DaVinci Vapes: The Ultimate Review

DaVinci has been one of the front-runners in the vaporizer industry since their very first release, as they’ve used their background in materials engineering to manufacture some pretty legit devices.

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Though the company has been around for quite some time, they’ve only released three vaporizers since 2012; the original, the Ascent, and their most recent spawn, the Davinci IQ. DaVinci strives to produce vaporizers that are advanced, superior, and portable, as well as lightweight, compact and discreet enough to please even the most experienced vape connoisseurs who work on-the-go. How well do they achieve this goal? Well, that’s what we aim to answer here in this complete DaVinci vaporizer review.


Organicix LLC is the parent company of DaVinci Vaporizer, and being that they’ve dabbled in the industry for over 10-years now, their attempt is to cater to the flexible lifestyles and diversity of their customers with an unmatched level of empathy. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, they are considered to be one of the best portable vaporizer products and accessories companies on the market, and with each new release, DaVinci continues to outdo themselves.

What most people don’t know is that alongside their DaVinci product range, the company also builds products in the automobile accessory market, the human mobility market, and the durable medical goods industry. In addition to this they also build over 400 products for other US-based companies that utilize their presence in China. DaVinci employs over 100 people in three cities globally — in other words, they’re not a small mom and pop brand.

Vaping weed, or any other dry herbs for that matter, is infinitely better for you than smoking. While it’s true that smoking weed is less harmful to you than smoking tobacco, the smoke that is created by burning marijuana has many of the same toxins. Burning marijuana has also been shown to create over 100 different varieties of these toxins, many of which are linked to cancer. Thus, it’s no wonder that many people are choosing to vape over smoke.

The fact is, vaporizers work by heating marijuana to a temperature that is hot enough to evaporate the active ingredients, but cool enough to avoid combustion. This is why people who vape aren’t exposed to the same toxins found in smoke.

For the purpose of this DaVinci vape review from our qualified “vaporizing team,” we will be taking a look at all three of DaVinci’s state-of-the-art devices: the DaVinci IQ, Ascent, and the bundle kit.

The DaVinci IQ Review

davinci iq

We will be starting this guide off with a complete DaVinci IQ review. The DaVinci IQ is the brand’s latest development, and comes with a zirconia mouthpiece, ceramic bowl, and a “zirconia flavor chamber,” which is something we have admittedly never seen before.

The IQ vaporizers are exceptionally small with approximate measurements of 9 cm x 4.2 cm x 2.4 cm, which makes it close in size to the Pax brand (which to date have been some of our favorite vapes here at MarijuanaBreak). So in other words, you can easily fit the IQ in your pocket.

Also, with a brushed metal and subtly curved body, the DaVinci IQ is not only visually appealing but also comfortable to hold. Possibly the most attractive feature of the IQ, though, is its display feature which is a dotted, 51-light LED screen.

According to the insight and superior “stoner knowledge” of our DaVinci vape review team, the IQ has an incredible taste. This is because DaVinci elevated the purity levels of flavor through the mouthpiece, which is made possible only by the addition of the zirconia flavor chamber. The 100% ceramic zirconia air path (combined with the use of only the highest quality materials), means that the mouthpiece enables users to draw out the purest flavor from the vape.

In terms of wattage, the unit is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery which gives up to 90 minutes of vaping time, and with the option to easily swap the battery when necessary, the IQ is one of the most convenient portable devices on the market. Moreover, the herb-chamber design has been carefully crafted to allow for easy filling and reloading.

But what really makes the IQ stand out is its bespoke Smart Path Technology, which will let you select from four different temperature settings. Not only can adjusting temperature help you to “customize” your high, but it also ensures that the vapor is consistent and to your liking. Also, the IQ features two additional power modes; Precision mode and Boost mode. Precision allows you to lock in a bespoke temperature setting, while Boost gives you more power if you really wanna lay the smack down and take off on a moonshot.

