The Top LEGAL Cannabis Careers of 2018

If You’re Fascinated By Cannabis, Find a Career Involving It
Nicole Richter / Updated on April 5, 2018

Top Careers

The world we live in today, where marijuana talk is BOOMING. In addition to stirring up some serious canna conversations, weed also brings about a new industry, one with a booming job market. Many medical and recreational legal cannabis states in the US need innovative and knowledgeable employees to be a part of this bustling business.

Here are 2018’s top LEGAL Marijuana Careers, and trust us, they’re unique ones!

1. Become a Budtender

When you walk into a dispensary, marijuana club or collective, you are often times quickly greeted by one of the employees. This individual, known as a Budtender, is the person who recommends the best strains for your tastes, medical necessities or preference. This person acts a lot like a bartender, recommending types and letting you sample some of the herb. How beautiful it is to have a hired specialist who truly knows their stuff, someone who can appoint you in the right direction- especially if you are feeling lost with the dozens of glass jars featuring the green. Each cannabis strain is a little different- and frankly sometimes there are just too many to keep up with. That’s where a Budtender comes into play. It’s their job to keep up with the latest strains in stock and their prices, and relay this reefer information over to you. Know a lot about ganja strains and their effects? Consider becoming a Budtender and help lost or confused stoners when they first walk into a dispensary or collective!

2. Cannabis Researcher or Specialist

MJ Career

Have a degree with a chemistry or scientific background? Fascinated by the effects of marijuana and how this plant is going to revolutionize our future, especially in the medical industry? Conducting research for a cannabis company may be just the position for you. Plenty of big pharmaceutical companies now are developing new CBD medications to treat various conditions, and now you can be a part of this medicine.

Companies that are revolutionizing the medical marijuana industry such as GW Pharmaceuticals, are releasing potent medications using the healing powers of good old cannabis. Not saying this company would be the right fit for you, but so many of these marijuana oriented science research labs currently exist, and as country wide legalization in the United States becomes even greater of a reality as the years pass, it won’t be that hard to find a willing candidate. If you have a scientific background and a real passion for marijuana as medicine, consider an occupation with one of these cutting-edge companies.

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3. Marijuana Journalist or Reviewer


If you love to write, this profession is for you. Work for a company writing about buzzy cannabis content- topics that captivate your readers and fascinate the weed curious masses. Currently in the United States, many companies are hiring prolific writers that are ready to share ganja related articles and information with the rest of the world. Show them your writing skills and your major knowledge of reefer by creating an informative article that wows and educates the world about medical marijuana and its powerful benefits.

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4. Grow Room Manager or Operator

In legal cannabis states such as Oregon or Colorado, many collectives exist that are legally growing marijuana for sale to recreational clubs and medical dispensaries. If you have an ability to grow amazing pot and have experience with these situations, these collectives may be interested in hiring you to run their operations and legally assist with cannabis cultivation and development.

Are you inspired yet? If you love pot get your career involved in it- in a legal way! The possibilities are endless for this booming industry that has the world fascinated and in awe. It is important however to know that although benefits exist for marijuana usage and cultivation, there are still some negative side effects attached to this industry, so it is best to use your own discretion when consuming or cultivating cannabis products.

The Top LEGAL Cannabis Careers of 2018
April 5, 2018
  1. Jim Gibson

    The cannabis industry is a big help for those who want to have a career change. A marijuana lover would also love to work in a cannabis garden! Nice guide!

  2. Frank

    I definitely need a career change. Been trying to get into this industry for years. What do you need. I smoke a ton of weed. I could be a master lol

  3. Zoey

    This article is really cool. I’ve loved marijuana my entire life and had no idea that there were this many career opportunities available in this industry. I’ve studied chemistry my entire life and am incredibly fascinated by how CBD effects our bodies and how many health benefits it possesses. I am hoping that this article can help me find a direction towards working for a CBD research company to help bring about CBD based pharmaceuticals to the states and encourage the benefits of marijuana!

  4. joe

    id love to be a grow room mgr. i have a degree in viticulture and enology and over 20 years experience in cultivating cannabis. my life longcareer ambition has been to work in the cannabis industry. i have no wife or kids and i am willing to travel/relocate, work extra hours, and go the extra mile for a company who is willing to do like wise for their employees! will provide references to both my skill levels and work ethic. serious inquiries only please, hit me up!

    1. Ben

      I’m an electrician that also have been working with this amazingly intriguing plant for over 10yrs, I’ve either constructed rooms for people or did my own R&D on this special plant that makes my life complete, Marijuana has helped me through the tough times after my accident (Tramatic Brain Injury) so I feel like I owe it big time for helping me through the pain and depression as a result of my TBI. I am very knowledgeable in all aspects of this plants lifecycle from seed to fully cured medicine. It all started as a hobby and to save $ on medicine I use to make my life livable instead of all the meds I’m supposed to be on (which all are either addictive or have really bad side effects)and from there on I have worked on and had great success with all types of lighting , grow mediums, nutrients,air circulation and strains needs. I would be great at engineering grow setups, working on the actual plant or even being a maintenance man that’s there when things go bad or just need some fine tuning. Just like you Joe, I would love to get my foot in the door and be recognized for all the knowledge and experience I have to offer.

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