Trump Should Consider This Before He Shuts Down the Recreational Marijuana Market.
February 26, 2017

Trump Should Consider This Before He Shuts Down the Recreational Marijuana Market.

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Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on February 26, 2017

Marijuana enthusiast received a major blow this weekend as Trump decided to take a firm stand against the use of recreational marijuana usage, stating that states, where recreational marijuana is legal, will be subject to “greater enforcement.”

This has caused a major conflict across the nation, as many states have recently passed laws allowing the use of recreational marijuana. This also directly contradicts federal laws, which as of now still class recreational marijuana as illegal.

Trump and Marijuana

The statement was given by White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Friday and hit pot lovers like a cheap blow below the belt. Even though Spicer did mention that “There’s a big difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana,” insinuating that medical marijuana has not yet become the center of attention, he did state that recreational marijuana is becoming more popular, comparing it to the countries high levels of opioid addiction.

Marijuana as a whole still might be a controversy topic, but before the current administration kills the industry it is important to know a few of the following facts:

  • Marijuana is not a gateway to opiate use, it is an off-ramp. Many prefer switching to marijuana for pain relief
  • Marijuana is not a killer unlike other drugs
  • Studies confirm that marijuana can help ADHD
  • It can slow down and kill cancer cells
  • Can stop HIV from spreading.
  • Is expected to create nearly 300,000 jobs by 2020

And if that is not enough, then check this out…

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