When you purchase the DaVinci IQ vaporizer on the DaVinci website, it comes with a USB charging cable, alcohol wipes, a chimney brush, keychain tool, 10 mm adapter, and a carry can. It also comes in four colors (including the sexy-as-hell original black), and will set you back $274.99. The contents of your purchase will consist of the following DaVinci IQ accessories:

  • Davinci IQ vaporizer
  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery
  • A USB charging cable
  • A zirconia flavor chamber
  • 2 mouthpieces (one recessed and one 10mm adapter)
  • A carry can
  • A keychain tool
  • A cleaning kit

How to Use the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Loading the oven on the DaVinci IQ vape is very easy. Simply swing the door open on the bottom of the unit, which will reveal the ceramic oven, and throw your nice ground up bud in there. It’s a good idea to grind your herbs to a pretty fine powder (just a little more coarse than kief) and pack them tightly, but be careful not to restrict the airflow.

To turn on the IQ vape, simply press the circular button on the side of the device five times. Once it’s turned on, the LED light display will tell you the charge that is remaining and will heat up to the temperature you last used it at.

You can press the same button once to enter the temperature control mode, and use the up and down buttons to choose the temperature you want to vape at. To use a smart path, press the circular button once more to enter the smart path mode. The up and down buttons are used to scroll through options 1-4.

Then, you can press the circular button five times to turn the device off. Whether you use it with the app or not, the device is in fact incredibly easy to use (which is kind of ironic that they chose to name it the IQ).

Here’s a summary of all the technical information that our DaVinci IQ vaporizer review team disclosed:

Type of VaporizerDry Herb
Storage Capacity0.30 grams
Battery CapacityUp to 90 minutes
Charging TimeApproximately 2 hours
Initial heating Approximately 16 seconds
Heating system360ºF (Conduction)
Preconfigured temperature levels4 levels: 248ºF to 428ºF
Warranty10 Years
Other functions3 smart modes for use and precise control by smartphone

The DaVinci Ascent Review

DaVinci Ascent

When the DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer was first released, it was one of the most sought-after vaporizers. But, the IQ and various other brands have since stolen a bit of its thunder. However, this doesn’t mean at all that all is lost for the Da Vinci Ascent. It still has one of the best battery life spans on the market, for instance, with 2-3 hours of usage time per charge cycle, and is one of the few vapes that allows for precision temperature heating.

Also, with an inert ceramic heating element and all-glass air path, the Ascent delivers pure, flavorful vapor. And you can bet that the smart digital temperature control is what gives users the ability to accurately control the vapor. The DaVinci ascent vape works with aromatic blends and essential extracts.

At first glance, you might mistake the DaVinci ascent vaporizer for an electric razor, as it’s so compact and small. The product is available in five color varieties, and also an option to customize your kits look. It’s an easy-to-use vape device, and just about any Ascent vaporizer review will tell you that it’s among the best vapes they’ve ever used.

One of the best aspects of the Ascent is its phenomenal battery life, which is approximately three hours. On the downside, however, the recharge time is about three and a half hours which is pretty lengthy. Another great aspect is that this device can be used with both dry herbs and concentrates. Although, the cleaning process involved after using concentrates is somewhat of a mission.

The Ascent makes use of a glass lined ceramic heating element which has precise temperature control of up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat up time averages around 50 seconds, although it is often even less than this. The device uses an all glass vapor path by making use of two internal glass sleeves that will slide within each other. It’s not completely sealed, but it does fit fairly well. Both the glass parts can be removed from the unit for easy cleaning.

There are some great DaVinci ascent tips and tricks that you can use to ensure the ultimate vaping experience:

  • Use very fine ground up herb and loosely pack the bowl to the top. This will ensure optimal vaporization
  • For the best vapor quality, set the device at a temperature of between 360º F to 385º F. Take light, long draws between 10 to 30-second intervals and always make sure to push the material down between each session.
  • If you are after a very relaxed and stoned experienced, then use a temperature of around 430º F.
  • When you are finished vaping, you can collect the used materials and keep them aside for infusion into edibles.

You can purchase the DaVinci Ascent directly from the DaVinci website, together with a number of accessories. Your purchase will include a wall charger, glass stems, glass oil jars, metal pick, carrying satchel, and will cost you $199.99. A lot of people think that you can simply Google Ascent vaporizer on Amazon or eBay and purchase it from there, but this is not the case as Amazon does not sell any actual DaVinci products.

