The Top 10 Cities That Discuss Marijuana on Social Media
April 3, 2017

The Top 10 Cities That Discuss Marijuana on Social Media

We couldn't believe that #7 made the list.
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on April 3, 2017

California may be known as the weed center of the world, but it turns out there are a few other cities that are constantly talking about pot. Whether its for recreational or medical use, these cities seem to really care about marijuana.

In a unique project conducted by Aizman Law Firm, the company scraped Instagram for geotagged posts containing hashtags related to marijuana. These were posts of everyone including the casual smoker, medical users and even politicians and activists.

#weed, #maryjane, #marijuana and #420 were the tags they chose.

Not surprisingly, California came in first place but not far behind was the medical state of New York. Denver was third place, followed by Portland and Oregon.

It’s obvious that states that are recreational would receive more buzz on social media, but what was more interesting was the fact that medical states or even states that have no broad laws legalizing marijuana listed in the top 10.

Final Thoughts on Social Media and Weed

As many have said in the past. Maybe it’s time to create enough buzz around marijuana so that politicians will understand the true benefits of the plant. If we all come together on social media, maybe, one day, marijuana will be FREE.

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  1. Ethan

    I live in New York. It is buzzing here at the moment. Especially as they are about to change laws in regards to medical marijuana

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