The ULTIMATE Stoner’s 1-Day Travel Guide to Denver, Colorado

Nothin’ but good vibes, high times and dank food
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on June 9, 2019

The ULTIMATE Stoner’s 1-Day Travel Guide to Denver, Colorado

Colorado sure has been creating quite a buzz in recent days, becoming the perfect example of the legal recreational cannabis industry gone right. In July 2016 alone, Colorado sold $122 million of recreational and medical cannabis, with all of that revenue getting taxed so that the state can fund better roads, better education, welfare and other public services for its people.

As other states are quickly following trend (California, Maine and Massachusetts for example), it’s time we honor the Centennial State for the exquisite influence and impact it’s having on the US. If you’re on the fence about taking a trip to Denver, trust us it’ll be worth every minute you spend.

Since road trip season seems to be coming up right around the corner, why not get our favourite stoners and the 420-friendly involved by taking advantage of the massive recreational marijuana industry in Colorado. Denver features absurdly amazing views, impeccable nature, some of the best legal ganja around, crazy good eats, enthralling nightlife and an all around great time…

Here is the ULTIMATE Stoner’s One-Day Tour of Denver, Colorado:

Trust us, you’ll never want to leave this herbal heaven…

Disclaimer: In order to take part in this tour, you must be 21+ or own a Colorado State Medical Cannabis Card, because recreational marijuana laws only allow individuals over the age of 21 to consume cannabis.

9:00 AM: Stock Up On the Best Ganja and Get Your Day Rollin’

Start your day in the heart of Denver. No better way to get things rollin’ then by picking up some tender greens and having yourself a wake and bake. Head over to one of Denver’s most trusted dispensaries, Good Chemistry located at 330 E. Colfax Ave.

Good Chemistry Dispensary

This cozy place, known as one of Denver’s smallest dispensaries (square footage wise) has been sure stirring up a lot of buzz despite its size. Still, the budtenders and staff manage to keep the place flowing, keeping wait times down to a minimum, all while still supplying some of the best marijuana in the United States (if you don’t believe us, just read some of their reviews). There are plenty of amazing strains to pick from to get your day rolling, but a Sativa or Sativa-dominant Hybrid is likely the best option if you want to keep energized and alert during your morning.

Some of the incredibly uplifting Sativa dominant strains that Good Chemistry offers includes:

  • Chemdawg (Sativa)
  • Headband (Sativa)
  • Blue Widow (Hybrid)
  • 707 Truthband (Sativa)
  • XJ-13 (Sativa)
  • Plus so many more! (and edibles too!)

10:00 AM: Get Your Grub On With a Breakfast That’ll Soothe the Munchies

Sunny's trip to colorado

After you’re done having a little toke, head off to Sunny’s at 2339 W 44th Ave. to settle those munchies. Sunny’s is a classic breakfast spot, rated one of the best grub places in Denver. Their menu consists of innovative breakfast and brunch recipes, featuring ingredients that they made from scratch. They’re bound to have something that sounds absolutely delightful on their menu for you to chow down and enjoy.

11:30 AM: Prepare to Be Mind-Blown By Science and Other Amazing Aspects of Nature

Denver Museum

Now that your belly is full and your munchies have been taken care of, it’s time for your mind to be blown. Head over to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science located at 2001 Colorado Blvd. With plenty of out of this world activities you can take part in, your energized and very stoned mind is going to love staring at the history of dinosaurs, lifting off at the planetarium, exploring the cosmos and observing educational films at their very own IMAX theater. Best of all, you can learn about mythical creatures such as, Mermaids, Bigfoot, dragons and even the Lochness Monster. There’s hours of endless excitement you can spend here, but sadly your one-day journey must continue after a couple hours…

2:30 PM: Consume the Most Incredible Stoner-Tailored Gourmet Meal

Coohills, located at 1400 Wewatta St.

Once you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your visit to the Nature and Science museum, be sure to have yourself another bowl of ganja before seriously getting the munchies. Take care of them again with a lovely lunch at the cannaisseur tailored European-style restaurant known as Coohills, located at 1400 Wewatta St. Here, the owner actually created the dishes with marijuana in mind, keeping the dining atmosphere cozy and authentic, yet still pretty out there.