The Ascent is available to buy in your choice of three premium grade materials: wood veneer, carbon fiber, or stealth black. Although the packaging is not premium, it’s still above average. Inside the box you will find:

  • The DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer unit
  • A user manual
  • 110-240v AC adapter
  • Two glass oil jars
  • One extra glass vapor tube
  • A velvet carrying bag
  • Two Ascent stickers

The DaVinci Ascent: How to Use It

Before the initial use of the DaVinci Ascent, you should switch the vaporizer on with an empty chamber and set it to the highest temperature. Allow it to work until the battery is completely flat. Then, grind the herbs as finely as possible to ensure they have a lot of contact with the hot walls of the chamber. Be sure not to push the herbs too much, as this will block the air flow and could lower efficiency of the vaporization. If the resistance feels too high when you are taking draws, remove some of the herbs, stir the remaining ones, and try again.

The Ascent Da Vinci requires a relatively large amount of herbs for each session to ensure the vapor isn’t too thin (which would affect the efficiency of the inhalation). If you prefer to use less herb, put your preferred quantity in the chamber and place the container for oils vaporization on top of it. This will push the herbs farther back and give you a more satisfying vape.

If you are looking for optimal use of the herbs, you should start the session from the lowest settings. This will ensure that you don’t have to load new herbs for the next session. You can simply increase the temperature and stir the herbs in the chamber. If the higher temperatures give no results, you can crush the herbs in your fingers and try again.

Another important thing to note is that the longer and slower the draws, the thicker the vapor will be.

If all of this sounds confusing to you, here is a quick DaVinci Ascent guide for newbies:

  • Charging: For optimal use it’s suggested that you allow the device an initial 10-hour charge and subsequently a 5-hour charge. The wall charger must be plugged into the port on the lower half of the unit to charge it.
  • Initial use: Expose the heating chamber by swiveling the lower half of the vaporizer open. You can fill it with either dry blends, or you can place a full oil jar in the chamber. Turn the device on by pressing the main power button (which is located next to the mouthpiece). You can set the device temperature by using the +/- temperature button. Then wait for the vaporizer to reach the set temperature, which will be indicated by a heat bowl that will appear on the OLED display. You can start vaping either via the retractable glass mouthpiece, or with the wide mouth rim.
  • The setting menu: As a digital vaporizer the DaVinci Ascent features four programmable OLED modes (that may seem confusing at first) but are actually very useful. These are:
    • Mode 1: Allows you to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can do this by simply holding the settings button for 5 seconds.
    • Mode 2: Turns heat bowl on/off. The (-) option turns it off, and the (+) option will turn it on. You simply press the setting button along with your desired option to navigate through.
    • Mode 3: Setting the motion sensor timer. Press the setting button two times to enter the setting. A clock symbol depicts the timer. Press (+) or (-) while the clock symbol is displayed to adjust the timer as desired.
    • Mode 4: Personal vape cycle. This mode enables the user to adjust the heat bowl to run at a certain temperature for a specified period. There are three different vape cycles, and these can be accessed by pressing the settings button three times.

Here’s a summary of all the Davinci Ascent technical information that you need to know:

Type of VaporizerDry herb and concentrates
Storage Capacity0.50 grams
Battery capacity3 hours +
Heat up time23 seconds
Charging Time3.5 hours
Preconfigured temperature levels4 levels – up to 430º
Warranty2 years

Davinci Vaporizer Review: The Bundle Pack

Davinci Vaporizer Bundle

The Davinci vaporizer bundle has been built for adventure and is perfect for people who are always on the go. It’s basically the DaVinci Classic combined with a feature-rich platform and rugged portability, which makes it a dual-purpose vape that is essentially a two-in-one. This device can vaporize aromatherapy blends and essential oils, has a bright digital display, features fully-adjustable precision temperature control, and has a built-in storage compartment and cleaning brush. The temperature ranges from 100-405°F.

The temperature control offered by this device is something that really sets it apart from similar products. It gives a manageable vaporizing experience that enables the user to achieve specific and desired effects. Moreover, the accurate temperature control provides an excellent vapor production, and the maximum temperature of 405°F is very impressive for a device of this size. The ability to use both dry herbs and oil concentrate give it a high-quality vapor that is as tasty as it is clean.

Since the DaVinci Vaporizer bundle has been made for people who are on the go, this device looks as solid as it feels. It’s coated with soft, rubberized material that gives the user a great grip, and also comes with an extended mouthpiece that enables users to vape while the device is still stored in a shirt pocket. Overall, this is a well-designed, high-quality device.

While the battery life is not very impressive, though (especially when compared to the Ascent), it’s still pretty good with one full charge lasting a good hour and a half of continuous use. If you’re a moderate user and use it every couple of hours throughout the day, it should last you at least until the evening.

