A Weed Vape Pen That Can Control Your ENTIRE Range of Emotions? [Relax, Focus, Party, etc…]

With the rise of marijuana in the USA, both in terms of legality and public acceptance, there has been a gradual shift away from trying to breed the most potent strain possible.

In days gone by, the ultimate pursuit of any marijuana grower was to try and make the most potent, THC-filled strain possible, but now, thanks to more and more people trying marijuana and enjoying it casually, there is a movement towards calmer, more predictable effects rather than unmitigated, unimaginably powerful highs.

These days, people are looking for specific effects from their marijuana, hunting for the perfect strain to try and suit their mood. However, thanks to the inherent confusion of crossbreeding strains, it is difficult to be able to predict 100% the result from any particular strain.

That being said, one company has decided to try and make the entire process far easier with the Lucid Mood vape pen, designed to give you the exact mood you are looking for.

Is this actually legitimate? Is it possible to provide the exact emotions you are looking for, every single time? Let’s take a look at the Lucid Mood and figure out whether or not it is worth it.

What is Lucid Mood?

Lucid Moods are disposable vape pens which come prepared with a mix of THC, CBD, and terpenes and claim to be able to elicit specific emotions and feelings, such as Chill, Bliss, or Focus.

The actual mechanisms behind how these actually create this effect are somewhat obfuscated; instead, they focus on their individual ingredients.

Each vape pen is designed to provide 300 seconds of inhalation, allowing you to split up your doses as you like – the same vape pen might last you for 100 doses or only 50, depending on how much you think you can handle and your cannabinoid tolerance.

Each pen seems to be made of the same composite ingredients: 40% THC, 40% CBD and 20% terpenes. The website claims that this is all you need, so no thinning agents like polyethylene glycol, no MCT, and no other core ingredients.

The real question, however, is how does the Lucid Mood actually work?

As the Lucid Mood is made from cannabis, you might first imagine that the individual vape pens are made from different marijuana strains that are bred for those specific effects. But since the Lucid Mood is made from pure extracted THC and CBD, they are likely sourced from many different varieties of cannabis plants, meaning that the individual strains can’t be responsible for the intended effects.

This only leaves the actual terpenes that make up the other 20% of their core content, as well as the ratio between cannabinoids.

Let’s breakdown the mechanisms of the Lucid Mood and try and figure out how they work, or if they even work at all.

The THC & CBD Ratio

The very first thing the marketing of Lucid Mood advertises is its cannabinoid content: 40% THC and 40% CBD. This means that the THC and CBD content is precisely 1:1. This is extremely rare when it comes to cannabis products, as cannabis plants themselves don’t generally have any more than a 1:10 ratio of CBD to THC.

However, most strains these days are bred specifically to reach either a high THC or a high CBD content; generally speaking, breeders are usually trying to get rid of one cannabinoid to make room for more of the other.

Lucid Mood advocate the exact balance between THC and CBD, so perhaps the resultant effects of the vape pens is a result of this blend?

Using a 1:1 blend of THC and CBD is going to result in a high that is much less intense than experienced cannabis users might expect. This is because, generally speaking, the THC content of most strains used for getting high is substantial, resulting in a profoundly powerful psychoactive effect.

By balancing THC with CBD, however, the psychoactive high will be diminished, as well as the medicinal aspects of both being enhanced.

CBD is commonly used as a medicine due to the way in which it interacts with the endocannabinoid system – rather than clinging to the CB1 and CB2 receptors and over-stimulating them like how THC does, CBD activates the receptors much more calmly and gently.

This allows CBD to have an effect on the body over a longer time, as well as not producing the trademark psychoactive high – by balancing this with the THC content, the high will be significantly diminished, and the effects felt for much longer.

Additionally, there is a great deal of research that shows that a decent CBD content is vital when using THC to help prevent the onset of psychosis, as shown in the famous study by Crippa et al. for the Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Design.

However, despite all the valuable benefits of CBD when mixed with THC, there is nothing to indicate that this blend would result in a myriad of different effects. As they are made from entirely extracted oils from a variety of strains, there is no way that the vape pens create their effects just from the blend of different THC and CBD oils.

So, the individual effects must come from somewhere else.

The Role of Terpenes

‘Terpenes’ is one of those words that you see written on an ingredient label and assume it is some kind of advanced, highly medicinal compound that science has taken decades to synthesize.