4:00 PM: Grab a Cheap Beer and Chill With Some Grateful Dead
(You might just make happy hour!)

After you’ve taken your time to enjoy such a wonderful meal, go get yourself an inexpensive beer and chill out with some psychedelic old-school tunes (a.k.a. The Dead of course!) At Sancho’s Broken Arrow located on 741 E. Colfax Ave. you get the real deal Colorado dive bar experience, decorated all around with deadhead memorabilia. If you’re lucky, you might even catch Happy Hour or maybe a live local music performance. If anything, you are absolutely bound to meet some intriguing individuals to chat it up with who might even join you on the rest of your journey!

5:00 PM: Hang In 420-Friendly Spot and Meet People You Vibe With

ibake lounge

After you’re done at Sancho’s, go over to 6125 Washington St. and check out iBake Lounge, a place made just for the 420-friendly and those who have been swept over with reefer madness. iBake Lounge is a crazy original experience, with few places around the world marketing themselves as a safe spot to smoke and toke with friends or even by yourself, but you’ll definitely discover someone to talk pot with. Plus, the vibe is laid back and casual, so you can just enjoy your pot and relax for a little while.

7:00 PM: Grab a Quick Sub, Made Just for Cannabis Lovers
(Be sure to order the foot-long “blunt”- you gotta take care of those munchies)

Chuba Hut

Now that you’ve just spent the last couple of hours getting nice and baked, we bet you’re hungry again? Perfect, because Cheba Hut on 1531 Champa St. awaits you! This place really embraces the fact that their main demographic is a bunch of stoners, by offering silly cannabis titled sub sizes, including the foot-long “blunt” and the 4-inch “nug” (pretty hilarious right?!). Regardless, their subs are ridiculously delicious and will definitely hit the spot.

8:30 PM: Get a Little Jazzy With a Clever Spot that Sets You in the Vibe

El Chapultepec

Good thing your belly is full, ‘cause the night is just beginning. Head over to El Chapultepec on 1962 Market St. Known as the oldest jazz and blues club in Denver, you can find a live show just about any night of the week. Here, you can rock out to some old-school tunes. It’s interesting how the intriguing sounds of fluid jazz and groovin’ guitar licks of rigid blues really do pair up perfectly with top-grade ganja. Having been around since 1933, this place is basically legendary in Denver, attracting audiences from all demographics to its moodily lit atmosphere.

11:45 PM: Beat the Highest Score and Blow Them All Away With Your Mad Skills

The 1up LoDo located at 1925 Blake St.

After you’ve gotten your fill of live music and tasty drinks, end the night by getting the highest score at The 1up LoDo located at 1925 Blake St. Featuring 45 classic arcade games, 16 pin-ball machines, lanes of the classic Skee-Ball and giant Jenga sets, this spot is endless fun and luckily is open until 2 AM, so you won’t have to leave until the wee hours of the morning. Best of all, 1up has a full-service bar, including 14 beers on tap (did we mention that Denver is one of the micro-brew capitals of America?)

Hope You Liked Our Denver Roundup:

Denver really is a place of exciting times and endless fun. Don’t feel lost during your upcoming trip to this local feel big city, by following our ULTIMATE Stoner’s One-Day Tour of Denver, Colorado. We hope you’ve enjoyed this thorough and informative article.

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.


  1. Katherine Grigsby

    Wow, really impressive. I am going to follow this exact same touring pattern in Denver. Crazy for marijuana, so good to go.

  2. Hana Osburn

    Recently, visited Sunny’s for my breakfast and guys, trust me, this one is the best place to grab those munchies. They have a luscious menu for brunch as well so I loved this place.

    1. Misty Grainger
      Sunny's Rocks

      I agree, Sunny’s is a nice place, totally awesome, and serves the best menu for stoners especially. Just try it whenever you visit Denver, not necessarily on this one day trip.

  3. Colin

    I was planning to visit Denver this month. It’s a great guide. I didn’t know of some places that you’ve mentioned. I will check them out

  4. Sue Castellion

    Rocky Mountain High in Colorado in the heart of the mtns!

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