What is a Steel Blunt and is It Any Better Than a Normal One? [Trialed and Tested]

Imbibing marijuana is a tried and tested practice; for as long as human history has existed, people have been finding new and novel ways to get marijuana into their system.

While it began as the simple act of burning it as incense, people quickly started developing better ways that not only maximized the amount they got into their system at once, but also the efficiency of each smoke, as well as how smoothly it went down.

By now, most of these methods are exceptionally well known to most people; joints, blunts, bongs. All of these are familiar and, in an odd way, strangely comforting in their obviousness.

However, the innovation of weed-smoking humans all over the world knows no bounds; even more new and exciting methods of imbibing are continually being created, some of them with extremely strange and confusing names.

So, what exactly is a steel blunt? Better yet, is it any better than a regular one?

What Actually is a Blunt?

To first understand what a steel blunt is, it is important to understand what a regular, normal blunt is first. A blunt is a type of marijuana cigarette, one that is fundamentally different from a regular joint.

Most marijuana cigarettes are simple affairs of rolled up marijuana; you grind up your bud, wrap it in your very favorite rolling paper and, if you want to, stick a filter in it. Once you press it all together and seal it with a bit of saliva, you have yourself a joint.

A blunt, however, is something altogether different – instead of being made from regular rolling papers; you instead use the outer leaf of a cigar.

The reason many people do this is to be able to enjoy the flavorful taste of cigars, while at the same time enjoying marijuana. The making of a blunt is pretty simple; you cut open a cigar and scoop out all of the interior tobacco, as you don’t want any tobacco in your eventual weed puff.

Instead, you keep the outer leaf intact, which is where the majority of the flavor of a cigar comes from. You fill it with slightly coarsely ground weed, then seal it up tight using saliva, and hold it together quite carefully.

When you smoke a blunt, you need to make sure you keep it lit, as it does not use a carburetor like a bong or a hookah does; this means that there is no excess airflow that helps get the smoke directly to you, or to stop it going out. Thus, you keep your blunt lit and let it burn away, but it also burns away your weed while you aren’t smoking it.

One of the biggest annoyances of smoking blunts is the irritation of making one – you either need to buy them, usually paying a rather hefty price for what is essentially tobacco leaf and weed, or you need to make them yourself.

Making them is always a bit of an ordeal, as it usually requires a sharp knife and careful manipulation of the cigar.

One of the ways to deal with this (besides just smoking a different way) is to use a steel blunt.

So, what is a steel blunt?

What is a Steel Blunt?

If you were to imagine what a steel blunt might look like, it is likely that you imagine some kind of dangerous, industrial contraption. Perhaps some kind of oppressive, almost deliberately uncomfortable way of getting marijuana into your system.

However, a steel blunt is surprisingly normal looking. It is nothing more than a simple steel tube that tapers towards the end. Alongside this slight tapering, the wider end that is meant to contain your bud has some crenulations within it.

These small, almost too-tiny-to-notice divots are what hold the marijuana in place within the steel blunt.

The way you use a steel blunt is somewhat different when compared to other methods of imbibing marijuana. First, you need to grind up your bud to a consistency slightly smaller than a regular joint.

Then, instead of placing it within your steel blunt, you simply need to smash your steel blunt into the pile of ground weed that you have created. How it works is that, as the weed is pushed into the steel housing of the blunt, it is unable to fall back out due to the small crenulations.

When you combine the small support divots with the pressure of the smashed together ground weed, you end up with a metal blunt that contains its weed perfectly within the end of the tube.

The only thing you need to remember is that you need to kind of twist the steel blunt into the weed, rather than just placing it on top of the ground bud. By twisting it into the tubing, you ensure that you get more weed at once, as well as ensuring there is the right amount of pressure to keep it held inside, all while maintaining the necessary airflow to keep it lit and provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Once you have finished twisting your weed into the center of the steel blunt, you simply need to tap it down with one finger, just enough to ensure that the weed is sitting comfortably within the tube and there is no chance of it falling apart.

So, what makes this strange steel contraption any better than a regular blunt, and why is the steel blunt considered so superior?

#1 – The Steel Blunt Holds Its Weed Perfectly

The primary benefit of the steel blunt is the fact that, once you get the weed locked into place, nothing whatsoever is going to make it fall out.

Thanks to its handy crenulations all along the interior of the steel blunt, the weed is held in place, unable to fall out.

This might seem like a small benefit, but one of the most annoying things, when you are hoping to smoke your weed peacefully, is when it falls out just as you are trying to take a hit. In fact, due to the way that the pressure holds the weed within the steel tube, it is actually easier to light your steel blunt at a 45-degree angle, pointed slightly downwards.

This goes along with its second major benefit – making smoking just a great deal easier.

#2 – The Steel Blunt Makes Smoking Easier

Smoking marijuana is often considered extremely easy; all you need to do is pack your chosen method of smoking with weed, light up, and enjoy, right?

Well, like all things in life, there are additional complications that you wouldn’t expect. For example, having your joint suddenly fall apart or just generally going out all of a sudden is one of those extremely unsatisfying things that will happen to you eventually.

With a steel blunt, that kind of thing won’t happen to you whatsoever; the weed is spaced perfectly within the steel blunt, making it essentially impossible for it to go out. Additionally, it won’t ever fall out, avoiding all of those incredibly uncomfortable issues.

Additionally, the smoke from a steel blunt is able to be channeled perfectly, making it less harsh and uncomfortable than a draw from an improperly rolled joint or blunt. Anyone who smokes marijuana long enough experiences that acute displeasure of a clogged up joint, but with a steel blunt that can pretty much never happen to you.

With a steel blunt, you get to enjoy consistent, pleasurable smokes every single time.

#3 – The Steel Blunt Looks Really, Really Cool

Finally, though this might not be something important to many people when you take a hit from a steel blunt, it looks extremely cool.

Every time you draw from this small metal pipe, you not only get the coolness of a regular smoker, but you are some kind of elite, special smoker, only smoking in the very best way using the most advanced methods created by mankind.

It might seem vain, but when you smoke from a steel blunt, you are not only able to enjoy marijuana in the best way possible; you also get to be incredibly cool while you do it.

Final Thoughts on Steel Blunts Whether They Are Better

On first being presented with a steel blunt, many people will be rather frightened; instead of looking like a way to enjoy marijuana, a steel blunt looks more like a deadly instrument, something that belongs in a medical lab.

However, once they start to use it and realize how incredibly useful it is, as well as the wonderful smoke it creates, it is very likely that anyone who gets their hands on a steel blunt will start using it themselves.

Of course, with the advent of vaporizers and other fancy ways of imbibing marijuana, it might not catch on as it might have ten years ago, a steel blunt is still an absolutely fantastic way to imbibe marijuana and is far better than any other type of blunt.