An important thing to remember when charging the device, though, (and which is perhaps a slight flaw in the product engineering) is that you need to remember to turn it on when it’s charging. If you don’t, you will go back a few hours later to find that it hasn’t been charging because you forgot to turn it on.

Another thing that’s often mentioned about this device is it’s impressive ease-of-use and low maintenance. It’s also said to perform equally as well with herbs, oils, or blends, and comes with two slightly different oil cans.

When it comes to the concentrates that are used with this device, the glass oil jars are what hold the wax concentrates. This ensures that it is kept separate from the from the aromatherapy blends, which allows the unit to stay relatively cleaner (and will therefore require less maintenance overall). Keep in mind that a higher temperature will be needed when vaporizing concentrates.

You can purchase the DaVinci vape bundle kit directly from the DaVinci website. It’s available in black, green, and grey – nothing fancy since its purpose is more for durability than visual appeal – and it will cost you $129.00. There are several vape bundle deals that you will find on the internet, and you could even purchase this product through Groupon. However, always be sure that you are purchasing the legit device and not some fake. Together with your purchase, you will receive the following:

  • DaVinci Vaporizer
  • Flexi Straw
  • 3x Large Replacement Screens
  • 6x Small Replacement Screens
  • 2x Essential Oil Cans
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 110v -240v Wall Charger
  • User Manual

DaVinci Vaporizer Bundle: How to Use It

First off, the DaVinci vape chamber should be loaded with finely ground aromatherapy blends or essential oil. Once it’s loaded up, you can turn the portable vaporizer on and press the temperature power button to engage the heater. You can select your desired temperature and then allow the device to heat fully. Once heated, you can begin to draw slowly for the best results.

To turn on the device, simply slide the main switch on the side of the vaporizer to the on position. Once turned on, a blue illuminated screen will come on and display an idle temperature. You can now set your temperature, and the device will heat up within a maximum of one minute when the vaporizer is fully charged. A red light will be displayed when the device is busy heating up, and it will go green when it’s preheated.

Always ensure that you clear the chamber after each use. A cleaning brush can be used for the screen and chamber, and the handle of the brush can be used to gently remove the screen for easy cleaning.

In the final part of this DaVinci vaporizer bundle review, let’s take a look at the technical features that you should know about.

Type of VaporizerDry Herb, oils, and waxes
Storage Capacity3 X load
Battery capacityUp to 90 minutes
Heat up time37 seconds
Charging Time2 hours
Preconfigured temperature levels100-405°F
Warranty2 years

Which DaVinci Vaporizer Is the Best for a Newbie

Since portable vapes incorporate state of the art features, use cutting edge technology, and offer software application for mobile phones (which enables temperature tweaking), they’re typically considered to be great for newbies.

These days manufacturers often incorporate a hybrid heating system to the portable vaporizer, which means that the user can get the best of both Convection and Conduction systems. These are the systems that are used to sublimate the raw ingredients and with the help of an atomizer, convert it into vapor.

This means that the DaVinci Bundle vaporizer would be the best for newbies, especially since it is a two-in-one. Also, beginning with a portable device means that the user can transition from beginner to experienced fairly easy, and that they will not need to buy a new vaporizer to make the transition from rookie to pro.

Another major advantage when it comes to the DaVinci bundle, at least for a newbie, is the price. It’s significantly less expensive than other products offered by DaVinci, and a high performance, low-budget, and discreet vape kit is perfect for beginners since they are cost-effective and great for learning.

When it comes to the question of how long does it take to charge the battery, you should generally allow 3 hours for a full charge. Remember that the main power switch must be on to charge, and you can use the device while it’s charging. Keep in mind that the unit will get warm under operation, and this is perfectly normal.

If you’re wondering how to charge a DaVinci vaporizer, simply place the charger in the wall and the cord tip into the charger port on the side of the device to charge.

