dedicated considerable time to this topic in a study. He wanted to find out how the body worked when it came to cannabis consumption and tolerance, and he had the following to say on the matter:

The effect…is time-and dose-dependent, and is reversible and thus appears to be cannabinoid-receptor mediated… The result [of the study] has implications for the consequences of chronic high levels of drug use in humans, suggesting diminishing effects with greater levels of consumption”.

How to Do a Weed Tolerance Break

Okay, the first thing to note here is that everybody is different. While some of us will have one less joint in their day, others will decide to go cold turkey and avoid pot altogether for a while, so that when they do come back, it’s better than ever.

There aren’t really any hard or fast rules for having a weed tolerance break, and it really depends on your own personal circumstances. Do you consume pot every day, and is it medicinal or purely for fun? Do you smoke weed, eat it, or none of the above? All of these things matter – so bear that in mind if you’re considering a short hiatus from marijuana yourself.

So, whether you are planning to shake up your routine a little or have a full break away from the plant – there are benefits waiting for you all. But what are they?

If by now you’re wondering what the benefits are for putting a hold on your weed consumption, then don’t worry – we’re at that point in the article where we share our three main ways that a pause on the pot can improve your high, so read on…

1. THC Stops Being a “Normal” Part of Your Body

Okay, let’s get real for a moment. If you are consuming high levels of THC on a very regular basis, your body is eventually going to get used to that level of consumption.

So, what happens? Well, our body’s cannabinoid receptors which work with the cannabinoids found within cannabis (in this case, CB1 receptors especially) begin to downregulate the reception of THC, essentially numbing the feelings of being high as something routine.

In this case, research from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health found that our CB1 receptors require just two days off cannabis before they begin replenishing themselves. The full process takes between 3 and four weeks, by which point it will feel like you’ve never had THC in your system at all!

2. You Don’t Have to Go Cold Turkey!

We understand that suggesting a break away from weed isn’t ideal, and for some cannabis users, it can be impossible – mainly if you rely heavily on cannabis for medicinal purposes. So, how else can a tolerance break work to improve your high?

Remember at the start; we suggested you had a favorite strain that no longer provided that same feeling of euphoria that it always did? Well, we have a suggestion that we think you will like!

Try something new! Yep, if you can’t bear the thought of no weed at all – but have gone to the same strain (or a couple of strains) time after time for months or even years – then it may be time to switch up your strains!

Your body is used to your go-to favorite, but what you may not know is that different strains offer different tolerance levels, so if you go shopping for a different bud, you might just find that your high is as good as new in no time!

3.Fancy Something to Eat?

Again, we have somewhat premeditated that many of our readers will not be on board with cutting cannabis out of their routine. So, why not try something different and see if you can shake up your routine?

If you smoke weed in a joint or bong, then you may be surprised to hear that by merely swapping up your consumption method, you can be giving yourself a fighting chance at an effective high!

We’ve heard time and time again of stoners who stop feeling the benefits of smoking pot but soon found their tolerance levels to be non-existent when switching to edibles.

If this sounds like a good idea, then we have a bunch of recipes for you to check out, too – so whether you’re a sweet tooth or fancy something savory and indulgent, we bet our range of recipes will see you higher than ever before in no time!

Is it Time You Took a T-Break?

As you know, we’re firm believers in the power of the pot plant – but sometimes, less is more, or at least adding variety can improve your high in ways you could never expect!

We would love to know what you think about taking a tolerance break from weed, and whether you’ve ever tried it out yourself! Let us know your top tips for improving your high with a t-break down in the comments!