The 6 Best Cannabis Related Holiday Gifts This Year

Specifically selected for your beloved stoner friends and family

With the holidays just around the corner, many of us are contemplating what types of gifts we are going to get our beloved friends and family members. There’s a lot of pressure placed on gift giving this time of year, the social standard that we must buy something thoughtful for the people we care about. This concept can put pressure on a lot of individuals, but the tradition of holiday gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful.

To all our fellow stoners, we’ve made gift giving a breeze for you with this list that presents 6 AMAZING marijuana related holiday gifts. These items range from funny to relaxing to useful, with diversity to suit all of your present giving needs. If you’re a stoner, you likely have some fellow ganja adoring friends or family members you are close with. Have their gifts covered with these brilliantly herb appropriate gifts, some of which you would never expect. Trust us, you’ll leave them wowed and speechless when they tear off that wrapping paper and discover a present that simply exudes green.

Here are our picks for the Top 6 AMAZING Marijuana Related Holiday Gifts:

1) RAW Jumbo Joint Rolling Papers and Rolling Tray Bundle


Give the gift of rolling perfect joints this holiday season. Not everyone can roll a joint- frankly, there is quite an art to it- but with this awesome bundle, no stoner will ever have to go through the sometimes tedious trouble of getting that paper to click. Featuring a rolling tray, rolling machine and jumbo joint papers, this package is a weed lover’s dream with its incredibly useful components. Roll some fat doobies with your friends this holiday season, and laugh with Santa all the way high in the clouds!

    • Insanely affordable and thoughtful for your stoner pals
    • Durable materials
    • Products from the trusted brand RAW
    • Over 700 positive customer reviews on Amazon
    • Purchase a large or small bundle
    • Best seller on Amazon
    • Eligible for Amazon Prime FREE 2-Day shipping
    • Everything you’ll need to roll the perfect joint
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2) Masterdam Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher


This grinder boasts an incredible rating on Amazon, so it’s bound to make the people that are lucky enough to receive it as a gift especially happy during the holidays. Made of precision aerospace grade aluminum and arriving in discreet packaging, trust in the quality of this masterfully made marijuana accessory. With a micron screen on one of its 4 perfectly sculpted tiers, catch all of the fallen trichomes and THC crystals, so you can throw a little keef on that next joint or bowl.

  • Available in 6 sleek and creative colors
  • Eligible for Amazon Prime FREE 2-Day shipping
  • Can be purchased in standard or large size
  • Comes with a storage bag and scraper
  • Arrives in discreet packaging, so you don’t have to worry
  • Insanely affordable and low pricing compared with other grinders on the market
  • Curved diamond shaped razors for complete precision
  • 4.8 star average Amazon customer rating
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3) 5 Pair Marijuana Weed Leaf Printed Cotton High Socks


This gift is a 5-in-1 complete score, arriving with 5 pairs of incredibly exciting marijuana leaf printed socks for a ridiculously low price, PLUS free shipping. Who could ask for anything better? Use these adorable socks as stocking stuffers, distribute them evenly between 5 friends, or gift them to 4 friends and keep a pair for yourself. Plus, this item is an entertaining experience to purchase, due to the fact that the factory picks your 5 colors for you completely at random. Get surprised with some dope shades, you never quite know what colors you’ll end up with.

  • Features FREE SHIPPING
  • Affordable pricing
  • High quality product
  • Get 5 for the price of 1
  • Over 200 positive Amazon customer reviews
  • A fun gift for any stoner or weed cannaisseur
  • Be surprised with 5 random colors
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4) Stoner Coffee Table Book


You know how stoners have this tendency to think strange looking things are amazing and silly displays are hilarious? Believe it or not, there’s a book to entertain just those characteristics. This hilarious yet fascinating Stoner Coffee Table Book is made specifically with potheads in mind. This amusing book is a wonderful conversation starter, as well as a great way to cause laughs while you’re chillin’ with your friends passing around that bowl.

  • Eligible for Amazon Prime FREE 2-Day shipping
  • A hilarious and entertaining gift for all your 420-loving friends
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Well bound hardcover book made of top grade materials
  • Bright, full-color photographs that are appealing to the eyes
  • Full of mind-bending and trippy images
  • Wonderful conversation piece
  • Be entertained for hours on end
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5) SOAIY Color Changing Aurora Projection Led Night Light Lamp with Speaker


Want your friends to have an especially trippy blazed experience? Shut off the lights and turn on one of these babies. Stare at the ceiling for hours on end, admiring and adoring the brilliant lights that this Aurora projector is putting off. Best of all, this little device is affordable and comes with a built in speaker that has an AUX input, so you can enjoy all your reefer inspired tunes while you observe this phenomenal light show. This isn’t the typical gift that you would think of for a stoner, but trust us, your Mary Jane adoring friends are going to LOVE it!

  • Best seller on Amazon
  • Eligible for Amazon FREE 2-Day shipping
  • Pricing incredibly low for the quality received
  • Built-in speaker with volume adjust and AUX input
  • 1 hour auto shut-off to conserve energy if you fall asleep
  • 45 degree tilt for precise projection
  • Trippy and realistic Aurora Borealis light projections
  • More than 200 excellent customer reviews on Amazon
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6) WBM Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp with Genuine Neem Wood Base


Give this peace bringing and purifying gift to any weed lover, so they can relax and unwind after a chill smoke sesh. This genuine Himalayan salt lamp cleanses the soul with its mellow lighting and entrancing properties. Available in 8 different sizes, choose a salt lamp that will fit the needs of your friends or family. Finely hand-carved in Pakistan and sitting on top of a Neem wood base, this moody light is built to perfection with top quality materials that will last a long time. The calming amber color that exudes from this lamp brings peace and balance to anyone in its presence, plus it exudes negative ions to bring serenity and balance the oxygen in the room. This is the perfect gift for a stoner that loves Indica strains and stress-free chill time.

  • Eligible for Amazon Prime FREE 2-Day shipping
  • Made with top quality materials
  • Hand carved in Pakistan
  • Base made of sturdy and Neem wood, naturally carrying termite free properties
  • Releases negative ions into the air, purifying and cleansing the oxygen around you
  • Available in 8 unique and convenient sizes
  • Beautiful amber colored light
  • Great for meditative and relaxing spaces
  • Affordable pricing, one of the best on Amazon
  • Loved by customers
  • Over 9,000 positive Amazon customer reviews
  • BEST SELLER on Amazon
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Have our gift ideas left you excited and amazed? Stand out this holiday season with these thoughtful cannabis related gift ideas that will leave your friends and family members will huge smiles on their faces because of how incredibly thoughtful you are!

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis products is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.