Now that we have hopefully covered almost everything there is to know about each of these DaVinci products, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Pros vs ConsProsCons
  • Highly portable and comfortable to hold
  • Can be used with glass adapters
  • Battery is removable and replaceable
  • App makes herbal vaporizer easy to operate
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Smart Path and Boost Mode give you full control
  • 10 year Warranty
  • Expensive compared to other models
  • Gets build-up that can be hard to clean
  • Ball on the door could get lost
  • Great battery life
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Customization of body paint
  • Three medium vaping
  • All glass vapor pathway
  • Difficult to clean
  • Low-density vapor but super air-flow
  • Leaky design and poor screening of dry herbs
  • Discreet design
  • Fits in your hand
  • Can be used with flowers, oils, or concentrates
  • Internal storage chamber
  • Easy to clean
  • Ultra-durable and well-made
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Price reduced dramatically since newer devices released
  • Bulkier than newer models
  • Less battery time than Ascent
  • Can burn material towards the end of bowl at higher temperatures

Final Conclusion about Davinci Vapes

To end off, lets compare 3 models to see how they rank in comparison to each other. First, let’s look at the DaVinci IQ vs Ascent. The DaVinci Ascent was one of the most popular vaporizers for a period, but it’s since been overshadowed by new releases such as the IQ.

We will put these two devices up against each other by taking a look at some of the main features of each:

  • Vapor quality: At one point in time the Ascent was thought to have some of the best vapor quality due to its ceramic heating chamber. However, as time has gone on and technology has improved, the vapor quality is pretty standard when compared to newer devices. The IQ now has significantly better vapor and an excellent flavor, thanks to the ceramic zirconia vapor pathway and the efficient heating styles.
  • Ease-of-use: Initially, the Ascent will be a little easier to use because it doesn’t have as many settings. You just turn the device on and set the temperature. On the downside, though, it’s notoriously hard to clean. The IQ is a lot harder to control, but much easier to clean.
  • Portability: Although the Ascent is considered to be fairly small and pretty portable, the IQ is actually significantly smaller.
  • Battery life: The Ascent has a slightly longer battery life, but the IQ has the option to carry an additional battery that can be swapped on the fly. You could also grab an external charger, which would guarantee that you never run out of juice. Therefore although the Ascent has a longer battery life, the IQ is probably more convenient in the long run.
  • Discreetness: Since the IQ is quite a bit smaller, it would be considered as more discreet. It can also be used with a flat mouthpiece which is a major plus. This means that there would be nothing sticking out above the base, which decreases visibility.
  • Temperature flexibility: Both offer a very flexible temperature setting in that you can choose the temperature that the vape heats too. However, the IQ takes it much further with the Smart Path that allows you to choose additional temperatures ahead of time.

Needless to say, when it comes to the DaVinci IQ vs Ascent, the IQ wins this battle. The IQ quite easily beat the Ascent in almost every category and with exceptional vapor quality, a very convenient temperature setting, and the elements of portability and discreteness, you can’t go wrong with the IQ.

Lastly, let’s take a look at some of the same features, comparing the DaVinci Ascent vs Bundle Kit.

  • Vapor quality: While the bundle vapor quality is good, it’s very difficult to beat that of the IQ. As we said before, since the IQ is one of the newer releases, it has been created with improved technology, which therefore gives it the upperhand in this category.
  • Ease-of-use: The bundle may actually win in this category. Since it is a two-in-one, it’s great for newbies, and while it does incorporate a pretty advanced app, it’s very easy to use. It’s also easy to clean which is a major plus.
  • Portability: Well this one should come as no surprise; the bundle, since it was created for this very purpose, wins this category. Although the IQ is also very portable.
  • Battery life: As with the comparison done above, the IQ would be better in this category since it comes with a replaceable battery and an external charger. The battery life of the bundle is not particularly good when compared to the IQ and Ascent.
  • Discreetness: Both of these devices are great in terms of discreteness. However, the bundle is slightly more bulky. Also, as we said above, the IQ comes with the flat mouthpiece which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to detect.
  • Temperature flexibility: These both offer a very flexible temperature setting. But again, the IQ has the upperhand with its Smart Path feature that allows a temperature to be set ahead of time.

Overall, the DaVinci IQ seems to be the better choice. This should come as no surprise, since it is the newest of the three and has been created with improved technology.

When it comes to vaporizers, it’s all about preference and what works best for each individual. With features and technical aspects in mind, the IQ appears to be the best bet. However, if you’re a newbie, the bundle may serve you better, as we’ve mentioned above.

Whatever you end up choosing, DaVinci will no doubt be releasing a new product sometime soon, and we will certainly be keeping our eyes on their next move.

Official Website: www.davincivaporizer.com
10% Coupon Code: SAVE10