In actual fact, terpenes are as natural as the cannabis plant themselves; cannabis plants contain multitudes of them!

Terpenes are an incredibly diverse class of organic hydrocarbons that exist in a vast variety of different plant products – these are the things responsible for creating the strong scents associated with many plants.

If you have ever smelled the pungent odor of a pine tree or the overpowering whiff of citrus, you have smelled terpenes.

These compounds were originally evolved for the purpose for deterring animal predators from eating the plants that produce them, but it turns out that a great deal of them have a considerable number of medicinal properties, as well as sometimes smelling really good.

The inclusion of terpenes in a product is usually done for the purpose of creating a particular smell, but they can also create a potent effect that works alongside the medicine.

For example, the infamous couch lock effect created by many indica varieties of marijuana is actually primarily caused by a terpene produced by the cannabis plant called myrcene. Other common terpenes you can probably recognize by smell are alpha-pinene, the scent of pine needles; limonene, the overpowering smell of citrus; and humulene, the aroma of fresh hops.

The unique makeup of the terpenes in each individual plant produces the effects that are commonly associated with that plant. For example, Lavender is frequently associated with a soothing and soporific effect, making it easier to fall asleep, but the majority of this is thanks to the terpene linalool.

It is these terpenes that create the intended effects within the Lucid Mood.

Though the actual composition and balancing of the terpenes isn’t revealed for each individual Lucid Mood pen, each pen does tell you what the main terpene ingredient is.

For example, the Energy Lucid Mood contains extracts of citrus, primarily the limonene terpene which is known for its energetic effects.

Basically, all of the effects caused by the Lucid Mood vape pens are a result of the added terpenes.

Additionally, there is a good amount of scientific research which states that there is an entourage effect that occurs when mixing cannabinoids with terpenes. Studies, such as this one by Ethan Russo for the British Journal of Pharmacology, have shown that, by taking these flavored terpenes alongside your cannabinoids, you are able to compound their effects, substantially boosting the medicinal and therapeutic effects from both of them.

This means that the terpenes within Lucid Mood are not only there for flavor and for their herbal effects, but also to help improve the effects of the THC and CBD.

However, there is one final essential ingredient not listed on the Lucid Mood website.

The Last Ingredient – The Placebo Effect

As difficult as it might be to believe, a massive part of why certain medications or herbal extracts work is because we believe them too.

When we take a painkiller, we expect that our bodies will then feel a reduced amount of pain, even if the painkiller didn’t actually do anything. This is well covered in the scientific world, such as in this significant study by Miller et al. for the Journal of Perspectives in Biology and Medicine.

This also applies to the therapeutic effects of herbal extracts. Sometimes when we take an insignificant amount of a herbal extract such as lavender, we will begin to feel its advised effects, only because we are expecting it to.

Though it is challenging to demonstrate concretely, it is incredibly likely that a good part of the effects caused by the Lucid Mood vape pens is placebo in nature. This isn’t to say that they are fake, of course; they still contain THC, CBD, and herbal terpenes. It’s just that the actual result of using it is likely heavily tied to what we believe will happen.

Does It Actually Work?

When you hear that the placebo effect might be, at least in part, the reason a product works, you might be tempted to assume that that means it doesn’t actually work at all.

However, as far as can be seen, the Lucid Mood vape pens do actually work. They contain a sizeable quantity of THC and CBD extract, allowing for potent cannabinoid effects, as well as providing a good amount of relevant terpenes.

In the same way that taking a sizeable dose of lavender extract might help you relax, so too will the Relax Lucid Mood help you relax, albeit with more effectiveness thanks to its cannabinoid content.

While it is true that you could get mostly the same result by simply taking some THC and CBD oil and a bit of herbal extract or tea, the Lucid Mood vape pen offers something else: Convenience.

Instead of having to hunt down a specific strain that creates the desired effect, or having to mix by hand THC and CBD oil with a relevant herbal extract, you can instead buy a Lucid Mood vape pen and enjoy the convenience of a disposable, all-in-one mood enhancer.

Is Lucid Mood going to revolutionize the cannabis world? Is it a wholly unique and one of a kind product? No, not really.

However, it does precisely what it says it is going to, as well as being extremely convenient.

In today’s fast-paced world with infinite options to choose from, sometimes convenience is the best quality you could hope for.